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Srividya Puppala: Helping Organizations Accelerate Their Growth Trajectory

Srividya Puppala: Helping Organizations Accelerate Their Growth Trajectory

Srividya Puppala,  CEO & Founder

Srividya Puppala

CEO & Founder

According to some recent estimates, there are 42.50 million MSMEs in India, including registered and unregistered businesses. MSMEs are not necessarily startups, as their individual value bracket is close to 250 crores of turnover. Whether it is India or international market, there is constant increase in the share of MSME's contribution to country's GDP. It does fortify the need of expert hands to increase competitiveness, and brand building that can reinforce certainty.

Srividya Puppala, CEO & Founder, Ensconce Business Process Consulting Services, avers, "Many organizations which existed for 25-30 years, hardly know about the compliances and the quality required within the organization. It is a huge gap indeed. Even 100 to 200 crores of businesses fail to enter the corporate circle due to the lack of ownership and growth culture".

Srividya and team Ensconce's consulting excellence has earned them multiple accolades and media mentions including the Atmanirbhar Bharat awards from the Indian Achievers' Forum and recognized in an article in Hindustan Times this August as one of the iconic, Super Indian Brands of 2022. Srividya has made a difference to society in many ways; even enjoyed teaching young minds the Classical Music. She has also been volunteering as President for MSME World for MSMEs development, volunteered for an NGO for Food and Education.

In an exclusive interview with CEO Insights, Srividya reveals and highlights the circumstances under which she has emerged as one of the most reputed business consultants, enabling fellow entrepreneurs for structured and compliant businesses.

Throw some light on your professional background and experience.
I was a tech grad and master from the University of Massachusetts, enjoying a cushy job at US corporates, unhindered by the entrepreneurial spree. That was me about 22 years back who was yet to
discover the leadership thrills and little did I know what was going to happen next.

After five and a half productive years in the US, I moved back to India where Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) appointed as a software tech lead managing multifaceted projects; it was indeed transitional. I was also one of the very few fortunate ones in TCS India to betrained for propel confluences; learned how effective people management, people engagement and empowerment can shape organizational capabilities and increase productivity.

The opportunities doubled with Infosys after I left TCS. I was one of the youngest project managers managing multiple retail projects and accounts for software delivery awarded as 'Best People Manager' managing disparate teams from different cities. I enjoyed handling additional roles as quality & compliance auditor, reuse anchor, mentor for corporate freshmen, facilitate recruitment. I continued my future endeavors with Fidelity Investment as a Development manager and later as Portfolio Development Manager overseeing the execution for multiple Project portfolios and respective team sat UST Global.

Why did you start this venture in this niche segment of consultancy and advisory, and what keeps you going?
Collective experience of People Management, Quality & Compliance and Ownership culture at various corporates and proven track record of managing diverse portfolios is definitely the reason I could think of quitting my day job and start my consulting firm. Ensconce was started in 2017 as a business process consulting service for organizations needing business transformation. The last five years had been a blissful journey for Ensconce and today it's the top SME advisor in India offering business transformation, company establishment & management and digital marketing as services.

How would you define Ensconce Business Process Consulting as an organization and its position in the market?
Initially it was a struggle as a startup, it takes some effort for us to showcase, build trust that we can do something for the growing companies. It's not been easy to diligently do awareness programs to inculcate the thought of why transformation is important, why it's crucial for SMEs to get organized to reinvent grow build market before someone replaces them in the market. It's been very satisfying to
be associated with multiple industry
forums and reputed colleges/ institutions making a difference to bridge the gap between industry and academia as well. We are happy to be recognized as an authentic and holistic contributor to this segment and for wonderful support the industry is giving us back for the recognition of our work in the business management consulting space.

In light of your strong experience in the SME Advisory industry, what advice would you give to budding entrepreneurs?
Ideas can be replicated but execution is what matters and makes one successful in their journey of business excellence. Since the Genz's are more informed and understand the importance of lean business processes, technology automation, it can prove to be a double edged sword to cut down the new-world competition. Before introducing a product or service in the market, check for existing competition, create a unique demand and do a thorough market study before you kick start.

Going forward, what are the changes in market behavior that you anticipate, and what are the opportunities that you foresee?
Today's market is driven by Smart solutions, Automation and AI. Even the SMEs can benefit immensely from services as cloud hosting, process and technology automation. Big shift is also seen towards consumer behavior and consumer experience. Every company needs to adopt this new way of doing Business. It helps to streamline efforts, formalize business practices, expand operations and in getting a corporate hold in the market.

Srividya Puppala, CEO & Founder, Ensconce Business Process Consulting Services
Srividya closely engages with businesses across Retail, Manufacturing, Service Companies both in the IT and Non-IT sector; streamlining their operations, suggesting adept outlooks for branding and transformation A true effort to engineer performance bridge gaps in business compliances, stay atop amidst the competitive rush. She is a classical singer with great taste in music, adores old melodies and enjoys listening to autobiographies her constants to borrow inspiration from great personas.

Hobbies:Classical Music & Dance, Reading Autobiographies
Favorite Cuisine:Thai
Favorite Book:Wings of Fire
Favorite Travel Destination:Egypt

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