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Vishnu Mahendran : Ensuring Financial Success Through Fiscal Excellence & Strategic Leadership

Vishnu Mahendran : Ensuring Financial Success Through Fiscal Excellence & Strategic Leadership

 Vishnu Mahendran ,   Finance Director

Vishnu Mahendran

Finance Director

Hospitals serve as pivotal hubs in delivering urgent medical attention to individuals. Possessing requisite amenities, personnel, and assets, they stand prepared to diagnose and address diverse medical ailments, thereby safeguarding the welfare of both individuals and the broader community. Neyyar Medicity Hospital stands as a premier healthcare establishment dedicated to delivering outstanding medical care, placing patients at the forefront of its services. Vishnu Mahendran, Finance Director, Neyyar Medicity has been in the organization supporting them and also giving the needed care and better treatment for their patients.

During a personal interview, Vishnu divulged his professional journey and provided recent industry insights.

Share with us the remarkable trajectory of your career and the driving force behind your decision to enter the healthcare sector. Additionally, what inspires and motivates you in your current endeavours?

After completing my master's in embedded systems, I began my career as a research engineer at Jaguar Land Rover. However, my family runs a group of companies specializing in Ayurvedic medicine manufacturing, healthcare, a medical college and dairy products processing. I was unexpectedly tasked with overseeing sales activities for our dairy division, which initially felt like a departure from my engineering background. Initially embarrassing but later shaped my business acumen. However, a significant turning point occurred when my family business embarked on a new venture to establish a hospital. I was encouraged to join the new hospital project in Trivandrum, which I managed alongside my doctor cousin. Over three years, we established the hospital as a leading multi-specialty facility in the area. During this time, I began overseeing the project's financial aspects, marking the start of my financial journey.

How do you characterize Neyyar Medicity as a company and its current standing in the market?

Neyyar Medicity is a subsidiary of
the Pankajakasthuri Group, renowned for its Ayurvedic medicines across India since 1988. In 2002, we established our first self financed Ayurvedic Medical College in Kerala, followed by a dairy unit in the same year to produce quality milk and milk products under the brand 'Ambadi Dairy Products'. Recognizing the need for modern medical facilities in our suburban area near Trivandrum, we launched the project Neyyar Medicity in 2017, aiming to provide world-class healthcare to the local community. Our multi-speciality hospital, operational since 2020, provides services in orthopaedics, paediatrics, gynaecology, and more. We plan to add transplant and oncology services soon. Located in a suburban area, we focus on affordable healthcare, 50 percent to 75 percent less than urban hospital rates. We carefully manage finances to maintain our commitment to accessible healthcare for all at Neyyar Medicity.

Sincerity can be brought up but responsibility is inborn

As Neyyar Medicity's Finance Director, how will your finance experience enhance the organization's reputation and success?

My business journey started after graduating and working as an engineer at Jaguar Land Rover, with no prior finance experience. However, my innate and learned management skills helped me develop my financial acumen. Sometimes, an empty bottle is more useful than a partially filled one. That was what happened in my case. Being an empty bottle, I started filling myself with good resources, guidance and practises. As a beginner in the industry, I aimed to build a good reputation, implementing strategies that enhanced my organization's success. Despite initial challenges and limited business experience, I drew valuable lessons from my family's entrepreneurial background, which deepened my understanding of our market and organization.

Share with us your approach to leadership. What principles or strategies guide your leadership style?

In my role as a financial leader, the level of responsibility is heightened, given that finance encompasses not only internal operations but also compliance with external regulations and obligations. I firmly believe that meticulous planning is essential for the smooth financial functioning of an organization. This planning should be accompanied by effective implementation of systems, followed by regular reviews to ensure adherence to
financial goals and objectives. By establishing a structured financial calendar, we can effectively manage all aspects of the organization's finances systematically.

How do you guide your team members and colleagues to foster creativity and ensure they stay up-to-date with current industry trends, regardless of their specific roles?

I believe in leading rather than just managing, emphasizing clear communication of tasks to my team to ensure they understand both the how and the why. This approach facilitates effective assistance when needed and fosters an inclusive, collaborative environment where everyone, from account executives to senior managers, are encouraged to contribute to discussions and decision-making. By valuing all inputs and adapting our systems, we foster team ownership, boosting motivation and productivity. I prioritize continuous professional development and leverage technology to enhance efficiency. Although I stay updated with industry-specific technological trends, I recognize the need to broaden my technological awareness to fully benefit my organization.

What are your future goals for your company and for yourself as a business leader?

Our ultimate vision is to elevate our healthcare facility to world-class standards, bringing top-notch medical services to our local community. This long-term goal is firmly established and driving our endeavours. We aim to incorporate the latest and most advanced healthcare amenities available globally into our hometown. While we acknowledge the financial aspect of running a business, our primary focus remains on serving our people and contributing to the well-being of our nation. Our expansion plans include adding oncology, transplant, and chemotherapy services. We've also partnered with over 30 insurance companies and earned accreditation from the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH) quickly. We remain committed to providing affordable, exceptional healthcare.

Vishnu Mahendran, Finance Director, Neyyar Medicity

Vishnu Mahendran is an experienced figure in the industry, known for his leadership in finance departments. Through keen observation and effective teamwork, Vishnu has consistently proven himself to be a valuable asset to the organizations where he has served. His contributions have been instrumental in driving financial success and stability within these companies.

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