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Y. Nagendra: A Seasoned Leader With Futuristic Vision For Mining & Project Management

Y. Nagendra: A Seasoned Leader With Futuristic Vision For Mining & Project Management

  Y. Nagendra,   Sr. Vice President Operations

Y. Nagendra

Sr. Vice President Operations

Y. Nagendra, the Chief Operating Officer and Sr. Vice President of Operations at Thriveni Indo Mining, Thriveni Earth movers, is a highly experienced Mining Engineer with academic qualifications including an MBA in Operations and Finance, an M.S. in Mining Engineering from Anna University, and a B.Tech. in Mining Engineering from the National Institute of Technology.

With over 28 years in Iron Ore Mining and Project Management, Nagendra has made significant contributions to government, private, and multinational companies such as L&T - HOCHTIEF UJV, SHELL Hazira LNG Project, Jindal, and Vedanta. He is widely recognized for his success in transforming projects, demonstrating excellence in Operations Management, Transformation, Business Excellence, Digitization, TPM Implementation, Energy Management, Systematic Mine Planning and Development, Project Management, Cost Control, Health, Safety, Environment, and Business Sustainability.

Nagendra holds various certifications, including a First Class Mines Managers Certificate of Competency (FCC), Recognized Qualified Person (RQP) certification, and the International Project Management Association's certification. He is a certified Energy Management System Lead Auditor and a TPM Facilitator. Additionally, he is an active member of AusIMM, contributing to the preparation of JORC Compliant reports. Recently, CEO Insights engaged in a one-on-one interaction with Nagendra, let's hear from him.

Could you please provide a concise summary of your professional background and experiences? Additionally, what drives your daily activities?
I currently serve as the Chief Operating Officer(COO)Thriveni Indo Mining responsible for managing the South Kalimanthan Coal Projects, overseeing the handling of 50 million cubic meters per annum for Arutmin Indonesia.

Before my role in Indonesia, I held the position of Unit Head for Asia's largest Baryte deposit in Andhra Pradesh, owned by the Andhra Pradesh Mineral Development Corporation.

Previously, I held the role of Associate Vice President and Unit Head of Tensa, the TRB Iron Ore mine for Jindal in the Sundergarh district of Odisha.

During my tenure with Vedanta Iron Ore, I served as an Executive
Committee Member, Chief Innovation and Technology Officer, and Deputy Business Head for Iron Ore in Karnataka.

My motivation for daily work is the pursuit of continuous improvement by analyzing past performance data to discover innovative ways to enhance our operations.

Can you share your insights on the distinctive experiences offered by NITK and how your time on campus enriched you beyond your academic pursuits?
NITK was truly a one-of-a-kind place, featuring a lush green campus, a beautiful beach, and the renowned Sadashiva Temple nearby. I have fond memories of the invigorating evening marathon practices, and even after the race was over, I continued to complete the marathon to savor the sense of accomplishment.

The friendships forged at NITK were invaluable and continued to grow stronger over the years. A few close friends who were with me through thick and thin served as my mentors, making our days exceptionally joyful.

My motivation for daily work is the pursuit of continuous improvement by analyzing past performance data to discover innovative ways to enhance our operations

Participating in events like Incident, Phoenix, Crescendo, and others provided ample opportunities to work collaboratively as part of a team, hone organizational skills, assume leadership roles and gain a multitude of other experiences.

As a proud NCC cadet, I cherished the discipline and the honor of donning ceremonial attire to pay tribute to the National Flag on occasions like Independence Day and Republic Day, which were truly special days during my time at NITK.

Can you provide an overview of Thriveni Earth movers as a company and its current standing in the market?
Thriveni embarked on its journey around three decades ago as a Mining Contractor, marked by humble beginnings. Over the years, it has evolved into a leading Mining cum Development Operator, collaborating with both Public Sector and Private Sector mines across diverse mineral sectors, including Coal, Iron Ore, Manganese, Gold, Blue Metal, Barites, and more. We work towards the Reduce Reuse and Recycle concept and believe that age of the machinery is not important but we can make it operate efficiently.

Presently, we are on the cusp of reaching the billion-dollar mark, with aspirations to venture into steel production. What sets us apart is our ability to undertake comprehensive mining contracts and contribute significantly to the nation's development and progress.
Can you share your leadership philosophy with us? What principles or strategies do you employ as a leader?
Throughout my professional journey, I've had the privilege of working alongside numerous influential leaders, each of whom has left a lasting impression on me with their distinct leadership styles. Our Managing Director, B. Prabhakaran, stands out with a truly unique leadership approach that captivates and unites the team behind a common objective, guided by his visionary ideas and business acumen and work for towards Sustainable Mining.

In my own leadership role, I emphasize empowering team members by nurturing their leadership qualities and helping them recognize their inherent talents and potential. This approach instills a sense of ownership among team members, driving them to surpass expectations. My core principle is to grant individuals a high degree of autonomy, accompanied by clearly defined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and provide the necessary resources while setting ambitious targets.

Throughout, I place great importance on empathy, as it plays a pivotal role in strengthening relationships and taking them to new heights.

What are your aspirations for the future?
The flagship offerings which give me immense satisfaction are a few and one of them is scintillating with a satisfying success in the successful Common Boundary Mine Working with the neighboring mine to unlock the blocked iron ore reserves. And another activity to make me feel proud is to perform as Certified TPM Facilitator to Steer and achieve TPM Excellence award from JIPM.

With the happiness I gain from the past, I believe in focusing on the present and delivering our current commitments to the best of our abilities. At this moment, our primary endeavor is centered on the coal mining business in Indonesia. I am wholeheartedly dedicated with the Technical Learnings and Commercial Concepts to the transformation of Thriveni Indomining, striving to make it a top-tier player in the industry and achieve excellence in cost leadership.

Y.Nagendra, SR.VICE President Operations, Thriveni Earthmovers
Armed with 28 years of experience in Iron Ore Mining and Project Management Y. Nagendra is a renowned name in the industry. He holds a strong background in Mining Engineering and MBA in Operations and Finance from Xavier Institute of Management, an M.S. in Mining Engineering from the College of Engineering Guindy, Anna University, and a B.Tech. in Mining Engineering from the National Institute of Technology (NITK/ KREC Suratkhal). His vast industry experience includes working for government & private mines along with mine development projects, for multinational companies such as L&T - HOCHTIEF UJV and SHELL Hazira LNG Project, Jindal and Vedanta.

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