Aarish Khan: Overcoming Professional Challenges To Steer Career Towards Success

Aarish Khan: Overcoming Professional Challenges To Steer Career Towards Success

Aarish Khan,CCOIn customer-centric businesses, the Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) is the executive in charge of the entire relationship with the company's customers. The CCOs are responsible for ensuring that the consumer experience is taken into account by all agencies, in all big decisions, at all times. Being one of the most important members of the management team, the CCO will be in charge of ensuring progress within an entity and making sure that the rules, legal guidelines, policies, and procedures are followed. Aarish Khan, the CCO of Travel Boutique Online, interacted exclusively with CEO Insights about the hardships he faced in his professional journey and how he overcame them to achieve success.

Tell us about the most important aspects and milestones of your professional career so far.
My professional path began with me working as a sales manager and then climbing my way up the corporate ladder to where I am now. I have witnessed the growth of an industry in India by leaps and bounds. India was still in the early stages of establishing a thriving tourism industry when I began. Travel Boutique Online was a lifesaver for me, with us going the B2B route, I learned to cater to a market that was interesting in that there were few competitors, but it had its own set of problems that I had to learn to solve.

How have you been performing several responsibilities at Travel boutique Online? How has your journey been at this organization so far?
I have been a part of TBO since the
company's inception when we were a small team. TBO is today's leading B2B travel company in India, thanks to the dedication, smart teamwork, and consistent efforts put in by the workforce, I am incredibly proud of the path we have all taken and the contributions we have all made to get TBO to where it is now. I am directly involved with sales, branding as well as promotion has been a main responsibility of mine, executing a strategy requires accurate preparation, best practices, and market expertise.

TBO was the first company in the industry to provide bespoke, customized services and only B2B Company in the country

What were the initial challenges that taught you the basic lessons of managing the marketing & advertising functions of organizations? Also, how did you manage to achieve the success that you had in the later phase?
We had our share of problems when we entered with online portal in B2B space and everything was new to us, people in India had not yet seen the digital era, and they were sceptical of investing in anything that was not totally error-free. Having done sales calls where I personally visited travel agents in small towns, small lanes, and agents who were solely reliant on their standalone company and explaining our module of business was a difficult task that required a lot of persuasions, but the way forward was online. With a laser-like emphasis, we forged ahead and established ourselves as a market leader.

Elaborate on your distinguished solution-oriented services and which among them do you consider as your flagship offering that distinguishes Travel Boutique Online Company from its competitors?
TBO was the first company in the industry to provide bespoke, customized services. Our services
have infiltrated every area of Travel, Including Airlines, Hotels, Cruises, Packages, Whitelabel, Marine, DMC, and Cargo, among others. Our services are available all over the world and at all times. It's hassle-free, easy, and accessible with a single mouse click.

What strategies do you follow to overcome various pain points of your customers and meet their requirements and how did you make space for yourself in the industry?
Our customers are our partners, and our B2B business is based entirely relations hip driven business. We have a large sales team that is assigned to each partner to support and assist them at any time if they have a problem, and we also have a customer service team that is available 24/7 to assist our partners.

How do you ensure to update yourself with the latest trends and technologies across the marketing industry so that you could always steer your organization towards the zenith?
We exhibit at all major travel shows around the world and host various roadshows and activities for our travel partners. It is a highly collaborative space where eminent industry delegates network and share the most recent developments.

In your professional journey so far, which are the milestones that bestowed your utmost satisfaction - both as an individual and a CCO?
Being able to unblock the digital space for a very static industry, as well as convincing our partners to trust in us, has been a journey I cherish. Those sleepless nights spent away from home have paid off, it's an incredible feeling to be valued and recognized by some of our industry's veterans.

Aarish Khan, CCO
Aarish is a BBA graduate, and prior to joining TBO, he was worked for (Times Group). Strengths of Aarish have been people management, interacting, networking and finding a balance to turn a conversation into business is a skill set I play according to his strength.

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