Top Trends In Social Commerce Business

Top Trends In Social Commerce Business

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Social media platforms are hugely dynamic with constant technological changes, utility evolution, and feature advancements that are designed to deliver an ingenious and superior consumer experience. Also, when we look to Consumer demands they are too capricious therefore making it difficult for social media platforms and Businesses to cope with them.

As we all know that the main goal of any e-Commerce business is to provide the Consumers seeking a one-stop-shop where the e-Commerce platform can provide, and the consumer’s demand can be satisfied by their browsing and shopping demands. And social commerce has emerged as a counter-mechanism to satisfy these demands of consumers through the integration of shopping experiences with social media browsing.

Social commerce is a much-needed element in today’s world as it abbreviates the purchaser's excursion of looking into, discovering, evaluating, and assessing different web pages and websites. It is Social Commerce that is responsible for converting the point of inspiration into point of sale which in turn allows the users to buy the product that they desire in real time with minimal clicks through social network.

One of the biggest reasons why social commerce matters for any e-Commerce business is that according to research almost 45 percent of social media users in today’s day daily see the products in the social media platforms and buy directly from them.

These are the top trends in any social commerce business.

Building Social Proofing
User generated content does exactly that for your e-Commerce website what a long-standing queue does for any physical outlet as It is successful to get your attention making you think that something good must be in there and that makes you want to go in and have a look of what’s in there. Building a Social proof is one thing that every social commerce business will have to take care of as according to the research almost 70 percent of the consumers place the review of the follow
consumers above professionally written marketing content. Similarly, User generated videos and photos create a powerful attempt to ensure your users that you are selling something interesting. In the same way any user generated video or content creates a powerful attempt to ensure that the users feel that that the product from the particular website or app is simply amazing and therefore that becomes successful is creating virality.

Understandign The Necessity Of Visuals
According to research a Visual content has a 65 percent better recall value with content containing images getting 94 percent more engagement. Also, 71 percent of marketers use visuals in their social media content. In today’s time people use social media every once in a while, consuming an endless amount of images and videos daily. The integration of high-quality product images live videos, product review videos, and user-generated visual content grabs users’ attention instantly and hooks them for extended engagement with the business. One of the biggest benefits of Social commerce is that it simplifies the life of the consumer by making it much easier and simpler for them by linking attractive visuals of the products to the buying option.

User generated videos and photos create a powerful attempt to ensure your users that you are selling something interesting

Optimizing The Shopping Experience
One of the key elements that determines the success of any digital platform is by how good shopping experience they provide throughout the purchase funnel of the consumer. Everyone today likes shopping where they have to invest minimal time and effort. Social commerce is a great way to customize the consumer experience. Consumer experience is a key derivative of building brand community, loyalty, positive word-of-mouth, and driving engagement. And optimizing consumer experience through social commerce will reduce cart abandonment, bounce rate, and drop rate which will ensure that the purchase funnel is completed by consumers leading to higher conversions and revenue.

Shoppable Feeds Integration
With the growing influence of social media on people’s lives and their decisions in real-life, social platforms have further commercialized their channels to make it more engaging and interesting. At this point of time one can take full advantage of this social commerce spectrum in one’s business and it is the best time for any e-Commerce platform to integrate shoppable feeds that feature to their social profiles and link it to their e-Commerce website to provide a wholesome experience to consumers. Embedding Shoppable Instagram feeds is also the best way for e-Commerce website integration as it will be in the eyes of the consumer and will help to increase the sales.