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Vijayanand Gurudev: Innovating Tomorrow, Empowering Today

Vijayanand Gurudev: Innovating Tomorrow, Empowering Today

  Vijayanand Gurudev,    Co-Founder

Vijayanand Gurudev


Vijayanand Gurudev,a seasoned IT professional and the Co-Founder of Startup Grit Business Circles, whose journey in the information technology sector spans over 23 years. With extensive expertise in diverse industries such as manufacturing, telecom, travel, and medical imaging.

His expertise isn't confined to software development; his journey boasts varied expertise. His entrepreneurial ventures, including EESHAVASYA, Rananeethi under his diverse interests and innovative spirit. Moreover, he actively engages in social responsibilities through associations with organizations like SJCE STEP as a Resident Mentor and is also a Associate Member of TIE Mysuru, mentoring and advising startups and aspiring entrepreneurs. His vision extends beyond business, evident in initiatives like ARTSOFMYSORE, the Zero Grit Foundation, and Temples Of Karnataka, showcasing his commitment to promoting local arts, education, and cultural heritage.

Give a brief account of your professional journey.
I graduated from NITK Surathkal (formerly KREC) in 1998 with a degree in Civil Engineering. Initially, stared my professional journey via HPCL. However, my interest in data analytics led me to software development. To gain expertise in Computer Science, I pursued a course with IIT Kanpur and IBM in 2000. After that, I worked with a startup, developing enterprise solutions for industries across India.

In 2002, I founded my own startup, focusing on solutions for MSMEs in Bangalore due to my expertise in manufacturing. Later joined IBM and moved onto Symphony and eventually joined a startup at IIT Bombay. Upon returning to Bangalore, I started Nikshepa, providing software solutions for SKF, DQS India, LAPP India, Denso Kirloskar, and Mercedes Benz China and Hong Kong division.

Me and my wife Divya, from 2008, have visited across 450+ temples within Karnataka region and are documenting under TEMPLES OF KARNATAKA. In 2013, after relocating to Mysore, found artwork in Mysore lacked digital presence,
prompting me to start 'ARTSOFMYSORE' an online platform selling rose wood and sandalwood artifacts. In 2020 I explored opportunities with SJCE STEP, India's oldest Incubation Centers and I am actively involved in mentoring startups as a Resident mentor. I am also part of Mysuru Startup Pavilion in 2022, an extravagant 3 day event only focusing on startup ecosystem in around Mysore, with more than 80+ startups, 30+ speakers, Investor Pitches with 13000+ visitors.

Innovation is about simplifying the complexities of real-world challenges

Nidhi Prayas Prototyping Lab being set up in SJCE STEP under grants from DST, GOI is another initiative where I am foreseeing lot of new products to be developed in coming years. 1BY0GRIT Foundation another initiative focuses on Rural Women Entrepreneurship and promoting Girl Education along with JSS RISDC Chamarajanagar. Zero Start, a campus initiative to spark innovation and foster entrepreneurship within the Engineering campuses has kick started in 2023.

Share with us your academic experience from NIT Karnataka.
My four years at college were incredibly memorable. I often wish I could go back to that time; it felt like a home away from home. Despite the initial uncertainty and anxiety of leaving home, those years shaped who I am today. The bonding experiences, even during ragging, taught us the power of networking. Our diverse campus had students from various states, leading to a rich cultural exchange. The early days of the internet were fascinating; the access to email was so limited that it was posted on a notice board whenever anyone received an email. Technology was evolving, and we embraced the changes, from Solaris boxes to the emergence of Linux.

We enjoyed movies, beach outings, and various events. The camaraderie, late night study sessions, and shared meals with lecturers made those years unforgettable.

Tell us about EESHAVASYA and its position in the market.
EESHAVASYA is a cutting-edge deep tech company driven by my passion for technology. We offer innovative solutions under various brands. Under DESICLOUD, we have partnered with Vigyanlabs of Mysore and Protean from Mumbai (formerly known as NSDL) and we are channel partners for Cloud Infrastructure Sales along with IPM Plus. We are promoting the concept of Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI) which is affordable to Indian
consumers and our Data Center in Mysuru, is one of the only five in the nation which is TIA942 certified, Protean Cloud was virtually launched by our Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the Mysuru Startup Pavilion with a message to reach out Tier 2/3 cities with our infrastructure.

Other products under EESHAVASYA are apeksha, binduka, incums, chitraguptha to name a few.

How have you built your team and how do you foster a culture of innovation?
Building a team is crucial, and my approach involves partnering with development startups. As a developer myself, I actively engage in the development process. While I contribute to the architectural aspects of the solutions, they assist in the implementation. While collaborating with other companies, I inspire individuals to tackle challenges step by step. By presenting them with problems and boosting their confidence as they solve them, I encourage innovation within 1BY0GRIT and EESHAVASYA.

What is the future destination you are headed towards?
Open Lab Initiatives is set to emerge as a trailblazing lab in India, sparking a wave of innovation that I eagerly anticipate. DESICLOUD, with its vast potential, holds the promise of reaching unprecedented heights. apeksha, a tool I am currently developing, aligns seamlessly with my ongoing efforts at Startup Grit. In the years ahead, my aspiration is for several of our mentees to achieve a remarkable turnover ranging from 50 to 100 crore. When their dreams materialize, so will mine, marking a collective triumph for our shared aspirations.

What would be your advice to budding industry leaders?
My advice is simple: any innovation should focus on solving existing problems. Look out for problems which are hiding in plain sight and addressing them will fuel innovation. Develop solutions which are simple, easy to deploy and have wonderful use cases. All the tools we've created stemmed from genuine needs expressed by people. Start by tackling fundamental problems. Identifying the problem itself is an art, and expressing it in the simplest manner is key. Focus on problems that have a broad audience to make a meaningful impact.

Vijayanand Gurudev, Co-Founder, eEshavasya Technologies
Vijayanand Gurudev, a distinguished IT professional has illuminated the industry with over 23 years of experience. His entrepreneurial journey, which began in 2002, reflects a passionate commitment to technology, innovation, and social impact.

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