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Sunny Gupta: Rising From Idea To Success In Engineering Services

Sunny Gupta: Rising From Idea To Success In Engineering Services

Sunny Gupta,  CEO

Sunny Gupta


Often, unexpected life decisions become our destiny; but for a few that destiny will be success. For Sunny Gupta, one such pivotal success moment came when he made the tough choice to leave a job, step out of his comfort zone, and embark on the journey of entrepreneurship. With no funds but a computer and courage, Sunny Gupta started Engineers Right Angle from scratch in 2015.

In the first couple of years, he worked tirelessly to build the brand and grow his business. His hard work eventually paid off, and today, his company boasts 10+ dextrous talents and is known for providing top-notch Plant engineering services. His journey over the past nine years has been filled with ups and downs, but through it all, he has remained grateful for every step of the way and the lessons learned along the journey. In an exclusive interview with CEO Insights, Sunny shares more about his journey.

How does your previous experience help you in developing effective corporate growth strategies?

Next year will be a decade of Engineers Right Angle, and it has been quite the journey. Before I started my own business, I worked for a company where I learned a lot about the industry and the various challenges that companies face. Those experiences gave me the knowledge and skills to start my own company and navigate the ups and downs.

One thing that I learned from my previous experiences is that you have to create opportunities for yourself. When I first started my own business, I had to learn everything from scratch, from designing services to talking to customers and convincing them to work with us. Over time, I developed
effective strategies for approaching customers and growing the business. I learned how to identify opportunities for growth and how to create a strong team to support that growth.

All of these experiences have helped me to develop effective corporate growth strategies for Engineers Right Angle.

When building a team, what are the potential skills you look for? What are the ways you encourage the team to utilize the best of their skills?

When it comes to building a successful team, I believe that the most important skills to look for are communication, adaptability, and flexibility. I made a conscious decision to focus on training rather than hiring experienced professionals. We empower team members to utilize their skills to the best of their ability when it comes to creating engineering solutions.

Our goal is to become India's leading Engi- neering Service provider & bridge the skill gap in the industry by training aspirants

One way that I do this is by providing training and development opportunities for my team members. This includes training from external experts and resources that we purchase to help our team members stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in our industry. By providing these opportunities, we enable our team members to forecast and face challenges with confidence and competence.

We also provide emotional intelligence training to understand our clients' requirements, and to be able to empathize with their concerns. With this, our team members build strong relationships with our clients and to deliver engineering solutions that meet their needs. We see our people as partners, and we build trust by treating them as equals.

What kinds of impacts do you see your self creating in your
professional journey, going forward?

As a company, we are focused on continuing to grow and expand our services in several verticals of engineering services. Our goal is to become India's leading engineering service provider. In addition, we also aspire to bridge the skill gap by launching a training institute for engineering students. We believe that there is a need for students to develop practical skills along with their degrees, and we want to help them acquire those skills and succeed in the industry. We also provide software solution for EPC professionals.

In the next four to five years, we hope to achieve these goals and make a significant impact on the engineering industry in India.

In light of your strong professional experience within the industry, what would be your advice to budding industry leaders?

The industry is constantly evolving, and it is critical to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and developments. Secondly, I believe that developing a strong team is key to success in this industry. You cannot do everything on your own, so it is essential to build a team of skilled professionals who share your vision and values. Empower your team to take owner ship of their work and provide them with the resources and support they need to succeed.

Embrace challenges as oppo-rtunities for growth and learning, and don't be discouraged by failures. Finally, I would advise budding industry leaders to stay focused on their goals.

Sunny Gupta, CEO, Engineers Right Angle

One of Sunny’s most memorable achievements is the engineering of a 112.5 meter diameter water tank for GULF Company in 2023. The company has also completed several other notable projects, including the construction of 40-meter columns, Structure skids, Plant Engineering for various companies. Through these accomplishments, Sunny has proven himself as a leader in his field and a provider of innovative solutions.

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