• Ashish Deobansi,   Chief Strategy Officer, Safewater Lines India

    Ashish Deobansi, Chief Strategy Officer, Safewater Lines India

  • Logistics solutions are the lifeblood of modern businesses, enabling the seamless movement of goods and services in an increasingly interconnected world. In this dynamic landscape, industry leaders like Ashish Deobansi, the Chief Strategy Officer at Safewater Lines India, play a pivotal role in shaping the future of this sector. With over 17 years of invaluable experience in Investment Banking, encompassing Private Equity, Mergers and Acquisitions, Strategy, and Planning, Ashish brings a wealth of financial acumen and strategic prowess to the table. His academic qualifications in both Chemical Engineering (BE) and Finance (MBA) have equipped him with a diverse skill set that spans technical know-how and financial expertise. As the Chief Strategy Officer at Safewater Lines, Ashish Deobansi is driving the company's evolution from a traditional freight forwarder to an integrated logistics powerhouse. His visionary leadership and strategic insights are instrumental in guiding the company toward new horizons of success in the ever-evolving logistics industry. Let’s read about him in the below interview snippets.

  • Ashish Deobansi: An Innovative Leader Redefining Logistics Solutions with Safewater Lines India

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  • Top 10 Chief Strategy Officers - 2023

    Strategic Leadership for a Dynamic Future
    The Chief Strategy Officer(CSO) is a senior executive within an organization who is responsible for developing and implementing the company's strategic initiatives and plans. Typically, the CSO works closely with the CEO, board of directors, and other top-level executives to formulate, communicate, and execute the company's strategic vision. They often oversee functions such as strategic planning, corporate development, mergers and acquisitions, and competitive analysis. The CSO's role is crucial in helping the organization adapt to changing market conditions, identify growth opportunities, and stay ahead of competitors.

    “CSOs are the artists of foresight, painting the path to prosperity with strategic strokes"

    Envisioning Growth, Achieving Success
    The roles and responsibilities of a Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) can vary depending on the organization and its specific needs. They develop and lead the organization's strategic planning process. This involves setting long-term goals, defining strategies to achieve them, and identifying key performance indicators to measure progress. They continuously monitor and analyze market trends, industry competition, and emerging opportunities, Evaluate and mitigate strategic risks that could impact the organization's performance. CSOs facilitate organizational change when necessary to implement new strategies. This may involve restructuring, realigning teams, or adjusting processes to support the strategic direction. They Build and manage relationships with key stakeholders, including investors, customers, and industry partners. Engage with external parties to advance the company's strategic goals. They continuously adapt and refine the strategic plan as market conditions and the business environment evolve. A CSO plays a critical role in shaping an organization's future, ensuring it remains competitive and relevant in a rapidly changing world. Their responsibilities encompass a broad range of functions that require a deep understanding of the business, industry, and market dynamics.

    CEO Insights in this issue presents a list of ‘Top 10 Chief Strategy Officers - 2023' who have leveraged their extensive industry expertise and experience in offering effective skills to the market. The following list has been prepared after being closely scrutinized by a distinguished panel of judges including CXOs, analysts and our editorial board. We recognize their valuable contribution to the ever expanding and competitive market and their ability to sustain themselves and emerge as top contestants through their reliable knowledge.

Top 10 Chief Strategy Officers - 2023

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
Square Off Ameya Kolambekar, Chief Strategy Officer Square Off A business leader with 15+ years of experience in digital, product and consumer marketing, strong expertise in strategy and execution to drive revenue and organizational growth
CMR University Arunkumar Khannur, Chief Strategy Officer CMR University A multi-faceted visionary leader with 35+ years of experience in 11 countries, specialized in software quality and testing professional, education management consultant, mentor and many more
 Safewater Lines India Ashish Deobansi, Chief Strategy Officer Safewater Lines India An experienced strategist with 17+ years in investment banking, engineering, and finance, as well as in logistics, investment and financial strategies
HiveMinds Innovative Market Solutions Deepti Bhadauria, Chief Strategy Officer HiveMinds Innovative Market Solutions A marketing professional with 16 years of experience across FMCG, media, e-commerce, telecom and healthcare industries, expertise in marketing communication development, digital marketing and more
Vibhathi Labs Kunjan Arumugam, Chief Strategy Officer Vibhathi Labs An inspiring leader with over 23 years of IT experience and expertise in assurance services, operations management, HR, project management and more
L&T Metro Rail Hyderabad Limited Murali Varadarajan, Chief Strategy Officer L&T Metro Rail Hyderabad Limited An accomplished professional with expertise in diverse industries and a substantial background in aviation, infrastructure and project management
Cyient Ramya Mohan, Chief Strategy Officer Cyient An innovative leader with experience working in diverse countries and expertise in automotive, industrial, energy and chemical sectors, skilled in business strategy, go-to market strategy and more
Medforage Sharmila Krishna, Chief Strategy Officer Medforage A prominent leader with a career spanning several years and diverse experiences across various sectors and specializing in healthcare strategy and innovation
Aegon Life Srinidhi Shama Rao, Chief Strategy Officer Aegon Life A strategic leader having experience in management consultant & analytics organization and expertise across diverse skills including strategy, marketing, revenue management & pricing, supply chain & logistics and FP&A
Tonic Worldwide Unmisha (Bhatt) Asher, Co - Founder & CSO Tonic Worldwide A professional with over 20 years of experience in developing brand communication & strategies across consumer touch points, a specialist in integrated communication plans, consumer insight mining and more