Opportunities for Women in 2020

Opportunities for Women in 2020

Dr. M S Ganesha Prasad, Dean, Prof & Head Mechanical Engineering, New Horizon College of Engineering, 0

Highly seasoned academician always looks for the growth of organisations. Established UG and PG departments in the Engineering Institutes. Responsible for getting NAAC A grade for Engineering Institute. Presently working for NBA accreditations of UG and PG programmes

Women are the back bone of our society we need their contributions in most of the day to day activities. There are lot of opportunities available for the women in engineering field. Females were awarded 19.9 percent of all Bachelor's degrees by an engineering program in 2015 and made up 21.4 percent of undergraduates enrolled in engineering. They received 25.2 percent of Master's degrees and 23.1 percent of doctoral degrees in 2015. This percentage of enrolment increased to 24.1 percent by the end of 2018. Off course in most of the software industries every fourth engineer is women. But there is good number of opportunities in branches like Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Automobile Engineering and in Electrical Engineering disciplines particularly in government sectors.

Women can get wonderful opportunities through core engineering in government sector jobs like Regional Transport Corporation(RTO), State Road Transport Corporations (RTCs), Railways, Public Works Department (PWD), State and Central Electricity Boards, Public Sector Undertakings(PSUs), and defence (Army/Navy/Air force). In recent times defence sector opened the opportunities for the women candidates, Women candidates of age 20-26 years (as per notified in the advertisement from Ministry of Defence) can apply for this entry. There is considerable comfort space available in Indian Administrative Service by getting through any one competitive examination like IAS, IPS, IES and IFS.
In Gujarat, 33 percent of posts are reserved for females in all government departments and services, such as police, health, education and general administration. Also most of the other state government recruitments are happening with almost 30 percent reservations to the female candidates. In the field of developing their own business either through startup or through family business, most of the women entrepreneurs’ success rate is better in the core engineering sectors. This is because women are naturally good at multitasking. As this is the essential skill for the entrepreneur with little perseverance definitely they will be achieving their goal very fast.

In the field of developing their own business either through startup or through family business, most of the women entrepreneurs’ success rate is better in the core engineering sectors

In some of the state government recruitment the authorities are not receiving the applications from female candidates. The jobs in core engineering branches are innovative, lucrative and can be easily obtained without much competition. Instead of going for mundane coding jobs, present generation women can really aim for core engineering jobs. Core engineering degree with IT (Information Technology) knowledge women can claim the professional ladder very fast. This may be because they are very meticulous and serious in all the activities which they will be doing in their carrier.

Also for women candidates in Indian higher education the fee structure is very much affordable, female candidates can think of acquiring higher degrees (Masters/Doctorates/Post Doctorates)either in India or abroad.If they are going for the higher education abroad the education loan for the women is cheap by one percent.

If India has to compete in the international market, then this can be definitely possible if like-minded women can join core engineering branches and pursue their carrier in professional jobs.

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