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Subodh Public School: Nurturing Young Minds With Values And Virtues

Subodh Public School: Nurturing Young Minds With Values And Virtues

Kamaljeet Yadav,   Principal

Kamaljeet Yadav


In the era of globalization, every economy in the world wants to achieve a competitive advantage over other economies through educated human capital. That is why many countries are placing a lot of emphasis on educational institutions and the quality of education provided by them to youngsters. To get hold of competitive skills, schools are the places where students are acquainted with various fields of knowledge and enhance their competency. Inculcating life lessons and aptitude in students, Subodh Public School provides a holistic learning environment for students' development.

The school was founded in 1985 under the aegis of Shri S.S. Jain Subodh Shiksha Samiti, envisioning a nurturing and quality learning environment for students. On a mission to make education learner-centered and discovery oriented, the school has been recognized as the number one school in Jaipur top twenty CBSE school CEOINSIGHTS recently engaged in a one on oneinteraction with Kamaljeet Yadav, Principal, Subodh Public School, Let’s look into the highlights.

Tell us about Subodh Public School's efforts in the field of education. What are the ideals that it symbolises and the vision that it is guided by?
Subodh Public School, as a future-ready school, is a member of USO (United School Organization). It is one of the pilot schools in Rajasthan to launch the Atal Tinkering Lab under the Atal Innovation Mission, Niti Aayog, and has received the ISA (International School Award). In 2018, Education Today named the school as the top recipient of the Parent’s Choice Award. The school is accredited with the ISO Quality Management System and Environment Management System. Subodh is the only school in Rajasthan chosen by CBSE for the SQAA Pilot Study(School Quality Assessment and Assurance

How do you help students acquire the latest technological knowledge? How do you instil cultural knowledge among students?
The school has a user-friendly website, comprehensive ERP(Enterprise Resource Plan
ning), online exams, results, time tables, and digitalized information of the institution and students. Special coding is organised for pupils in primary and middle schools. Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Medical Diagnostics and Design Thinking are given at the Secondary and Senior Secondary levels to cater to the obsession with technology. The students receive instruction and exposure to numerous tech competitions workshops and activities.

The school allows the integration of academic and vocational domains to ensure flexibility and mobility between the two, thus paving the way for its motto. Grooming the Future Leaders

Through intra-and inter school activities, all age groups celebrate unique days, festivals, and events, which helps to develop a bond with cultural heritage. Students are also assigned to certain groups with year round activities that are designed to promote tradition and culture. Another way to embrace a predisposition towards heritage is to take part in large-scale CBSE celebrations with the themes of the Mother Earth Project, Phad painting, Sustainable Development Goals, and so on.

What are the various services and facilities provided by the school for its learners' convenience?
The school ensures that every child is in a safe, secure, and comfortable learning environment. There are many indoor games facilities, a pre-primary specific play space, lush green play fields, a large outdoor play area, concrete courts, and a well-equipped gym. The school also has labs for many subjects and a multi skills area with music, dance, theatre, yoga, and NCC. First Aid Alert systems, well-equipped health centres with qualified nursing personnel age and gender appropriate clean washrooms, and hassle free basement parking are other advantages.

What kind of approach is infused into your learning methodologies? How does your management stay updated to take care of students' requirements?
Subodh has consistently held on to the rich heritage and has always been an advocate for the traditional but cutting-edge ideology known as Amritum nu Vidhya- 'Learning is nectar'. The school instils 21st-century skills and supports happy learning, which means the institute is providing an environment that places an emphasis on learning that
is fair and inclusive and in stils human values. It offers a platform for project based, experiential, and art integrated learning to cultivate life skills. To improve knowledge and abilities, educational visits are made to a variety of businesses labs organisations, universities, and so on. Research based and problem solving learning is developed through surveys and investigatory projects.

The school helps its students with their prerequisites, including preparation for the board exams, NTSE, KVPY, and numerous Olympiads. Numerous programs, such as psychological and career counselling, are organised to foster healthy minds. Specialised yoga and meditation classes encourage students to take better care of their health. Students are encouraged to take part in a variety of sports activities to hone their physical skills and cultivate a sporty spirit. To help students express their creativity career fairs, sports meet, exhibitions carnivals, and other major events are also planned.

What is the roadmap ahead for Subodh Public School?
The school places a strong emphasis on each student's talents and skills and, as a result, plans to foster and facilitate comprehensive, 360-degree growth through carefully chalked out extracurricular and curricular activities. According to NEP, NCF and 21st century life skills and values, structured activities provide a supportive atmosphere for students' academic, social, cultural, emotional, and physical growth. After COVID, there was a paradigm shift in education that put the emphasis on giving students the tools they needed to explore, succeed in, and be exposed to their chosen subjects. To enable flexibility and mobility between the two, the school will permit the merging of academic and vocational areas, paving the way for its motto of Grooming the Future Leaders.

Through a perfect integration of knowledge and values, Subodh Public School is turning out to be the best learning place by providing a nurturing environment to its students.

Kamaljeet Yadav, Principal, Subodh Public School
Ranked as the number one school in India, Subodh Public School, strives to provide quality learning environment for its students' overall development.

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