Interior Design & Decorating Trends: 2020

Interior Design & Decorating Trends: 2020

Anuradha Aggarwal, Creative Director, Olives Cre, 0

Anuradha is a well-experienced maven who has won accolades like Best Interior Designer Award 2018, and the Society Excellence Award 2018 for excelling in the field of interior design.

Juan Montoya, one of the highly acclaimed and prolific interior designers in the world once beautifully expressed his opinion on the importance of interior and decor in one’s living space ~ “A room should never allow the eye to settle in one place. It should smile at you and create fantasy”.

Today, everyone needs peace and comfort in their lives. Likewise, their homes deserve some rad attention, whether it is to add a single piece of decorative material or revamping the whole. In fact, furnishing home, once in a while, is essential to usher the soul to the living space and makes the interior even more functional, pleasant, and liveable. From classic blue paint and murals to concealed cabinets and scalloped sofas, there are several home ideas which will be embraced by the industry in the farewell year of the current decade. Although infusing one’s personal space can be a bit tricky, here are some of the decorating trends that will profoundly mark their presence in the year 2020.

Colour of the Year
2020 colour, Classic Blue, is not only apropos and elegant but is also uplifting, therefore can be incorporated prolifically into the interior and home decor solutions. In fact, Classic Blue is not all about the colour instead, industry professionals can layer up the room with different textures in the same or very similar colours to add an appealing look to the visitors. It is a perfect way to decorate the home in different ways without using too many colours. In the living room; cushions and blankets are an obvious way of doing this, but for other rooms, the versatility and sophistication of this palette can be accentuated to manifolds by engulfing the textures with the well-curated knick-knacks of the house.

Aesthetic Paints on Modern Spaces
Artistic Mural is back, bringing its perfect vibes that match with the contemporary pieces of the house. Wrapping the interior of the house harmoniously with the rich art or unique characteristic of mural painting can be refreshing to senses, every time someone enters the house. Truthfully, what can be simpler, yet incite glamorous and timelessly chic, than a room covered in the dramatic mural.

Whether the mural should cover the wall, completely or partially, it is totally up to one’s choice. Therefore, before
decorating the wall with mural paints, take into consideration the size, style, the theme and the colour which may infuse more energy into the living space.

Concealed Kitchens
Take a look at all the furniture in each room carefully. One may already have an ingenious idea to disguise a pantry behind an integrated cabinet door or assimilating the fridge into a kitchen unit, but is it possible to conceal the entire kitchen? For those who are especially living in a small apartment or two-room apartment, a concealing kitchen can be a refreshing and space-saving solution. By reducing the time spent on accessorising and keeping the kitchen tidy, the inclination of concealed kitchen is hitting the market. Moreover, the items that once cluttered worktops, such as kettles, plug sockets, knife blocks, even taps and sinks, can now disappear into concealed cabinets. Further, the concealed cabin is perfect for open plan kitchen diners or small kitchen design, creating a streamlined look in a contemporary kitchen.

From classic blue paint and murals to concealed cabinets and scalloped sofas, there are several home ideas which will be embraced by the industry

Take on Sustainability
Choosing a lifestyle that reduces an individual’s or society’s use of the Earth’s natural resources and personal resources has become the latest drift. Today, the emphasis on the usage of the material that helps in saving the environment has turned many people into a vegan. From buying furniture made of local materials that are sustainably sourced to the products made from recycled materials like rugs made from plastic bottles, opting for an eco-friendly material is becoming a rage.

Further, going green with a real indoor plant will bring in a positive personality and another layer to the living space.

Scalloped Edges
One of the most admired mid-century designs scalloped edges, has taken a significant comeback. Yes, shell motifs and furniture with scalloped edges have captured many homes. Today, many are moving towards softer, curved, and scalloped edged furniture which is the in thing in the interior & decor world. This mermaid style is radiating the home with its instant glamorous vibe and making a statement in the simplest way.

Styling Scandinavian Style in a Darker Tone
For an ideal living space, the Scandinavian aesthetic is the love of simplicity, natural elements, and functionality. One can stylize the interiors with a blend of soft hues, contrasts, and textures for crafting sleek, modern, and inviting furniture pieces. It is no small feat to perfectly decorate a room and make the space quite cosy in spite of following the minimalistic approach. However, adding a darker palette on this style to bring a slight twist to the interior decor is imperative. With a slightly darker take on the classic Scandi style, still, all the textures and pared backlight wooden furniture will bring mesmerising effects with a more Gothic feel.