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Study By Janak: Keeping Up Fashion Quotients With An Indigenous Twist

Study By Janak: Keeping Up Fashion Quotients With An Indigenous Twist

Sonali Mehra,   Director

Sonali Mehra


The fashion industry is poised to grow to $106 billion by 2026, bringing up the Indian fashion market on maps. Gone are the days when women had limited choices of the Indian wear that primarily included the likes of saree blouses, salwar kameez, Anarkali suits, or lehenga. Over the years, the designers have meticulously evolved and revolutionized women's ethnic wear. As the seasons of fashion swing from spring to summer, so does fashion connoisseurs' and taste makers' style mood. With this change in preferences come a host of new trends, styling tips, and ultra-chic outfit ideas. Designers gear up to showcase their diaphanous, elegant, and heritage summer collections to exude brilliant charm in the most incredible Indian and Indo-inspired looks. With a legacy of over three decades, STUDY BY JANAK has carved a niche in the Stylized Occasion Wear for men and women Made to Measure industry in India. The brand has positioned itself as a bridge between the premium and luxury segments.

STUDY BY JANAK was launched in the year 1986 and is one of the few in the country to bring Full Canvas Suits and Bespoke Services for the Indian Clientele at par with the international standards of tailoring. The brand has in-house design expertise and a state-of-the-art production facility where timeless creations are churned out ceaselessly.

STUDY BY JANAK offers specialized personal attention to each client to understand their needs and provides the best advice to ensure the client's Big Day is as perfect as possible. The organization's fuel and motivation is to give excellent service, impeccable fits, and new-age yet traditional designs and make its clients delightful. We recently engaged in a one-on-one interaction with Sonali Mehra, Director, STUDY BY JANAK, let’s hear from her.

How would you define STUDY BY JANAK as an organization and its current position in the Fashion
STUDY BY JANAK is a familyled organization that has grown in many locations over North India, Madhya Pradesh, and Uttarakhand. The brand continues to innovate and believes in setting new milestones and re-inventing itself and its offerings. It is still a one-stop shop for all wedding needs, with customers flooding in from India, the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. The brand is favoured by many celebrities and influencers for their special days and stands synonymous with stylized occasion wear, as customers have trusted our service, fit and experience for over three decades.

Study By Janak offers specialized personal attention to each client to understand their needs and provide the best advice to ensure the client's Big Day is as perfect as possible

Please tell us about the unique experiences STUDY BY JANAK offers. What are the latest challenges hindering people from making the right fashion choices? Also, what are the solutions for helping people make the right choices?
From the moment one steps into our stores, they will get an aesthetic of Modern Royalty; each client has specific needs and wants, which we understand and provide our outfits accordingly.The communication, merchandise, and service standards of the brand are at par with the global luxury brands. Taking fashion beyond ramps and mannequins, the customizable aspects of our collection make it approachable for both subtle and flamboyant customers. The bouquet of products the brand offers under its aegis are the Occasion wear collection for Men and Women; Semi Formals, Fusion Wear and Made to Measure Suits, along with the Ready to Wear collection of trousers, shirts, and jackets that align with international trends but with an Indigenous twist. The significant challenge people face in making the right fashion choices is following trends blindly; each body shape has certain silhouettes that work for them, and dressing according to your body type is vital. It's great to have trending and stylish pieces as a part of your wardrobe, but evergreen and essential pieces are the most useful and wearable and can last you for many years.
Give a brief account of the ethnic fashion that you offer.
SBJs ethnic wear range for both men and women and has been able to cater to entire baraats and families along with the bride and groom. Menswear ethnics are Sherwanis Bandhgalas,Indo-Western outfits (Achkans), Fusion wear (Nehru Jacket Kurta Outfits), Kurta Pajamas, Tuxedos (Designer and Basic), Corporate Suits as well as Custom Suiting with a wide range of Fabric Selection. Women's wear ethics comprise heavy bridal/engagement/reception lehen gas, light daywear outfits, fusion sarees, festive drapes, princess-like gowns, and gorgeous Anarkali floor-length suits. STUDY BY JANAK can dress you for your wedding and special occasions catering to all the festivities and ensuring your family coordinates. Everything that the brand designs and manufactures is a notch up in terms of quality based on the mantra Innovation.

Please reflect on some of the toughest challenges you have encountered in your journey. How did you overcome them, and what did you learn from them?
The most formidable challenge was to deal with COVID-19, as a brick-and-mortar model with government restrictions, no sales and retaining of personnel, and to do justice to our merchandise became tough. That's when we started focusing significantly on our website studybyjanak and working on a particular range of products that specifically cater to the online market and its price bracket.

In light of your strong experience within the industry, what advice would you give to the upcoming fashion industry leaders?
I want to advise upcoming fashion industry leaders to focus on their merchandise and always provide excellent service and fit. Retail is a game of patience and perseverance, focusing on the new age technological aspects to help enhance sales but also keep it traditional, as physical retail is very much booming.

Study By Janak, Sonali Mehra, Director
Sonali Mehra is a part of the under-30 club. She has taken over the digital and social media space for the brand STUDY BY JANAK. Her educational background in International Business and Master's in Fashion Business Management, along with her experience working for companies like Li & Fung and John Lewis has added to her experience,expertise, and professionalism.

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