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 Sharmila Krishna: Driving Positive Disruption In Healthcare With Strategic Expertise

Sharmila Krishna: Driving Positive Disruption In Healthcare With Strategic Expertise

 Sharmila Krishna,   Chief Strategy Officer

Sharmila Krishna

Chief Strategy Officer

In the ever-changing healthcare industry, it's rare to find individuals who possess the vision, skills, and determination needed to drive significant change. Sharmila Krishna, currently holding the position of Chief Strategy Officer at Medforage, is one such standout figure. She's actively involved in pushing the organization towards innovative horizons. With a career spanning several years and diverse experiences across various sectors, Sharmila Krishna has emerged as a prominent figure in healthcare strategy and innovation. Her journey to becoming the Chief Strategy Officer at Medforage is a testament to her unwavering commitment to shaping the future of medical employment.

In a world where career paths often follow a straightforward trajectory, Sharmila Krishna's story serves as a testament to the enduring power of perseverance and determination. Her impressive journey has taken her from the world of radio to journalism and, ultimately, to a leadership role as the Chief Strategy Officer at Medforage, a trailblazing medical employment platform.

Below is an excerpt of Sharmila Krishna’s exclusive interaction with CEO Insights magazine.

How has your professional journey been so far?
My professional journey commenced in the creative field as a Radio Jockey, where I engaged audiences with my voice. Subsequently, my communication skills led me to journalism, starting as a journalist at The Pioneer and later as a sub-editor for features at The Hans India newspaper. However, my aspirations expanded.

I transitioned into the corporate world, gaining experience at Amazon, Accenture, and Goldman Sachs, primarily in the field of Human Resources. My progression in the corporate sphere underscored my strong work ethic and adaptability. Today, as the Chief Strategy Officer at Medforage, I am focused on introducing an innovative job portal to revolutionize the medical employment sector, slated for launch in six months. Our vision for Medforage is to become a pioneering influence in this domain, contributing to the evolution of
medical employment practices.

How would you define Medforage as an organization and its current position in the market?
Medforage is dedicated to a clear mission: bridging the gap between India's medical and technological sectors. With a team of medical experts, we utilize Artificial Intelligence to connect skilled individuals with promising medical job opportunities. Our offerings include a comprehensive range of resources such as access to extensive resume databases, a wide array of job listings, and advanced response management tools.

My journey has been quite significant, marked by a variety of challenges that demanded determination & resilience to over come

In simpler terms, Medforage's mission is focused on empowering both experienced physicians and aspiring medical professionals in their pursuit of promising careers. Our platform serves as a means to enhance the nation's healthcare sector by facilitating connections between medical experts and aspiring students. Additionally, we aim to become a valuable source of knowledge for the medical community.

One of our significant accomplishments is creating a supportive work environment at Medforage. We prioritize the well-being and job satisfaction of our team members, as their happiness is fundamental to our mission of helping individuals achieve their healthcare career goals.

As the CSO, what are the latest strategic plans you have adopted to expand/optimize operations and engage new audiences in the market?
We are diligently working on understanding the unique challenges faced by the medical fraternity. From the shortage of skilled professionals to the need for advanced training and support, we are deeply committed to finding comprehensive solutions. We are excited to announce that we are on the verge of unveiling several groundbreaking initiatives designed to empower healthcare professionals and enhance their working environment. These initiatives encompass a wide array of areas, including skill development programs, mentorship opportunities, job placement services, and continuous support systems. By focusing on these key areas, we aim to elevate the healthcare industry and create a positive impact on the
careers of medical professionals. At Medforage, our dedication to streamlining the medical job search process shines through a three-step approach. I urge job seekers to trust us as their allies in discovering the ideal career path. When they upload their resumes on our website, I guarantee a response within 72 hours, showcasing our unwavering commitment to simplifying the journey toward the perfect opportunity.

What are the major challenges you have encountered initially while establishing yourself as a successful leader? How did you overcome them to emerge as a successful professional?
My journey has been a remarkable odyssey marked by numerous challenges, each demanding unwavering determination and resilience. My personal conviction in my abilities has been the driving force behind my ability to overcome these obstacles and carve out new paths. Alongside my career achievements, I owe a debt of gratitude to my parents and my sister, who nurtured my passion and allowed me to forge my unique career trajectory. I must also acknowledge Kiran Kumar Meka, the Founder of Medforage, for his unwavering faith in my capabilities and for entrusting me with the opportunity to lead this groundbreaking venture. Medforage, as I see it, is a trailblazer in the medical job portal industry, poised to make a remarkable entry within the next six months. We envision Medforage as a beacon in medical employment, bridging the realms of medicine and technology to create unparalleled opportunities in healthcare.

Tell us about your leadership approach. What are the guidelines or methodologies you follow as a leader?
I strongly support the idea of effective leadership, which involves a combination of energy, charisma, and the ability to influence and inspire others. Effective leaders should be a motivating force, capturing the interest and involvement of everyone. Nevertheless, it's crucial to maintain a balanced approach by incorporating other leadership qualities to achieve well-rounded success.

Sharmila Krishna, Chief Strategy Officer, Medforage
Sharmila Krishna, Chief Strategy Officer at Medforage, boasts a rich professional background marked by collaborations with global industry leaders. Her strategic acumen, honed during collaborations with Amazon and Google, fuels her pioneering efforts to reshape healthcare employment. Sharmila is dedicated to revolutionizing the healthcare industry through innovative strategies.

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