The Perfect Way To Market Your Startup

The Perfect Way To Market Your Startup

The Perfect Way To Market Your Startup

Riya Mehta, Co-Founder & Managing Director, SMSLAB, 0

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The startups are considered as the fast-growing businesses. Startups have to face a lot of problems during their initial stage. They have to carve out a place for themselves in the cutthroat competition that too with the limited budget and resources they have. They require a variety of platforms to reach their target audience.

Bulk SMS service helps the businesses to reach the target audience by making the audience aware of the business information. SMS marketing is one of the best marketing channels for startups. There is a misconception that SMS marketing is effective only for the large businesses. But that is not true. SMS marketing is equally effective for small as well as medium enterprises.

The people who are in the marketing field are well aware of the fact that visibility is everything in business. Marketing the product or service is as important as providing the quality product or service. Customers can’t patronize the product or services that they can’t see.

Startups have to market themselves via different marketing channels. Bulk SMS marketing is one of the tried and tested methods over the time to get the maximum outreach and brand awareness. SMS marketing is becoming the top choice for the startup businesses. And why not! Researches have shown that text messages are read more quickly and frequently than the Emails and social media posts. Do you know that 98 per cent of the SMS are looked and read within 5 seconds? Therefore it is a high probability that you can effectively send out your message to the target audience.

SMS marketing is one of the favourite marketing methods of the marketers because it has a high outreach and high response rate. SMS service is highly flexible when it comes to conveying the transactional and promotional information to the customers. There are endless possibilities with the SMS marketing and can be used in a variety of ways.

SMS marketing is the perfect way to market your Startup. Let us see how: Variety of Features
Startups can start by incorporating a variety of bulk SMS service like SMS having a short URL, SMS with long codes, SMS with short URL, SMS with long codes, SMS with missed calls etc. Organizations can customize the marketing campaigns by sending the personalized messages to the target audience. Content holds a
special place in the SMS marketing. Also, you have to write precise and to the point content as SMS are limited to 160 characters only.

Timing is Important
In bulk SMS marketing timing is important. What time you send the SMS depends on the type of business you are in. For example, restaurants and cafe can send the SMS during lunch time or dinner time to drive the customers to their business. A bar can send the text to the people at the end of working day to encourage the people to have drinks.

SMS marketing is still one of the most effective marketing methods

SMS Marketing is Cost Effective
SMS marketing is a user-friendly and cost-effective medium of marketing. You can send bulk SMS to target audience almost instantly. It enables the organization to reach the customers with quick updates and send them critical information. We at are providing Bulk SMS service to startups to boost their business and maximize the outreach.

Increase Customer Engagement
Needless to say, we provide service to the startups that helps the organizations to communicate with the prospective client base. Bulk SMS facilitate the companies to reach the target customers almost instantly. Bulk SMS is a great way to improve the customer engagement. Startups can send offers, discounts to the target customers. Bulk SMS is a great way to get the feedback from the customers and you can get to know what people think about your business.

Target the Right Audience
Targeting the right audience is the key to success for the bulk SMS marketing campaign. Startups have to segment the audience that can become their valuable leads in the long run. Create customer groups on the basis of age, gender, location and past purchases. For example, there is no point in selling the lipstick to men. You can target the customer on the basis of past purchases. For example, if the user purchases one particular product a lot, they might be glad to receive the messages regarding the price drops and offers on that particular product and are more likely to respond.

Messaging Frequency
The customer doesn’t want daily messages from your organization. This can make them annoyed and they can choose to unsubscribe from your service. However, if you message them after a long period of time, they can forget that they subscribed in the first place. So what would be the ideal frequency to send the message? The sending frequency depends on the type of business. However, one message per week is the ideal messaging frequency.

SMS marketing is still one of the most effective marketing methods. We are one of the leading bulk SMS providers in India, where we offer best in class features, comprehensive API, superior user experience, active customer support and highest quality delivery rates.