Virtual Schooling Possible with AI

Virtual Schooling Possible with AI

Virtual Schooling Possible with AI

Gaurav Kumar, Co-founder & CEO, Edumarshal, 0

Technology has made imparting education very convenient when compared to the traditional approach. Gone are the days when getting admission to a physical institution was must in order to pursue any course, when education was nearly impossible for the people living in remote locations. Now one only needs a smartphone with an internet connection in order to educate himself/herself. Again, technology is something which is advancing day by day and with the help of machine learning and AI it’s nearly possible to replace physical institution with a virtual one.

Educators from all grade-levels are coming to realize the benefits of technology in the classroom. It is being used in various divisions for example; digitals classrooms are capable to simulate text book contents for a better understanding and visually appealing. This enables students to have better understanding and makes the teacher’s job easier. In fact now it is possible to manage a whole school virtually. Lots of platforms are available nowadays to support e-campus, wherein one can attend classes, access learning modules, mark attendance, appear for examination & parents can have teacher meeting, provide feedbacks, etc. Considering current situation this is making lives easier in such, COVID-19, pandemic situation all over the world.
India is one of the world's top destinations when it comes to education. With some of the best colleges and universities, it is renowned for its excellence and high standards. We still have lots of opportunity when it comes to shifting from traditional method to digitizing our approach.

Institutions that has shifted to digital platforms are able to conduct their classes flawlessly even during this COVID-19 situation. But there are many others who haven’t causing a complete stop on their education system. Amidst COVID-19 lockdown, throughout the world technology has helped schooling in particular to be digitized. 90 percent of the tier 1 city schools have adopted the online class model to continue their teaching practice. This number is pretty decent in tier 2 and tier 3 cities as well. At the same time offline tuitions/coaching centers are facing a huge challenge to survive.

Learning platforms, software and digital devices are together creating countless new ways to modify education

They are also coming up with their own online schooling mechanisms to stay in the race.Students across the country are preparing for NEET and JEE are registering for online classes using various online platforms for their learning, so that they do not miss any opportunity in competitive world.

Learning platforms, software and digital devices are together creating countless new ways to modify education. School ERPs have got requests from schools for integrating e-library and a provision for uploading recorded video lectures. E-books and video lectures are really helping students in these unprecedented times along with live online classes.
E-learning is a flexible learning environment. A student who needs extra help on a particular topic need not to hold up the entire class, or feel embarrassed asking assistance, online modules are available for individual learning experiences. This enables, the academic potential, strengths, weaknesses, aptitude and learning to match pace of every single student. Precise, mobile and reliable applications are being created to help students practice their learning, take assignments and manage their schedules efficiently.

Video learning has always fascinated students since it closely mirrors a traditional classroom teaching style. Earlier, students used to watch video lectures as a form of homework and then discussed them during the next class. But now live lectures are possible enabling real-time discussion. Same is also made available offline allowing students to revisit any part of it learn on their own pace. The increase in video-based learning on mobile devices will eventually account for 80 percent of all internet traffic by 2020.

Digitized schooling is not limited to students only. Professionals in almost every sector are utilizing their own time to up skill themselves. They are doing so by registering for online skill upgrade classes on various portals. I believe online education throughout the world is struggling but due to COVID-19 pandemic, this sector is likely to boom. A paradigm shift can easily be seen.

Today, technology is engaging students in ways like never before and are poised to become a lot more widespread in their usage and impact in the future.