How Lighting & Decor Can Transform A Venue

How Lighting & Decor Can Transform A Venue

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The week leading to the wedding is indeed stressful, albeit extremely enjoyable for the bride, the groom, and the wedding planners involved. While the mehndi, sangeet, haldi, and the reception is a time for the bride and the groom to create lifelong memories, the responsibility of everything unravelling without a hitch lies upon the shoulders of the wedding planners. One of the most crucial tasks is to choose the right decor and lighting as it will be the impetus for capturing moments suspended in time by the photographer for the couple to cherish forever.

Natural light is your best bet while organizing any event, but in the case of weddings, there are a lot of functions that occur during the night, like the sangeet, the reception, or even a cocktail party. The lighting requirements for a function at night are vastly different from that of the needs of the day. However, there is an added advantage that evening lights are more customizable and controllable, so we can decide what the vibe of the event will be. Natural and artificial lighting has its pros and cons, but if the transformation shifting from day to night is executed with caution and perfection, it can result in something magnificent to behold.

Whether the theme of your wedding entails a vintage theme or a more relaxed boho-chic outdoor extravaganza, lighting will amplify the decor by leaps & bounds. There are various methods by the book to potentially create a glowing backdrop for everyone to admire. The importance of lighting cannot be underestimated, so exclusiveness should be given to lighting decor designs that will take the guests breath away.

The wedding of Deepshikha and Shaurya is one of the best examples of lighting and decor used to its optimum potential. The first wedding function was the beautiful and psychedelic cocktail night. Of course, a cocktail party will be held at night, so the lighting has to be mesmerizing to attract the attention of the guests. Neon signs were the norm, awash in bright colours like blue, purple, and red lights that make for a gorgeous background for Instagram worthy photographs.

As the venue was in an expansive garden, the fort was illuminated by warm white lights, while intimate club-like pods were set up for family and friends to mingle. Several small standing tables and expansive bars were set up in conjunction with each other, allowing for plenty of standing space for the guests. Finally, an asymmetrical and red coloured neon-lit tunnel led to the event, which was reminiscent of a modified red-carpet event. Such touches in the lighting and the decor niche will make the guests feel appreciated while creating a background for some great photo-op opportunities.
A traditional mehandi function is a way for the bride’s family to ensure that the familial female bonds between friends and family are a memorable affair even after marriage. A pleasant way to celebrate such a wondrous occasion is by choosing a regionally inspired mehandi decor and lighting. As this wedding was set in Jodhpur, a theme of boho-chic and Rajasthani pop was used, that incorporated bright colours like fuchsia, marigold orange, and pista green, by the poolside. Since mehandi functions occur during the daytime, minimal artificial lighting is used, and there is a heavy dependence on natural sunlight. Again, keep in mind the convenience of the guest, so give them plenty of space and ventilation to keep cool.

A frugal and aesthetically pleasing way to ensure this is by erecting big tents consisting of bold colours acclaimed by complementary sofa sets to allow the guests to rest. It will be considered a faux pas if details are not paid attention to. Thus, for this event, TWD specially curated quirky Rajasthani inspired royal seating so that the customs and rituals with the bride and the groom could be carried out in the spotlight. Motifs reminiscent of kitschy Indian designs inspired by traditional Rajasthani culture interspersed with delicate marigolds make up a partition, that drives in the boho-chic theme of the mehndi function.

Whether the theme of your wedding entails a vintage theme or a more relaxed bohochic outdoor extravaganza, lighting will amplify the decor by leaps & bounds

The sangeet is meant to be a joyous celebration of the union of two families, usually preceding a serious exchange of vows and pheras. TWD tries to deliver a night full of pomp and show for the sangeet. It is quite trendy to have a literature-inspired sangeet, reminiscent of any classic novel, like Pride and Prejudice, Emma, or Sense and Sensibility. For this instance, we went for a retro theme and coupled with the vintage theme inspired by F. Scott Fitzgerald’s American classic - The Great Gatsby. Recalling the previous argument made about having beautiful night lighting was put into practice here as the function was characterised by twinkling lights and red roses for a dramatic touch. We usually use ambient warm white lighting as a primary source of illumination. Such type of lighting is best for marvellous photographs.

In order to really drive the point about having a retro vibe to the event, we set up the stage of extraordinary proportions with red roses, Edison bulbs while the backdrop was inspired by a royal palace. Despite catering to the guests, we cannot forget that the wedding ceremonies are all about the bride and the groom. Keeping that in mind we decorated the gates of the venue with a pair of delightful initials of the bride and the groom, made out of red roses, and the path leading to the event itself is flanked with asymmetrical lamps.

When talking about the penultimate event of the Great Indian Wedding, bigger is always better. We need to show that the marriage ceremony is nothing to sneeze at. Opt for opulent themes and tones. Therefore, we choose a regal colour palette of gold and blue for this occasion. Again, it is very in-vogue if the wedding follows a particular theme inspired by a tourist destination. The theme for this event was that of “Orient Express.” Following a similar trend to that of the sangeet, the wedding and the reception had warm, yellow lighting. An opulent, crisscrossing and hollow tunnel led to the event. The seating area for after the wedding was emulating a parlour from a castle - the seats were plush sofa sets, and it was well-lit with the help of lamps on the wall.

Planning a wedding is exhausting work, especially when you’re carving a path for your life. One of the most essential decisions taken will be regarding the lighting and the decor for the wedding. The former will dictate the quality of the pictures taken, and the latter will dominate the aesthetic of the wedding. The importance of both these elements cannot be overemphasised, as it can make or break the wedding.