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Vishal Mundhe : Navigating The Engineering Terrain With Vision & Expertise

Vishal Mundhe : Navigating The Engineering Terrain With Vision & Expertise

 Vishal Mundhe ,   CEO

Vishal Mundhe


In the dynamic landscape of modern business, the role of a capable and visionary leader is pivotal to the success and growth of a company. A business leader serves as the guiding force, steering the organization through challenges, fostering innovation, and shaping a culture of excellence. Their influence extends across various facets, from strategic decision-making to cultivating a motivated and empowered workforce. One such exemplary business leader is Vishal Mundhe, the CEO of SATTVA ENGITECH.

With an illustrious career spanning 23 years in the Oil & Gas, Refinery, and Petrochemical industries, Mundhe exemplifies the qualities of a transformative leader. His extensive experience, acquired through diverse roles in engineering, consultancy, and project management, positions him as a strategic thinker with a comprehensive understanding of the industry.

Beyond technical proficiency, a successful business leader like Mundhe understands the importance of nurturing talent and fostering a culture of continuous learning. Through his commitment to training and mentoring junior engineers, he embodies the belief that developing future leaders is not only a professional responsibility but also a means of giving back to society.

Mundhe's journey, marked by certifications and recognitions, underscores the dedication required to stay abreast of industry trends and standards. His expertise is in areas such as Flow Assurance, Process Safety, and Dynamic Simulation. In 2016, Vishal Mundhe decided to channel his wealth of knowledge and passion for engineering into entrepre-neurship, returning to India to establish 'SATTVA ENGITECH.' As the CEO of the organization, he leads with a commitment of 'Assured Quality Services for Engineering and Technological needs', demon-strating how effective leadership can transform a vision into a thriving reality. In the narrative of a company's success, Vishal Mundhe's role as a business leader stands as a testament to the profound impact that leadership excellence can have on organizational growth and achievement. Let’s dive into this one-on one interaction to know more about him.

With more than twenty-three years of experience, could you share insights into your journey to success and the guiding principles that have shaped it?

My professional trajectory has taken me across diverse regions of the world, providing me with opportunities to broaden my perspective and gain insights into the social and psychological aspects of people. It hasn't been a smooth journey; rather, it has resembled a challenging yet fulfilling rollercoaster ride.

Having occupied various roles and sat on different sides of the table, I've learned to view situations through the eyes of others, understanding their goals and objectives in specific activities. For instance, when participating in HAZOP sessions as part of the designing team, my focus was on minimizing recommendations. However, when adopting the role of the HAZOP chairman, my perspective shifted to a thorough review of the design and providing recommendations to enhance its safety.

Through these experiences, I've come to realize that each individual plays a unique role, and everyone aspires to excel in their respective positions. The varied positions and situations I've encountered have proven invaluable, particularly as I transitioned into entrepreneurship, enabling me to comprehend the perspectives of all sides.

As for my success mantra,I draw inspiration from Swami
Vivekananda's words,'Arise! Awake!-and do not stop until the goal is reached.' Additionally, I firmly believe in the philosophy that while ‘No one is perfect, but striving for perfection can propel you towards Excellence’.

How do you characterize SATTVA ENGITECH as an organization, and what is its current standing in the market?

SATTVA ENGITECH (SET) is defined by the principles of Create, Care, Conserve, Innovation, and Integrity. With create, we emphasize on Creating new relationships by Caring about them and Conserving, it for the longer run of life. To create this relationship, we not only deliver our work with utmost Integrity but also try to Innovate the best suitable customized solution for our clients. Over seven years, SET has completed 130+ projects globally, focusing on diverse aspects of process engineering, particularly excelling in Flow Assurance. The organization distinguishes itself through a commitment to delivering high-quality outcomes, resulting in long-term client relationships and repeated orders. Recently, SET achieved a milestone of highest turnover since inception. The success is credited to an exceptional team, characterized by a perfect blend of professionalism, contributing to the organization's position as a trusted and leading player in the industry.

As for my success mantra, I draw inspi-ration from Swami Vivekananda's words, 'Arise! Awake! & do not stop until the goal is reached

Tell us about your flagship offerings and the factors you take into consideration while suggesting your offerings to the clients.

SATTVA ENGITECH (SET) offers a broad spectrum of services, including typical Engineering, Process Simulation, Vent calculation, Flow Assurance, Brainstorming sessions, Stress Analysis, Troubleshooting, and Debottlenecking.

SET's unique capabilities lie in Flow Assurance services, Dynamic and Steady-State Process simulation, and Brainstorming sessions llike HAZOP and LOPA. The organization's notable projects include Multi-phase pipeline network analysis, Sand transport modeling, Water hammer studies, and Low Temperature flow assurance studies using various tools such as Aspen HYSYS and OLGA, for various global locations.

SET's tagline, 'Assured Quality services for Engineering and Technological needs,' encapsulates its commitment to providing technically precise and cost-effective customized solutions. Factors considered while offering services include ensuring the best quality, timely delivery, commercial viability, and adaptability to market dynamics. Despite challenges, SET successfully navigated the COVID period through strategic planning. The organization's '7 wonders' encompass Quality, Quantity, Time, Commercials /Price, Resources, Services, and Adaptability to place and market dynamics. SET's dedication to these principles underscores its position as a reliable and innovative player in the Engineering and Technological services sector.

Share insights into your leadership approach and the principles or methodologies guiding your team management.

As previously highlighted, my leadership approach centers around fostering mutually beneficial relationships, adhering to the principle of 'Win-Win' situation for all involved parties. I firmly believe that management involves organization and instruction, whereas leadership entails nurturing and enhancing. As a key figure, it is my responsibility to chart the course for SATTVA ENGITECH (SET), emphasizing the significance of team members taking ownership of their work and understanding their role as ambassadors of SET.

To ensure continuous growth and professional development, we provide internal and external training courses for new team members, covering from fundamental to in-depth engineering aspects. Regular intervals of training refreshers are
also implemented to enhance their professional attributes. Over the years, we have been working towards implementing a system that is not person-dependent, aiming for organizational resilience and effectiveness, so that even in my absence, SET is anchored on our enduring principles.

How do you ensure your awareness of current industry trends to guide your organization's future trajectory?

Consistent engagement and active participation in conferences and workshops have proven instrumental for both me and my team members in staying abreast of emerging trends. Beyond attendance, we actively contribute by sharing and presenting our work at national and international conferences and workshops, fostering a culture of knowledge exchange.

To further explore the evolving landscape of the Energy/Oil and Gas industry, I leverage various platforms and mediums. Subscriptions to international journals provide valuable insights, and access to these resources is extended to all team members to ensure alignment with industry developments.

Recognizing the importance of continuous learning, team members are not only encouraged but also rewarded for their participation in national and international conferences and workshops. Both internal and external training programs are systematically organized to enhance the skill sets of the entire team, ensuring they remain well-equipped with the latest industry knowledge and expertise.

What drives your daily routines as an entrepreneur?

Despite the inherent challenges, my motivation lies in the vision behind founding this organization – providing niche expertise to complex issues/ problems in the oil, gas, and petrochemical industry, fostering safety, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. The immense satisfaction stems from positive client feedback and their repeated engagements, indicating our delivery of something remarkable. SET operates as a close-knit family, witnessing team members consistently supporting the organization bolsters my determination to advance this dream. A quote resonates with this journey: 'It's a cheerful mind that is preserving, it's a strong mind that hews its way through thousands of difficulties.'

Looking ahead, what shifts in market dynamics do you predictand what opportunities do you envision?

The engineering consultancy sector is experiencing increased dynamism, with emerging challenges for operators and design professionals. Traditional design methods tend to be conservative, elevating costs and potentially rendering projects economically impractical. To address this, there's a growing reliance on tools for cost reduction. While some design areas underutilize tools, a judicious blend of engineering judgment and transient-capable tools not only enhances reliability but also presents opportunities for cost optimization. The use of transient tools allows users to define and predict various unsteady behaviors, offering effective analysis and reducing uncertainties in project scenarios.

Advice for Aspiring industry Leaders:

Entrepreneurship is a rapid roller coaster, demanding patience, passion, and a keen eye for seizing opportunities amid challenges. Adaptability is crucial to understand and meet requirements, while resilience, continuous learning, and embracing failures are key factors for success in this dynamic journey.

Vishal Mundhe, CEO, Sattva Engitech

With an illustrious career spanning 23 years in the Oil & Gas, Refinery, and Petrochemical industries, Mundhe exemplifies the qualities of a transformative leader. His extensive experience, acquired through diverse roles in engineering, consultancy, and project management, positions him as a strategic thinker with a comprehensive understanding of the industry.

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