Abhimanyu Gupta: Going The Extra Mile To Help Professionals Prepare For A Better Tomorrow

Abhimanyu Gupta: Going The Extra Mile To Help Professionals Prepare For A Better Tomorrow

Abhimanyu Gupta, Founder & COO, People Education, 0

Skilling oneself on regular basis is one of the important things to have constant growth in professional life. To help working professionals upgrade their skills, Abhimanyu Gupta established People Education, an Edtech firm that offers full time PGDM or MBA degrees to working professionals and encourages them for quality education that will benefit them in their careers. The company strives to provide a holistic education environment that will help students in their academic success, moral integrity, and social responsibility.

Abhimanyu Gupta has been in industries for over 13 years and has managed to lead revenue streams via business development, Sales & marketing for some of the leading brands in industries like consumer durable, IT consulting, and Edtech companies. After his successful stint with all these companies, he wanted to help society in a better way, and after doing some brainstorming his passion for entrepreneurship grew manifolds that led to the birth of People Education. His motto in life is that don't look too far because one step at a time will give you success.

Abhimanyu Gupta recently engaged in an exclusive interaction with CEO Insights, let’s hear from him.

How would you define People Education as an organization and its position in the market?
People Education is an Edtech company providing fulltime PGDM or MBA degrees to working professionals. We have a partnership with ISBR Business School, which has been named one of India's best Bschools by Discovery Education. Our amazing team of experts can help you find the right path as our experts work hard to make sure that they provide the best possible learning experience to our students so that they get a good job after completing their PGDM degree from us. As one of the youngest Edtech companies in the market, our vision is to become the best growing Edtech company in India with honesty and integrity.

Could you give a brief account of the latest trends evolving in the education sector?
I consider the future of Edtech to be bright because every sphere is integrated with tech now and automation of processes is needed everywhere. More people will want to learn and master tech skills that will contribute to the growth of the Edtech company.

If I talk about the most recent trend in the education industry, it has now become a marketplace where one specific startup or company focuses on collaborating with more business schools and providing short term
certification programs, while the business schools provide the certificates, and the companies provide the infrastructure of online learning to working executives.

Tell us about your leadership approach, and the guidelines or methodologies you follow to lead your team.
My team leading methods are driven by the motivation to provide highquality online education. My priority is to offer my team with the excellent learning environment they require to be in sync with the latest technologies and market trends. For the overall development of our employee partners, we keep organizing events & activities like offsites, motivational speakers, counselling sessions, and much more so that they grow professionally and personally.

Don't Look Too Far Because One Step At A Time Will Give You Success

Tell us about the challenges you faced during your journey. How did you overcome them and what did you learn from them?
The most difficult challenge I have faced in my career is reducing the attrition rate in sales and marketing. As we all know, sales professionals are often under a lot of pressure to meet their targets, so when I started people education, my first focus was to reduce that attrition rate, and for that, I realized we had to give them some training and give them a healthy environment.

Another challenge we encountered in the very 2nd year of our existence was when one of the universities with whom we were dealing got unrecognized by UGC and we had already enrolled a lot of students. To overcome this challenge, we decided to refund all the money and not to keep even a single rupee of any client because the belief was to maintain the brand image not to earn profit.

The learnings from the challenges were to never get demotivated, don’t look for short term profits, and always keep trust in your hard work because I believe after every bad station good station will come.

As a leader what would be your advice to the educationists who are starting anew in this domain?
My advice to the educator or to the startup is dont get into the fish market providing educational opportunities is a job that comes with great responsibilities. The focus should be on providing good education with future oriented academics and placement opportunities.

Abhimanyu Gupta, Founder & COO, People Education
Passionate about bringing change in society, Abhimanyu founded People Education which is an Edtech company that provides MBA degrees to the working professional.

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