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Vidyasagar Abburi: Spearheading Defence And Aerospace Industry's Growth Through Avantel

Vidyasagar Abburi: Spearheading Defence And Aerospace Industry's Growth Through Avantel

Vidyasagar Abburi,    Founder & CEO

Vidyasagar Abburi

Founder & CEO

Being a leader attributes to various qualities..While there are many leaders from our country who have settled all over the world and making our country proud, there are few who are helping in strengthening the country with their expertise. Vidyasagar Abburi, Founder & CEO, Avantel Limited one of those multi talented leaders who, through his company Avantel, has been contributing immensely to Indian Defence & Aerospace sector and particularly to Indian Defense forces in terms of satellite based services, RF subsystems and so on. An Alumni of prestigious IIT Kharagpur and an exemployee of HAL, Hyderabad, he is still working on expanding into other sectors such as education as well as healthcare.

In an exclusive interaction with CEO Insight, Vidyasagar has shared his professional back ground, his goals and accomplishments through Avantel and so on.

Shed some light on your professional background and experience. What motivated you to venture into the strategic management industry?
Beginning my career as a Design Engineer for Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, Hyderabad, I had the opportunity to work in design, development and production of microelectronic modules for command guidance systems and missiles developed by DRDO, RF Subsystems for Radar Warning Receiver of Jaguar Aircraft and other Avionic equipment. It gave me the opportunity to gain hands on experience in design of communication systems covering both Analog and Digital electronics circuits.

After that I worked for State Financial Corporation in Project Appraisal Department, as a Project Appraisal Officer where I had the exposure to various industries in Electronics, IT and Healthcare domain while completing my MBA course simultaneously. After that I joined Satyam Computer Services as General Manager in charge of offshore projects for John Deer & Co where I established software development Centre at Chennai with satellite based high speed data link to their facility in Moline near Chi
cago, USA. After around 10 years of experience in design, finance and project management, I finally founded Avantel to design and develop RF Sub systems for Defense and Aerospace industry as import substitution products.

What are the learning and experience you got from IIT Kharagpur and how do you use those expertise in your current role?
I was fortunate enough to get excellent support from my professors and especially my then guide Dr. Swapna Banerjee at IIT Kharagpur who helped me deal with personal tragedy where I lost my 18 year old sister and then my mother to Cancer. Her support and guidance helped me earn an “EX” grade in my project work, also in gaining clear under standing of fundamental concepts in wireless communications and micro electronics.

Avantel has been following “Blue Ocean Strategy” developing products that no other company in India has ventured into

Define Avantel, its greatest strengths and position in the industry. What is the uniqueness in the proposition it offers to its clients?
Starting from its inception, Avantel has been following “Blue Ocean Strategy” developing products that no other company in India has ventured into. As an innovative company it caters to the unique,special and customized requirements of Indian Defense Forces and particularly of Indian Navy. Our expertise lies in the fields of Design& Engineering, integration of multiple technologies and in multiple domains such as RF, Digital Signal Processing, Embedded Systems, Application Software and System Engineering to develop unique solutions.

We develop satellite based network centric voice & data communications among various platforms such as Ships, Submarines, Aircraft and Helicopters in a highly secured manner with software configurable /software defined radios and digital beam forming technologies.

Avantel is synonymous with Mobile Satellite service for Indian Navy for the last 20 years with Design, Development, Manufacturing, Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance of the network as a complete end to end solution.

We developed and supplied high power HF communication systems
covering a range up to 3000 Kms. Avantel is well positioned to be a leader in Software Defined Radios in India and going forward we aspire to be among top 10 companies in the world in the area of Software Defined Radios for Defence Applications.

Throughout your professional journey, what are some of major challenges you have faced so far and how did you overcome them?
One of the major challenges we faced is attracting and retaining talents. However, we could overcome that as our colleagues have been dedicated intrapreneurs completely dedicated to the vision, passion and purpose of the organization. I believe in fulfilment over success while living life true to the heart. I have been enjoying every bit of my journey and truly believe that once my life is over, those who have joined me in this journey will continue it while motivating others to join in.

What are your future goals and how do you want to take them further in terms of planning and investment?
We are planning to diversify into healthcare sector with the “Hospital @ Home” solution planned for elderly people to get healthcare service at home and avoid hospitalization through minimally in vasive remote monitoring and care. We are also planning to develop Critical Care equipment which are presently imported at high cost, helping people get quality healthcare service at affordable price. I also have personally invested my time and resources in an e-learning initiative called “Simply Science” which is presently offered to 6th grade 10th grade students worldwide and soon will be available for 1st grade - 5th grade students. It’s a “School in a box” solution to provide world class content to students at rural areas even without internet though the website: httpss:// and is also available on android and iOS as “simply. science”.

Vidyasagar Abburi, Founder & CEO, Avantel Limited
Through his organization, Avantel Limited, Vidyasagar Abburi is helping out Indian strategic establishments with satellite based services, RF subsystems and so on. An Alumni of prestigious IIT Kharagpur as well as an ex-employee of HAL, Hyderabad, Vidyasagar is also working on developing and manufacturing critical high level healthcare equipment which will help people access high level healthcare services at an affordable price. Already Authored a Book named “Who am I”, Vidya sagar is also working on making high level of education accessible to students in ruralparts even without internet through httpss://simply. science.

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