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Sunandan Das: Navigating Heights In Information Technology With Leadership Excellence

Sunandan Das: Navigating Heights In Information Technology With Leadership Excellence

Sunandan Das,  Chief Delivery & Information Officer

Sunandan Das

Chief Delivery & Information Officer

NIT Rourkela has produced an impressive cadre of alumni leaders, exemplifying excellence in diverse fields. Among them stands Sunandan Das, an illustrious figure in the realm of Information Technology. Armed with an Electrical Engineering degree from NIT Rourkela, Sunandan's journey began at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), where he ascended through the ranks, demonstrating remarkable leadership.

As an alumnus of NIT Rourkela, Sunandan exemplifies the institute's commitment to nurturing talent that can navigate the complex landscape of the industry. His journey is a testament to the quality of education and values instilled at NIT Rourkela, underscoring the institution's significant contribution to shaping industry leaders.

Engaging in an interaction with CEO Insights magazine, Sunandan shares the imperious details of his journey and future road map. Let’s hear it from him.

Reflecting on your time at NIT Rourkela, can you share some distinctive experiences the campus provided beyond academic learning?

During my years at NIT Rourkela (REC Rourkela as we knew it) from 1992 to 1996, the campus sculpted not just my academic acumen but also instilled profound life lessons. Firstly, the experience of living independently for the first time was transformative, teaching me resilience and decision-making skills. The camaraderie among friends fostered a sense of teamwork and collaboration, shaping my ability to work harmoniously in diverse groups. However, the most enduring aspect is the friendships cultivated. Even after 27 years, these bonds remain resilient, providing a support system for celebrating successes and navigating life's challenges.

In your perspective, how would you characterize Tata Digital as an organization, and what is its current standing in the market?
Tata Digital stands as a beacon of innovation and trust in the market. As a new-age, fully digital, and cloudnative company, our journey began with the launch of our App just 18 months ago, creating significant ripples. What truly sets us apart is the delicate balance we maintain between our rich Tata legacy and the dynamic culture of a modern digital enterprise. This fusion is our unique strength, and we take immense pride in upholding the expectations and trust associated with the Tata name. This distinctive blend of tradition and innovation fuels our growth ambitions, and we remain committed to navigating the digital landscape with integrity and excellence.

The principles & ethos that I imbibed at NIT Rourkela have been key in enabling me to constantly take on higher challenges, demonstrating leadership & aiming for excellence at every moment of my career

Could you elaborate on your leadership approach? What principles or methodologies guide your leadership style?

In my leadership journey spanning over 2 decades, accountability, ownership and people management have been my guiding lights. When assigned a task, I ensure its completion with end-to-end ownership, even if it requires collaboration with other teams. I instill this sense of ownership in my teams, understanding that it's a crucial aspect of the job. Building strong teams is another key cornerstone; I groom and empower leaders to drive results independently. I encourage fearless decision-making, promising to shield my team in case of setbacks. I believe that my leadership is about fostering a collaborative, empowered, and accountable environment where each member contributes to our shared victories.

As you navigate your professional journey, what is the ultimate destination you envision for yourself in the future?

In my professional journey, I see my ultimate destination not as a specific role or title, but as a continuous evolution in sync with the organization that I am a part of. Over the next four or five years, my growth aligns with the company's
trajectory. My philosophy prioritizes the company's needs over personal ambitions. By consistently delivering what is expected by our collective leadership, I've found that personal growth naturally follows. This interview itself is a testament to the positive impact of this approach. Rather than fixating on a predefined role, my focus remains on exceeding expectations and contributing meaningfully, allowing the future to unfold organically, just as it has throughout my nearly three-decade career.

Drawing from your extensive industry experience, what advice would you offer to emerging leaders in the field?

In my journey through the industry, I've learned valuable lessons to share with emerging leaders. Firstly, I emphasize accountability and ownership. Those who consistently deliver results with the expected quality and within timelines are the ones who ascend the pyramid of success. Secondly, respect every task, regardless of its scale, as opportunities for growth often emerge from seemingly small beginnings. Thirdly, value every individual because there is intrinsic goodness in everyone. As leaders, our role is to identify and nurture that potential, creating a win-win situation. Lastly, maintain an insatiable thirst for learning. In a rapidly evolving industry, continuous learning, whether from juniors, seniors, or diverse sources, is key to staying ahead.

Sunandan Das, Chief Delivery & Information Officer, Tata Digital

Sunandan Das, an accomplished professional with a rich history in the IT industry, embarked on his journey after graduating as an electrical engineer from REC (now NIT), Rourkela. Joining Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) in 1996, Sunandan’s trajectory witnessed him climb from a trainee to roles of increasing responsibility, including project lead, project manager, and program manager. Notably, he led groundbreaking deals and initiatives in the UK, starting as a TCS client partner and culminating in key leadership roles at TCS, where he served as the center head for the Kolkata Retail unit and managed P&Ls for UK and Tata Group Retail customers. In 2021, Sunandan transitioned to Tata Digital, where he continues to embrace fresh challenges with an unwavering commitment to innovation and growth.

•Favorite Hobbies:Travelling, Keen Sports enthusiast
•Favorite Cuisine:Seafood, Chinese
•Favorite Book:The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
•Favorite Travel Destination:Bali

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