Automation In Machine Tool Manufacturing

Automation In Machine Tool Manufacturing

Neelesh Chipade, Sr. Product Manager, Industrial & Collaborative Robots & servos, Mitsubishi Electric India, 0

India is among the leading manufacturer of Machine Tools. Being the key player in the industry it offers several investment opportunities. The industry is moving towards increasingly advanced CNC machines, driven by demand from key user segments, such as Electronics, medical equipment, die & mold, automobiles, consumer durables, etc. Modern Machine tool manufacturers should leverage on the capabilities to cater to this demand and investments to yield long term benefits.

With the Government of India’s push on ‘Make in India’ and ‘Atmanirbharta’, the spotlight is on the Indian Manufacturing Sector. So, how we can analyze that the Indian machine tools industry is playing the role of catalyst in realizing the country’s manufacturing vision? Looking at the industry reports of the past few years, we have received encouraging response for the Indian Machine Tools industry that is also subjected to further growth in the coming years. So, how do we work towards the future and realizing a positive outcome? When the automation is matched with the latest CNC controllers and machine tools, it allows the user to implement a process that delivers precision, quality, and higher productivity.

The Future of Indian Machine Tool Industry
The Indian Machine tool industry is gaining mileage and has started to adopt innovative solutions. The technology push in the machine tools industry is driven by user industries demand for automation and an increase in productivity. There is a demand for more flexible machine tool designs that can quickly adapt to new products, as well as for sophisticated CNC controllers that can operate and deliver precision.

So, what should we do to make India as the focus of major investments? We need to establish India as a global brand, the products manufactured in India should be backed by higher accuracy and sophisticated machines catering to a wide range of Industries. The right technology and correct pricing will be the deciding factor for our business. The companies need to encourage R&D activities to cultivate and process the ideas of Machine tool manufacturing. The companies should also indulge in activities like Vocational Trainings at various training institutes to bridge the gap of technical knowledge among the youth. Thereby, supporting the future of the Indian Machine tool Industry.

The Need Automation in CNC Machines
So, what is the need for automation in CNC machines? The CNC market is on the rise and combining it with automation capabilities will prove invaluable to
manufacturers. CNC machines are now benefiting from automation to make more precise parts and are aiding emerging technologies by producing quicker parts. CNC machines come in various sizes and dimensions. Some CNC machines are suitable for machining heavy metals, while others can handle the frequent processing of plastic products. Automation can ensure longer-lasting production. Thus, Automation is the major requisites to drive CNC solutions to deliver higher productivity.

Do we have the have best to cater to the rising segments like Electronics, Healthcare, General Mold, and High-end turn which needs precision and high quality? For Electronics Segment, we need CNC machines that include functions like Preventive maintenance function, Real-time Servo Tuning, Intelligent Rigid Tapping & Troubleshooting, Thermal Compensation function, and Multi-Tool Management function. It helps in the effective management of the machine.

Mitsubishi electric CNC is joining the journey with the ambitious customers in all the business segments and is a part taker in fulfilling their dreams

For Medical Segment, we need CNC machines that include functions like Smart Cycles for probe interface and Tool Management Functions. It helps in enhancing the precision and quality.

For Die & Mold Segment, we need CNC machines that has functions like Smart Thermal compensation, Easy Machine condition selection, Real-time Tuning-Gain & Time constants, and Spindle adoptive control. It helps to make effective control at all levels.

For High-end Turn Segment, we need CNC machines that include Gantry Path Screen, Smart Gantry axis teaching screens, and Chuck & Tailstock barrier defining screens. It helps to monitor the machine efficiently.

Are we Ready?
What we need is the diversity and range to cater to different segments at the same time. The outlook for the Indian machine tools industry looks positive in the years to come. We need to concentrate on developing advanced machines to empower the high-end manufacturing sectors that lead the machine tools industry to the horizon of growth.

Mitsubishi Electric CNC is joining the journey with the ambitious customers in all the business segments and is a part taker in fulfilling their dreams. Thus, we have successfully reinvented the advanced solutions for the M80 Series product. Our Computerized Numerical Controllers (CNCs) are ready to support the future of the Indian Machine tool market. Mitsubishi Electric CNC is helping the Indian manufacturing industry with the solutions that cover targeted segments for India’s growth, this step is an initiative to support the Government’s ‘Make in India’ movement among manufacturers all over the country ensuring that Atma Nirbhar Bharat is High Quality as well.