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Vidhan Bhandari: The Trailblazer & Maestro Of Expansion

Vidhan Bhandari: The Trailblazer & Maestro Of Expansion

Vidhan Bhandari,Country Manager

Vidhan Bhandari

Country Manager

Armed with a visionary spirit, country managers are pioneers of possibilities. With a strategic mind and a heart filled with courage, they embark on a voyage into a new country or region. With every step, they unravel the secrets of the local market, decoding the intricacies of culture, consumer preferences, and competitive landscapes. They possess the Midas touch, transforming obstacles into opportunities, and nurturing seeds of growth into flourishing enterprises. One such maestro of expansion is Vidhan Bhandari, country manager at DALMEC Industrial Manipulators. He has a demonstrated history of working in the manufacturing industry, both domestic and international. Vidhan is also skilled in Engineering, New Business Development, International Business, Supply Chain Management, Product Management, and Manufacturing. He is passionate about expanding business, especially in new territory, and scaling it up organically. Responsible for P&L and overall Operations of the Company, Vidhan is one of the key players helping DALMEC Industrial Mani-pulators grow and reach new heights. Below is an excerpt of Vidhan Bhandari’s exclusive interaction with CEO Insights magazine.

Can you walk us through your pro-fessional journey?
In 2006, I completed my engineering degree in the mechanical stream and embarked on my professional journey through a campus placement. I was fortunate to be recruited by a leading material handling manu-facturing company in Pune, where I worked for more than 10 years. During this time, I gained valuable hands-on experience in product sales, honed my marketing abilities, fostered an innovative mindset, and sharpened my problem solving skills. Progressing from a technical sales engineer to managerial roles like general manager and product line manager, I had the opportunity to expand the company's international market presence. Later I joined a Spanish global leader and managed complex engineering projects across sectors. With expertise and leadership skills, I successfully contributed to the organization. I oversaw operations and expanded into different cities in India. During my tenure, I was approached by my current organization, DALMEC, an Italian multinational specializing in
PNEUMATIC MATERIAL HANDLING solutions. Having operations in over 50 countries, DALMEC appointed me as the country manager for India. In this role, I oversee multiple departments, including sales, technical engineering, after sales services, HR, accounts, and finance. Leveraging my technical expertise and management skills, I drive business growth, cultivate strong customer relationships, and ensure efficient project execution. I have been fulfilling these responsibilities for more than five years, continuing to contribute to DALMEC's success.

Leveraging my technical expertise & management skills, I drive business growth, cultivate strong customer relationships, & ensure efficient project execution.

What motivates you to perform so well in your field?
I am deeply committed to enhancing processes and discovering innovative solutions. Witnessing progress is a tremendous source of motivation, driving me to consistently deliver exceptional results. I thrive on achieving tangible outcomes and strive for continual growth, seizing opportunities for innovation and inspiring my team to unleash their full potential. The organic growth and develop-ment of my team within the organization fills me with immense pride and serve as a powerful motivation.

Please tell us about your leadership

My leadership approach blends simplicity and complexity. I inspire and collaborate with others, leading by example and actively engaging with my team. I support them in challenging situations, rejecting rigid hierarchies, and establishing clear goals. I encourage continuous self-development and improvement within the team.

Please give us a brief overview of DALMEC and its flagship offerings.
Dalmec is a global leader in industrial manipulators, known for advanced technology, innovative solutions, and a strong commitment to quality. Our focus is on providing material handling systems that boost productivity, enhance workplace safety, and optimize efficiency. With a presence in over 50 countries, we have worked with top industries worldwide. Dalmec holds a reputable position as a market leader in automotive, aerospace, General Engineering, manufacturing, Sanitary, Pharma, Foundry, glass, food, and many others. Our investment in research and development keeps us at the forefront of technological advancements, enabling us to offer innovative solutions. With deep industry knowledge and a customer centric approach, we have
established enduring relationships in every sector across every industry.

Dalmec distinguishes itself in industrial manipulators with a strong commitment to customization and excellence. Unlike other manufacturers, we prioritize customization for each balancing cylinder, resulting in highly effective load-balancing capa-bilities. Our systems have an impressive weight handling capacity of up to 1500 kg, show casing their reliability. With over 60 years of specialized expertise, we focus solely on industrial manipulators, experiencing consistent organic growth. Our exclusive features include infinite rotation, patented equo balancing technology for zero gravity movements, and specialized solutions for challenging environments. Safety and ergonomic standards are paramount, evidenced by the trust and satisfaction of our existing clients.

What guidance would you offer to an aspiring leader in the industry?
My advice to young leaders: Stay true to yourself, approach each day with enthusiasm, and remember the passion you had on your first day. Stay humble, nurture ambition, and avoid job-hopping. Despite the temptations to jump from one job to another, seeking better titles or higher positions, I realized the signi-ficance of having a long term vision and consistently working towards it. There are no shortcuts to success. Believe in the process, work consistently, and success will follow.

What’s the road ahead for DALMEC?
One big thing to look forward to is our new corporate office and showroom which is under construction, and we should be ready to move to our new state-of-the-art building by October 2023. This is going to be a huge motivation not only for me but my entire team which will showcase our brand bigger and better than ever before and at the same time give our employees a home they would be proud to come and work. We also look to strengthen our hold on the African market which also comes under me.

Vidhan Bhandari, Country Manager, Dalmec Industrial Manipulators
Vidhan Bhandari is the Country Manager at DALMEC Industrial Manipulators, overseeing operations and leading the company's initiatives mainly in INDIA and also in AFRICA. With a wealth of experience in the industrial sector, Vidhan brings extensive knowledge and expertise to his role. He is responsible for driving business growth, establishing strategic partnerships, and ensuring customer satisfaction. Vidhan's leadership and industry insights contri-bute to the success and expansion of DALMEC Industrial Manipulators in his designated countries.

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