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Sunil Nandedkar: shaping the landscape of mechanical engineering through industry expertise

Sunil Nandedkar: shaping the landscape of mechanical engineering through industry expertise

Sunil Nandedkar,  Founder & CEO

Sunil Nandedkar

Founder & CEO

A leader's forward-thinking approach and ability to foresee industry trends are indispensable assets for company growth and success. By staying ahead, leaders identify emerging opportunities and challenges, develop innovative strategies, and adapt to market dynamics. Their visionary mindset positions the company, anticipates customer demands, and discovers untapped markets. With industry pulse awareness, leaders drive innovation, cultivate a competitive edge, and navigate evolving landscapes for sustainable growth. Sunil Nandedkar's adeptness has shaped Shivamtech Engineering Design's trajectory, establishing it as a dynamic force in the industry. His foresight demonstrates the vital role leaders play in propelling companies toward success.

Sunil Nandedkar, the Founder & CEO of Shivamtech, is an esteemed figure in the realm of ER&D. Driven by a deep passion for innovation and dedication to achieving excellence, Sunil has established himself as a prominent leader in the industry.

Below is an excerpt of Sunil Nandedkar’s exclusive interaction with CEO Insights magazine.

What factors motivated you to establish Shivamtech? Also, how has the company’s journey been so far?
The genesis of Shivamtech was fuelled by a distinct driving force. Hailing from an agricultural background, my ambition to create something of my own propelled me to pursue a career in manufacturing. My mechanical engineering background and experience in a Brewing Company fortified my decision. I seized an opportunity to master specialized software, and this served as the stimulus to establish a training institute for budding mechanical engineers and automotive production profes
sionals. Our initial years witnessed a fruitful run, leading us to expand to three franchises. However, our focus shifted towards providing exceptional services to cater to growing demands, prompting us to discontinue our training activities in 2008.

I seized an opportunity to master a specialized software, & this served as the stimulus to establish a training institute for budding mechanical engineers & automotive production professionals

Tell us about your leadership approach and what has been your success mantra so far.
In the realm of leadership, distinct qualities are indispensable when facing employees, customers, and society. Trust stands as a pivotal factor, alongside clear and effective communication. These essential attributes empower leaders to motivate teams and confront challenges head-on, setting examples along the way. Throughout our two-decade journey, we have encountered numerous trials, enduring both highs and lows in our professional endeavors.

Running an organization entails navigating challenges such as marketing, fund management, project coordination, and team scalability. Also, currency fluctuations and the presence of nimble competitors have occasionally impeded our progress. However, through strategic resource allocation and showcasing our expertise, we have not only overcome these hurdles but also expanded our operations. Today, we continue to forge ahead, empowered by our accomplishments and the dedication of those who have joined our ranks.

What are the factors you look into when developing effective strategies to ensure smooth operational performance?
As a CEO, running an organization requires an array of crucial elements. Leadership takes center stage, accompanied by effective communication and problem solving capabilities. Strategic
planning, encompassing both short term and long term objectives, must be flawlessly conveyed to the team. Also, embracing innovation and staying attuned to market dynamics through continuous learning is vital. Furthermore, creativity fuels progress, while strategic thinking charts the course for corporate growth. Lastly, transparency within the team fosters trust and cohesion. These components harmonize to create a strong foundation for success.

How do you guide your team to draw valuable market insights to ensure client lifecycle satisfaction and that the company stays informed of the ongoing trends?
As a small company, we initially lacked a defined thought process. However, as we slowly grew, we developed a unique culture that we incorporated into our training programs. Our team was trained in two formats: professional technical training and soft skills training. Technical training included domain expertise, software skills, and client management. On the other hand, soft skills training focused on communication, leadership, motivation, strategic thinking, and management. By providing such training, we were able to build a team that aligned with our culture and vision, which helped us achieve success and growth in the long run.

Where do you see yourself headed in the upcoming years? What is your future roadmap?
Our current trajectory and future outlook exhibit remarkable growth. Over the past four years, we have experienced a substantial 100 percent increase. As we plan for the coming years, we aim to sustain this upward momentum. To achieve our goals, we are exploring both organic and inorganic growth strategies, positioning ourselves for continued victory in the market.

Sunil Nandedkar, Founder & CEO, Shivamtech
An entrepreneur and industry leader, Sunil Nandedkar has completed his Mechanical Engineering degree from Doctor Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University and his MBA from SCMHRD Pune, and Advance Management training from GIZ Germany. In his professional journey so far, Sunil has been part of various prominent companies like Elpro International, and Kirloskar Oil Engines, and later took up the role of an entrepreneur and established Shivamtech

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