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   Arvind H Mittal: Effectively Structuring Brand Promotions For Greater Market Approach

Arvind H Mittal: Effectively Structuring Brand Promotions For Greater Market Approach

  Arvind H Mittal,    MD & CEO

Arvind H Mittal


Today, advertising plays an important role in the growth of businesses as it can help create awareness about a product or service and can lead to increased sales and market share. An effective advertising strategy not only targets the core audience but also helps capture a large market chunk. With the development of technology, there are several ways businesses can influence their audience. Ensuring the extensive reach of clients to the market, Arvind is providing a wide spectrum of advertising services to several organizations through Moulis Advertising Services.

Arvind, an MBA from Podar Institute of Management, class 1991, holds rich expertise in the fields of communication, marketing and public relations. Moulis Advertising, under the leadership of Arvind is providing creative advertising, digital marketing, content writing, social media management, website design & development, events, and various other end-to-end services. In other words they are offering 360degree communication solutions.

Arvind H Mittal engages in an interactive session with the CEOInsights Magazine

Tell us about your educational background and professional experiences
My professional career began with Unit Trust of India (now rechristened as UTI MF), then I worked with DB Corp, the publisher of popular newspaper Dainik Bhaskar to set up a quasi PE vertical. Thereafter I worked with two well-known and leading advertising companies. Now for the last nearly two years I am with Moulis Advertising Service which is one of the oldest communications & advertising outfits of the country.

And, I have been an MBA graduate for roughly twenty-one years. I was the general manager at my most recent post, prior to that, I worked in the media sector. I initially
established a highly diverse group's private equity firm while working with them, and I subsequently collaborated with two of the top market players. For the past two years, I have been working with Moulis Advertising.

Define Moulis Advertising as an organization. What are the value added services provided by your firm to the customers?
Despite being a sixty year old company, Moulis Advertising is still a vibrant and thriving enterprise. Over the past two years, however, we have been working to reevaluate all the services we provide. As a result, we are now a true 360-degree communication firm, and in addition to producing innovative commercials for use in conventional media like television, radio, and print, we now provide services in digital communication via social media as well as PR and Events /Activation. Consequently, we provide all around communication to our clients, a novelty we've introduced to the company in the past two years.

If we take the approach of being partners with our clients, that will help us a lot in understanding the requirements of the client. Once this technique is in place, at our end, we will try our level best to offer solutions that are not only impactful but also long lasting

A brand's ability to communicate effectively and creatively adds the most value in today's cutthroat marketplace. We are inundated with information and communication from a multitude of sources today, so inclusion like this enables us to come up with tactics to set ourselves out from the crowd. The kind of communication that makes you stand out from the crowd is what we're truly focusing on here.

What guidelines or methodologies do you follow when you lead your team?
My method is to think of myself as a team member with a specific position, and first and foremost, I value the contributions of each and every team member who is an expert in his/her functional area.
The roles of our Creative Director and copy writers are crucial when we are undertaking fricative communication, number two, I would like to make advantage of the fundamental capabilities of each of my co-workers. I give everyone ample opportunity, and then we discuss each of the communication concerns and the need for the customer's time & money, which is one of the fundamental things we strive to do.

What are the changes in the market behaviour that you anticipate and what are the opportunities you anticipate?
We have discovered that in the post-COVID era, the market is now opening up for everyone with a plethora of opportunities, whether it be the government, notably public sector units, or regular private sector enterprises. Due to everyone's desire to have the largest part of the market, almost all market segments are willing to spend money on good publicity. Therefore, with consumer spending, all businesses that plan to offer any of their services or goods would like to take a bigger chunk of the target market through an effective advertising strategy. In the upcoming days, businesses will be able to increase both their market share and profits as the economy is starting to open up and showing signs of a strong revival.

What advice you would like to give to the upcoming leaders of your domain?
My only piece of advice to all my peers, subordinates and future leaders is that you should be aware of market trends and the wants of the target audience. They shouldn't only be seen as a client who pays us and then receives the service; rather, we should approach our business with the perspective that we are partners with our clients. When it comes to understanding the needs of the client, it would be quite beneficial for us if we adopt the mindset of being partners with them. Once this method is established, we do everything in our power to provide solutions that are not only effective but also long lasting.

Arvind H Mittal, MD & CEO, Moulis Advertising
With the motive of providing result oriented solutions to clients, Arvind H Mittal as the CEO of Moulid Advertising is working tirelessly to provide his clients with top-notch communications solutions in India and abroad.

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