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  Ankita Gupta: Striving To Make Syndiora A Globally Recognized Brand & A Symbol Of Luxury

Ankita Gupta: Striving To Make Syndiora A Globally Recognized Brand & A Symbol Of Luxury

  Ankita Gupta,    Founder

Ankita Gupta


A dreamer and a go-getter, with a deep-rooted passion for exquisite craftsmanship and a strong commitment to making a positive impact on the world, Ms. Ankita Gupta, is the Founder of Syndiora. Her journey in the jewelry industry has been an exhilarating roller coaster ride since she took the bold step of establishing Syndiora. Believing in leading by example Ankita takes great pride in fostering a collaborative and innovative spirit within her team, empowering them to bring their best to the table. By introducing cultured diamonds, her goal is to transform the landscape of the jewelry sector, presenting patrons with a morally conscious and environmentally sustainable choice that upholds both excellence and allure. Ankita Gupta shares more about her entrepreneurial journey in this one-on-one interaction, let’s read.

Can you provide a concise overview of your professional background and experiences? What drives your daily activities?
In 2017, I founded Syndiora in Mumbai, originating from Kolkata. My expertise as a Gemmologist, Jewellery Design Technologist & Rough Diamond Grader paved the way for my entry into the lab-grown diamond jewelry sector. My daily routines are guided by my passion for jewelry and the immense potential of lab-grown diamonds. I find motivation in offering customers ethical and sustainable jewelry choices. Leading a thriving business while making a positive impact on the environment and the industry fuels my drive each day.

How would you describe Syndiora as an organization and its current standing in the market?
Syndiora, established in 2017 in Mumbai, is a distinguished provider of lab-grown diamond jewelry. The core of our enterprise is anchored in the principles of ingenuity, sustainability, and ensuring utmost customer satisfaction. We take pride in offering an extensive array of exquisite jewelry pieces crafted with lab-grown diamonds that boast brilliance and quality akin to natural diamonds. Presently, Syndiora has established a strong presence in the ecommerce market, earning a
reputation as a reliable and esteemed brand renowned for its distinctive designs, exceptional custom craftsmanship, and unwavering commitment to sustain-ability. Our focus on lab-grown diamonds sets us apart from conventional jewelry firms, positioning us at the forefront of the burgeoning trend towards ethical and environmentally-conscious choices.

Syndiora's future destination is to achieve global recognition as a prominent brand for lab-grown diamond jewelry

Tell us about your leadership style. What principles or approaches do you employ to lead your team effectively?
As a leader, my approach centers around cultivating a culture of open communication, collaboration, and empowerment within the organization. I strongly believe in encouraging my team members to freely share their ideas and feedback, fostering an environment that nurtures innovation and creativity. By leading by example, I actively engage in day-to-day operations and tasks alongside my team, demonstrating my commitment to the collective success.

To guide my leadership, I adhere to certain principles, including setting clear and attainable goals, defining expectations, and providing continuous support and mentorship to my team. Celebrating achievements and recognizing their efforts play a vital role in motivating and maintaining a positive work atmosphere.

I genuinely value the unique strengths and capabilities of each team member, and I make it a priority to align their roles with their skills and passions to maximize productivity. Furthermore, I place great importance on professional development, encouraging my team to enhance their skills and stay informed about current industry trends. This ensures that we continually grow and stay ahead in our field.

Could you reflect on some of the toughest challenges you have encountered in your journey so far? How did you overcome them and what did you learn from them?
As a founder,I've faced various challenges throughout my entrepreneurial journey. Some of the toughest ones included establishing credibility in the market for lab-
grown diamonds, dealing with fierce competition in the jewelry industry, and scaling the business from a startup to a sustainable model. To overcome these obstacles, we focused on educating customers about lab-grown diamonds, transparently communicating the benefits, and providing authenticity certificates. We differentiated ourselves through ethical sourcing, sustainable practices, and unique designs. Through these challenges, I learned the importance of adaptability, perseverance, and being open to feedback, which helped us grow and strengthen our position in the industry.

What lies ahead as your ultimate goal?
Syndiora's future destination is to achieve global recognition as a prominent brand for lab-grown diamond jewelry. The company aims to expand its market presence and establish a robust online platform to reach a broader audience. The focus on sustainability and innovation will persist, as Syndiora endeavors to set an example in promoting ethical and eco-friendly practices within the jewelry industry.

In the light of your strong experience within the industry, what advice would you give to the budding industry leaders?
To budding industry leaders, I would offer the following advice: Be passionate about what you do and have a clear sense of purpose. It will keep you motivated during challenging times. Stay updated with industry trends and technological advancements. Embrace innovation to differentiate your brand and meet customer demands effectively. Don't be afraid to take risks and view failures as opportunities to learn and grow. It's essential to be resilient and adaptable in the face of setbacks. Your team is your greatest asset. Foster a positive work environment, encourage their growth, and recognize their contributions. Focus on understanding and meeting customer needs. Building trust and providing exceptional customer experiences will drive long-term success. Embrace sustainability and ethical practices. Consumers are increasingly conscious of their choices, and this will set your brand apart in the market. Build strong networks within the industry and explore opportunities for collaboration. Partnerships can lead to new avenues of growth and exposure.

Ankita Gupta, Founder, Syndiora
Ankita Gupta, the Founder of Syndiora, is a visionary with a strong passion for exquisite craftsmanship and a dedicated commitment to making a positive impact on the world through the jewelry industry.

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