Muhammad Imran Khan: Driving Revenue Gains & Brand Awareness Through Intelligent Use Of Search Engine & Social Media

Muhammad Imran Khan: Driving Revenue Gains & Brand Awareness Through Intelligent Use Of Search Engine & Social Media

Muhammad Imran Khan, CEO, Digital Marketing Mix, 0

social media has changed the marketing landscape by enabling different brands to have an active relationship with their respective consumers. Digital Marketing Mix is exploiting the opportunity to a far greater extent with the guidance of its CEO, Muhammad Imran Khan. It is a full-scope digital marketing agency and its global presence has provided them with a collective experience of effective tools to run successful multilingual search and display campaigns with leading market data.

Muhammad is a Data-Driven marketer obsessed with real business outcomes, leading a high performance team of Digital Performance specialists, and working on major International, and regional accounts in MENA. He has over 15+ Years of experience in Digital Marketing, Social Media Branding & Advertising, Google Search & Display Advertising, and Bing & Yahoo Search Marketing in MSN AdCenter.

Muhammad engages in an exclusive interaction with CEO Insights, here’s the highlight.

Tell us about your professional background and experience. How would you define Digital Marketing Mix as an organization and its position in the market?
Currently, I’m heading Digital Marketing MIX (DMX), a leading Digital Performance Agency in MENA specializing in Paid Search, Programmatic Display and Video, Paid Social, and SEO. In my current role, I’m more focused on Search Engine Marketing, Investment Planning, Social Media Marketing, and Branding with month-on-month organic growth hacking. Before working at DMX, I have done extensive B2C & B2B digital marketing work in the past.

DMX is a full-scope digital marketing agency, headquartered in Dubai. The strong in-house development capabilities coupled with an innate desire to innovate brought DMX among the first in the world to explore and champion the use of emerging social technologies. DMX offers its clients a powerful range of digital marketing services to enhance their web presence, boost lead conversion, and grow their businesses, even beyond their expectations. Over a decade of outstanding work experience under our belt and a passion for every thing digital motivates us to do better.

Can you describe how marketing strategies play a crucial part in increasing revenue for the business?
An effective business marketing strategy helps in boosting growth as well as growing the number of consumers for a business. Some of the different marketing strategies include promotions and advertising, establishing media relations, and other aspects. Another benefit of a marketing strategy is that it helps in building a company’s reputation thereby leading to better trust among its consumers.

While your current customers should always be your main priority, marketing efforts can help you expand this base. Little efforts like social media posts and email campaigns can not only engage existing consumers but spread the word to new potential customers.

What were the most challenging situations in your journey that you had to overcome in order to become a competent leader? What insights did you receive from them that was helpful?
When I started my journey as a digital marketer not a lot of information on this subject was available in the market. It was a very new and dynamic concept that was evolving with every passing day, so what ever material
was created, becoming obsolete super fast. I kept on trying different methodologies did a lot of self learning at my own, and used my personal websites, to gauge which elements are good to bring in the best possible results and which are not.

How do you maintain the perfect balance between your personal and professional life? What is your success mantra?
I eat, drink & sleep digital marketing and it has become a part of me since I have been practicing this for more than 15 years now. I have been quoted in ‘The National’ for bringing in remarkable results for Physique TV and I have been to many live talk shows on radio Pakistan organized by the National Vocational & Technical Training Commission, Govt of Pakistan, covering the overall digital landscape and its importance for local & global businessman.

Always come up with new approaches and strategies to solve different problems

What are the changes in market behavior that you anticipate, and what are the opportunities that you foresee? What are your future goals as the CEO?
I believe the metaverse, which may still seem futuristic right now, will become mainstream. Most of its key components that already exist will be refined, and new technologies, responding to our unknown needs, will be woven into the mix. I think brands, healthcare, entertainment, and education will all dovetail in and out of a digital world designed to enhance our lives. Those days of focusing on SEO-friendly websites will likely be superseded by enhanced AR experiences that call upon information-rich content to enhance brand perception.

By 2032, I also predict that the use of non-fungible tokens (NFT) will expand as they shift beyond adding value to digital artworks, memes, and video game avatars to replacing legal documents with smart contracts. As e-commerce continues to dominate, we could well see a time when everything we purchase is accompanied by an NFT. I foresee concert attendees experiencing live entertainment and acquiring an exclusive and personal digital asset to keep as a memento.

As CEO my main goals are staying profitable, building trustkeeping an edge above the competition, and preparing for the future. We are looking for business expansion internationally and soon will be opening new branches in Canada and United States as we believe it’s a high potential marketing for our business.

We are recently working with Orient TV Dubai to launch some shows & training workshops on digital marketing tips, tricks and techniques which can lead businesses altogether to a new level. Most of this content will be available free of charge to help beginners and small businesses to help them grab the market share as much as they can with the help of this.

Muhammad Imran Khan,CEO,Digital Marketing Mix
Muhammad is a strong leader who consistently takes on the most challenging marketing projects, builds exceptional digital campaigns, and has a 100 percent success record.

Quick facts:
Hobbies: Sailing, Traveling, Learning about new technology.
Favorite Cuisine: I love trying different cuisines.
Favorite Book: Youtility – Jay Baer.
Favorite Travel Destination: London & Istanbul.

Awards & Recognition:
•Bing Accredited Advertising Professional.
•LinkedIn, Twitter, Google & Yandex Certified Marketer.
•Digital Marketing Mentor at UpGrad.
•Digital Marketing Mentor at Skills Development Council of Pakistan.
•Best Real Estate Marketing Campaign - Gulf Real Estate Awards 2018 Winner