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Vedashree Nadendla: Visionary Entrepreneur Pioneering Eco-Friendly Household Solutions

Vedashree Nadendla: Visionary Entrepreneur Pioneering Eco-Friendly Household Solutions

Vedashree Nadendla,    Owner

Vedashree Nadendla


Household services encompass fundamental domestic tasks necessary for maintaining and operating a household efficiently. These services play a vital role in ensuring the smooth functioning and upkeep of one's home. The inception of FROMVEDAS stemmed from a profound aspiration to create eco-friendly solutions that are user-friendly and supported by robust research on cleaning methodologies. This initiative was driven by a commitment to provide products that not only contribute to a sustainable environment but also offer convenience and effectiveness to consumers. Vedashree Nadendla, the proprietor of FROMVEDAS, has a wealth of experience in the industry and conceived the brilliant notion that has revolutionized household services. Her innovative idea has not only enhanced the quality of household products but has also introduced organic solutions for the benefit of the environment.

During an exclusive interview with us, Veda-shree shared valuable industry insights and provided an indepth overview of the organi-zation.

Can you provide a concise overview of your career path and share the inspiration behind founding FROMVEDAS?

I've been in business for a decade now, starting back in 2014 with a family business in envelope manufacturing. During the pandemic, I pivoted to customized wedding cards, but with the decline in demand, I shifted gears to focus on FROMVEDAS. During this downtime, I researched household cleaning products and their ingredients, realizing the harmful effects of traditional chemicals. Thus, FROMVEDAS was born, offering handmade products derived from olive and coconut oil, with a manufacturing process spanning 8 to 10 hours. Since our inception in October 2019, we've experienced steady growth and even underwent acquisition briefly before reverting to our original brand. Overall, it's been an evolving journey focused on providing natural, sustainable solutions for consumers.
Tell us about your educational journey at Manipal Academy of Higher Education in Karnataka and how the campus environment influenced you beyond just academic learning.

The Manipal Academy of Higher Education is an exceptional environment offering abundant opportunities for diverse experiences. It provides exposure to various cultures and individuals from around the globe, fostering a rich cultural exchange. Unlike typical educational institutions that solely prioritize academics, the Institute encourages a balanced approach, in-corporating both learning and enjoyment. This unique blend creates a comfortable and supportive atmosphere, facilitating personal growth and academic success.

Expanding our product line allows us to meet diverse customer needs while ensuring afford-ability & quality remain paramount

As the proprietor, what factors do you consider when formulating successful corporate expansion strategies for the business?

As manufacturers, we recognize the considerable advantage we hold in terms of pricing within the market. Leveraging this advantage, we meticulously craft our pricing strategy to ensure it remains highly competitive when compared to other brands. Our aim is not only to offer quality chemical-free products but also to challenge the common misconception that such products come with a hefty price tag.By strategically pricing our products to be accessible and budget friendly, we strive to break down barriers in consumers' minds and make the switch to chemical-free options more appealing and feasible. This approach forms the cornerstone of our growth strategy, allowing us to continually expand our reach and impact within the industry.

How did you assemble your team, and what methods do you employ to encourage research in creating environmentally friendly cleaning solutions that are user friendly?

As mentioned earlier, our cleaning solutions are crafted from a blend of olive oil and coconut oil, cooked for eight to ten hours. Our team primarily comprises women, as I believe in empowering them through our work. They handle various aspects of the production process, while I oversee the formulation of
the concoctions. Additionally, we prioritize biodegradable packaging to align with our commitment to sustainability. Unlike some companies that claim to offer chemical-free products but still use plastic packaging, we remain dedicated to environmentally friendly practices throughout our entire production process.

How do you effectively market and attract new customers to our company, ensuring that more people are aware of our presence and trust in our products?

An effective strategy involves highlighting our competitive pricing, as this often serves as a compelling factor for customers to consider trying our products. By positioning our prices in line with others in the market, we create a sense of affordability and accessibility, making it more enticing for potential customers to make the switch to our offerings. This approach not only encourages trial but also allows customers to experience the quality and value of our products firsthand, ultimately fostering trust and loyalty in our brand.

How do you envision expanding the company in the future, and what specific areas do you plan to focus your time and investment on?

Observing other brands in the market competing with us, particularly chemical-based ones, I've noticed many struggling due to their inability to match our competitive pricing. Customers often express dis-satisfaction with the high costs associated with these products. In response, our strategy for growth revolves around offering a wider range of household cleaning products at affordable prices. By expanding our product line, we aim to cater to diverse customer needs while maintaining our commitment to affordability and quality. This approach not only enhances our competitiveness in the market but also strengthens our position as a trusted provider of effective and economical cleaning solutions.

Vedashree Nadendla, Owner, FromVedas

With years of experience in the envelope manufacturing industry and a strong skill set in management, she is recognized for her diligent work ethic. As a fervent business woman, she currently spearheads FROMVEDAS, a brand dedicated to providing chemical-free household products.

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