5 Dots Partners: Docking Businesses with Real-Time Market Research Insights

5 Dots Partners: Docking Businesses with Real-Time Market Research Insights

The market & research ecosystem in India is being greatly invigorated by the technological developments, shifting economic power, population growth, environmental pressures and evolving consumer preferences. It’s an eye-opening fact that a mere industry knowledge or a few days spent on a shop floor in the name of market research hardly acquaints businesses with today’s ambivalent marketing risks that the global industries confront. To fuel this ecosystem further, dynamic market researches ought to be done in accordance with the market trends that are righteously imbibed with innovation and technological knowledge.

However undergoing significant changes, the market research industry in India has grown steadily over the last five years, accounting for $110 million and is expected to grow further at 20 percent CAGR per annum. With increasing competition, where it’s becoming an increasing challenge for a market researcher to demonstrate unique value and novel contribution in market research approaches, 5 Dots Partners stands apart. Staying updated with the latest cutting-edge technologies and working through the very new business model concept of rural outsourcing ensures the best quality research services in a cost-effective manner.

Under the diligent purview of Utkarsh Kumar, Co-Founder & CEO, the 2017 established 5 Dots Partners today has grown into a well-known market research organization that offers efficient research services, productively. In an exclusive interview with CEO Insights, Utkarsh shares in detail about the company, its offerings, and future roadmap.

Empower us with the peculiarity of 5 Dots Partners?
Being India’s one of the biggest portal and a one-stop-shop for e-search & elections, at 5 Dots Partners, we are capable of contending with all market research needs of our clients which are functional across diverse business fields and market trends. We are the first company to provide market research consulting services through Google (Rural) outsourcing. We are the true thought partners and have curated a robust range of unique market research services, considering the saturation that is evolving in the metro cities. The idea of our new model operations from Tier-II & Tier-III cities ensures that
the involvement of rural skilled workforce in corporate sector is more than ever before. With an aim to solve the complex business challenges, we not only bestow our clients with our global experts’ opinion for the research requirements, but taking an extra step ahead, we also help them understand and refine their current thought process.

We not only bestow our clients with our global experts’ opinion for the research requirements, but taking an extra step ahead, we also help them understand and refine their current thought process

Tell us about the various services offered by 5 Dots Partners. and what in your opinion is the biggest strength of the company?
We have four verticals of our services, which includes Business & Market Research, Elections Research, Data related services and Translation services. I believe that business & market research is more about market dynamics and not merely about capturing the information from the internet, as it requires a lot of field service. Hence, having knowledge of the research implication for the client in the segment, we work on analyzing competitive bench markings, how is the churn management, and much more.

Elections research being our core services, we collect enlightening database or data-set for the election related numbers or the information and help politicians or the political parties in their constitution analysis or in terms of their profile management. In the process, we also do lots of exit polls and services for different news channels. And when it comes to data related services, we have a huge bunch of graduate & knowledgeable staff who are extensively trained with guidelines to help companies in making best strategic decisions. We provide it at a very affordable rate to our clients. Lastly, as the market is moving-up for the Hindi press searches, there is a huge market coming for the same from the Tier-III and Tier-IV cities.
So, we are helping companies like Maps of India, The Print, the very dominant English portals, and many others, to translate their content into Hindi.

Of the many diverse and fascinating challenges clients face today while being at the helm of a revolution, the most intense and important is to react at faster pace and understanding business strategies as per the new technology revolution and market trends. Alongside, while looking-out for quality in services, they also look upon the services cost; hence in this period of COVID-19 pandemic, our rural outsourcing model helps us deliver our services with utmost quality in real-time, cost effectively.

Going forward, what are the opportunities you foresee, and what are your strategies to make the most out of them?
The industry is now at an inflection point and is boiling-down to the survival of the fittest. There is huge potential for those who are willing to grind it out and sustain the cost pressures by focusing on quality services, best skills and higher results.

However, we are well-equipped with all the basic requirements, have a professional network in market group, and a good technological network with selected companies out there for supporting any type of research services; we are looking at a broader perspective in the future. Leaving behind the Google world, where clients are now more interested in knowing what are the possible solutions through pre-consultation, we are moulding ourselves to adapt to these changes by upskilling and investing more into the technology like AI and Big Data to make it more user-friendly. We are also looking-out for funding for the same. Albeit, our main focus right now is the election research vertical, which is gaining market in India.

Utkarsh Kumar, Co-Founder & CEO
Utkarsh is a committed professional who has worked for various prestigious consulting firms like Boston Consulting Group and Evalueserve. He is an MBA & BTech. and holds over a decade experience with expertise in market research.

Office: Gurgaon, Jaipur and more.
Offerings: Business & Market Research, Elections Research, Data related services, and Translation services

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