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Vikram Mehta: Leveraging Extensive Industry Knowledge To Build Innovative And Simple to Use IT Solutions

Vikram Mehta: Leveraging Extensive Industry Knowledge To Build Innovative And Simple to Use IT Solutions

  Vikram Mehta,      Group CEO & Managing Director

Vikram Mehta

Group CEO & Managing Director

From To establish themselves out from the crowd, each leader should develop their unique set of abilities and leadership styles. Such one-of-a-kind leaders will have a significant inf luence not just on the team members they manage, but also on their firm as a whole. And if a leader is passionate about creating something new in the market and bringing revolution to their firm, they will have to venture outside of their comfort zone and explore new ideas. Vikram Mehta, Group CEO & Managing Director of Custom Technologies, is a prime example of such a leader. Vikram believes that a leader is born when they move out of their comfort zone and takes a decision on a most unique circumstance/task/situation and stand by it, irrespective of its outcome.

Furthermore, in his present position, Vikram is responsible for a number of investments in industries such as healthcare, technology, energy, travel, and retail. Vikram has vast expertise addressing national and cross-border mandates in varied cultural, geographical, and corporate situations, and has received the coveted Global Visionary Award from the Vision Foundation and Gujarat Chambers of Commerce for his contributions to the technology and innovation industry. Currently, Vikram is managing clients in over 20 Countries across geographies.

Engaging in an exclusive interview with CEO Insights, Vikram reflects on his pioneering journey till now and aspires to accelerate innovative and creative endeavors in the near future.

Tell us what inspired you to start your professional journey in the corporate industry and what motivates you today?
My professional career began quite early while I was still in college as I wanted to pay for my own education and expenses. I feel my foundational experience in handling human resource and business development developed my skills in working with a wide variety of people and multitasking. I pursued my postgraduate degree in sales and marketing after graduating from college and polished my talents by working in the banking industry.

Addressing people's expectations and more crucially, advising them on their investments, enabled me to develop financial prudence skills early in my career. And due to my ambition to learn more, I transitioned from banking to the corporate communications and corporate affairs industry, which was a watershed moment in my career because it refined my understanding of multiple sectors and allowed me to build expertise across Banking, FMCG, Retail, Consumer Durables, Technology, Telecom, Entertainment, Aviation, Pharmaceuticals Realestate and Hospitality, amongst many others sectors.

I received invaluable expertise in various aspects of business management, such as profit center management, human resource management, finance, foreign affairs, and corporate expansion. For the next decade and a half, I wore several hats, from client servicing to corporate strategy, mergers & acquisitions to cross border expansion, finance to human resource management. Over the last 25 years, I have worked with industry's top corporate conglomerates, including Tata Group, Reliance Industries Limited, Bharti, United Breweries, Zee Group, Abbott, Monsanto, Philips, Kalpa
taru Group, Standard Chartered, Citibank amongst other.

“Failure”, in my opinion, is the finest motivation. I have always endeavored to prove that there is no such thing as "not possible" and assuring outcomes in the most different scenarios has motivated me to take on some of the most difficult mandates and achieve triumph. Although there have been moments of temporary failure or gestation in accomplishing ultimate aims, it has never demotivated me; rather, it has just re-energized me to continue to innovate and achieve the desired outcome. Looking back over the years, I believe the fear of not being able to deliver on the promise that "everything is possible" has been my most powerful motivator for me.

I have always endeavored to prove that there is no such thing as 'not possible

Define Custom Technologies as an organization and its current position in the industry.

Custom Technologies is a Mumbai based technology center that was created in 2013 to develop "simple design innovations". Custom Technologies, or CT as we are known to all of our clients, is a group of highly seasoned and selfdriven specialists that operate as a close knit team of experts with a common goal of delivering productive and dependable information technology and holistic solutions.

Thus far, we are acknowledged as a go-to entity for offering relevant assistance for the deployment of the most creative technological solutions, which were previously unfeasible for development in our country and were frequently the realm of European and American technology firms. We were among the first few Indian organizations to embrace and deliver comprehensive solutions for immersive and interactive technologies such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, and Large Scale Holograms. As a result of providing industry first solutions to our clients, we now have the distinction of creating in India and exporting abroad.

Could you tell us about the unique services that are provided by Custom Technologies that make it stand out from the rest in the market?
Prior to the establishment of Custom Technologies, the market was engaged in offering only one or two solutions to its clients. There was a large need in the industry for someone to deliver a comprehensive solution for all of the customers' demands, including conceptualization, design architecture, creative, content creation, software development, hardware development, chip level integration, and project packaging. After dealing with similar challenges with a number of my own clients, I realized there was a gap that needed to be filled, which resulted in the creation of Custom Technologies.

The CT Core Team was made up of independent professionals who had built a name for themselves in their respective industries whether be it Software coding, development of platforms, content, design, visual effects and with my own skills in marketing, brand management, and vast worldwide experience, the team began to offer a full solution to all of our clients under the banner of Custom Technologies. Through our business verticals, such as Brand Activation, Museums and Experience Centres, Life sciences, Game Design & Development, Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) comprising 2D/3D/VFX, Film Design
and Development and Immersive 3600 applications, we today serve to a wide range of sectors.

One of the most unique characteristics appreciated by our clients, across nations, is our ability to comprehend client demands and provide personalized solutions, making us their chosen development partner. Furthermore, we believe that our ability to anticipate innovations and enable their adoption for our customers' brands are two of the most important components in making us their chosen partner. We have performed extensive indepth technological advising sessions for numerous corporations to keep them up to date on future trends and technologies that may disrupt their ecosystem, and guide them on their phase wise adaptability.

What has been the success mantra that constantly helps you arrive at positive outcomes?
Our success has been built on constant innovation and research. The mantra has always been to anticipate innovations and begin the inhouse development cycle so that when the technologies have stabilized for wider use, we can embrace the break through. The second important element, in my opinion, that has motivated us to execute world class projects is our clients' faith in us to provide the promised experience and timely solutions.

I still recall talking to our clients’ brand leaders seven years ago and suggesting Augment Reality and Virtual Reality, which they had never heard of or thought were possible in our nation until they agreed to embrace it and we finally completed the project effectively, gaining their uniqueness in their sector. We have some of the most innovative projects to our credit, including India's first virtual reality application in pharmaceutical sector, the industry's first interactive VR and AR project, a Mixed Reality application, and large scale augmented reality application for brands such as Madame Tussauds, General Electric, and Museums, amongst many others, which have earned our clients numerous national and international accolades.

Being the Group CEO & Managing Director, how do you plan to apply your exceptional understanding of this domain into Custom Technologies and take it to the next level?
People in my opinion, play the most important role in the success of any business, and the ability to comprehend and manage them is essential for every great leader. Having worked across sectors and industries, I bring to the table my understanding of their functioning, brand requirements, limitations, and most importantly the network of relationships spanning across global markets. My expertise managing firms in numerous geographies contributes to my ability to handle diverse company demands. I believe that integrating the company's mission and principles with my own beliefs have also motivated my colleagues to deliver some of the most inventive and complicated project solutions.

Vikram Mehta, Group CEO & Managing Director, Custom Technologies
Vikram is a highly skilled professional with Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and a PostGraduation in Sales and Marketing. He has also completed Advanced Management Development Program from IIM Ahmedabad.And in his professional journey so far, Vikram has adviced prominent companies like Reliance Industries Limited, Tata Group, Bharti, United Breweries, Zee Group, Abbott, Monsanto, Philips, Kalpataru Group, Unitech, Standard Chartered, Citibank amongst others. Apart from being a great corporate leader, Vikram enjoys cooking. Vikram considers cooking to be a fantastic stress reliever and a great way to bring the family together around the table, with DalKhichdi being one of his favorite Indian cuisines.

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