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Subhash Kejriwal: An Industry Stalwart Running A Market Leading People-Centric Business

Subhash Kejriwal: An Industry Stalwart Running A Market Leading People-Centric Business

 Subhash Kejriwal,    Partner

Subhash Kejriwal


The steel industry is one of the oldest and high grossing industries in India. Over the years, the industry has gone through multiple paradigm shifts, consistently improving the quality of its operations. Seeing its potential, to this day, new businesses are trying out their luck in the steel industry. One of the most pioneering names in the North East Indian steel industry is Steel House and this Guwahati headquartered firm has been able to grow into one of the leading firms when it comes to the trading and distribution of steel products.

Starting their operations in 1988, the company has been able to build a reputation in the industry for the quality of their services and transparency of their operations. Also, to cater to the varied requirements of their clients, the firm has created a diversified product portfolio that consists of structural steel, stainless steel, roofing sheets, and galvanized structures. Subhash Kejriwal is a Partner and thought leader at Steel House and under his guidance, the firm has been able to develop into trailblazers in the industry. Also, with him at the helm, the company is aiming to grow beyond the conventional norms of a business and play an important role in the socio-economic development of the North East region.

In an exclusive interview with CEO INSIGHTS, Subhash talks more about his professional journey and the unique business operations of SteelHouse.

Can you walk us through the inception story of Steel House and what motivates you to strive for sustained success in the industry?
It all began when I started visiting my family's shop which was managed by my dad and big brothers. I quickly realized my passion for this business and started dealing with the retail customers and taking orders. After gaining hands on experience on various operations, I felt the urge to start a business venture of my
own. That’s how Steel House came into existence and as of now, we have developed into one of the most preferred names in this segment. We have been in business for more than three decades and my industry experience coupled with the quality of our team has helped us to reach for greater heights in the corporate realm.

Aside from deriving positive business out comes for our company, generating a great work culture and offering more employment opportunities are two things that I take very seriously.And in order to ensure that all the employees feel at home with us, I make sure that I am always accessible to them.

We are a very people centric business that strives on creating strong and trustful relationships with both our employees and customers

Elaborate more on Steel House and its uniqueness
We are a very people centric business that strives on creating strong and trustful relationships with both our employees and customers. There are multiple facets that separate us from the rest in the market and they are we ensure that we always have ready availability of a wide array of steel products which makes us much more appealing from a client’s perspective. Over the years, this has helped us to gain an edge over the rest in the market. Also, we strive to ensure that we offer best in class customer service and try to enhance our customer experience by even offering door to door delivery services.

How have you been able to balance your personal and professional life?Also, what is your success mantra?
Creating a good and trusted team has helped me to have a balanced personal and professional life. During the starting years of my business, I had to wear multiple hats at the same time which made me spend more time in the office. Now that we have a well structured and motivated work force, I am able to
divide the work load which has helped me to have a balance between personal and professional life. I have one very important success mantra and that is "Don’t hesitate when taking business decisions, but once you have taken one, have complete trust in it’ I use it especially when I am taking stock purchase decisions for my business.

How do you keep your self up to date the with the changing market conditions?
Consumer beliefs and spending behaviors are changing rapidly. To keep up with these rapid changes, we ensure that we collect and evaluate business data constantly. This helps us to gauge the changes in the market in a much more efficient manner. Using these business insights, we are able to know what all products should we introduce and take off the market. Aside from this, we maintain a healthy relationship with other industry players and regularly interact with them to stay ahead of the changes in the market.

What would be your advice to budding entrepreneurs?
My advice to budding entrepreneurs in my industry will be to have a control on the credit that you offer. As you are early in the market, it might seem a good idea to offer more credit in order to sell more products. With that said, once you cross a certain mark, this tendency can back fire which can result in cash flow crunch. And as you are a new business, you might have limited resources, so make sure that you use those resource in an optimal manner. My other piece of advice would be to focus on one industry vertical, gain experience, improve, and achieve success in that vertical before thinking about branching out into other industries.

Subhash Kejriwal, Partner, Steel House
He is a pioneering industry stalwart that has more than three decades of experience in steel industry. And by leveraging this experience he continues to derive positive business outcomes for Steel House. As a people-centric business leader, Subhash aspires to create a conducive work environment that can motivate and challenge the employees to perform at their highest level consistently.

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