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Aasif Choudhry: Creating High-Quality & Affordable Products For Healthcare Professionals' Well Being

Aasif Choudhry: Creating High-Quality & Affordable Products For Healthcare Professionals' Well Being

Aasif Choudhry,CEO

Aasif Choudhry


When the pandemic suddenly hit the world, every country immediately focused on preventive measures and doing everything they could to combat the disease, limit its spread, and reduce mortality. Doctors, medical officers, and public health professionals played a critical role, which in fact made it critical to safeguard the covid warriors treating positive patients. Hence, when the COVID-19 pandemic spread to more countries, the need for personal protective equipment (PPE) increased drastically, leading to temporary scarcity of PPE. Beyond any doubt, it’s a predicament that the world never wants to be in again.

Looking at the scarcity of PPE with the present and future perspectives, Adflo Medtech company decided to fill the gap by manufacturing world class PPE kits under the leadership of Aasif Choudhry. A thriving industry leader, Aasif Choudhry is equipped with over a decade of experience in medical and pharmaceutical marketing. In an exclusive interview with CEO Insights, Aasif discusses his career journey and the recognition that he has garnered over the years.

What inspired you to embark on a career in the manufacturing of personal protective equipment?
With the alarming surge in COVID instances and our national AQI (Air Quality Index) rapidly declining due to pandemic and pollution, we considered joining the PPE manufacturing industry to meet the country's need for safety garments. And the two factors that have driven Adflo to become the market leader are quality and affordability.

How would you define Adflo Medtech Private Limited as an organization and its market position? What is the unique offering that your company makes to its customers?
Adflo Medtech is more than just a
company. It's a backup plan for everyone to feel assured that they don't have to sacrifice their core work to cover the expense of COVID because Adflo protects their safety by giving PPEs. Along with quality and price, we provide the greatest product in its category. All of the products have been thoroughly tested, UV sanitized and authorized by reputable regulatory bodies such as NABL, DRDE, BIS, and SITRA.

The trust of doctors, the medical fraternity, retail pharmacy chains, and our clients is our success motto

What is the success mantra that has taken you to where you are now?
The trust of doctors, the medical fraternity, retail pharmacy chains, and our clients is our success motto. The very reason for their faith is that we satisfy their needs in a timely and high quality manner. Our delivery method has always been on timewhich increases our enthusiasm and the customer's trust in us.

As the CEO, how do you align plans with the long term goals of the company? How do you incorporate your previous experience and knowledge into this?
Every organization has a purpose, vision, and fundamental values. Similarly, our ultimate goal is to be one of the world's top ten medical technology firms. Having stated that, we have expanded into the global market by establishing export facilities in the Middle East, Europe, and Africa. Aside from PPE, we've also launched oxygen concentrators, infrared thermometers, and pulse oximeters, with more on the way.

Being in the pharmaceutical sector, we were able to capitalize on the ties and networks by establishing a comprehensive supply chain. As a result, we were able to cross the threshold in a relatively short period.

How have you dealt with the challenges posed by the Covid-affected market, as well as the necessity for new strategies? How would you define your involvement in addressing such challenges?
Since the rise and fall of COVID are unpredictable in many ways, we never offered our product as a
treatment for respiratory disorders. It was, is, and always will be the management for the same. Masks have become a new way of life that is not only limited to respiratory ailments but also serves as a security protocol against any potential mutation. Our tagline and punchline describe our role, Augmenting Lives we supply the highest quality protective wear for improved quality and human security. Vaccinations provide us with antibodies to fight for a few months, but wearing masks adds years to our lives and increases our safety. Lockdowns and curfews are unnecessary if we all take an oath to wear masks and keep social distance.

Which milestones in your professional life have given you the most satisfaction - both as an individual and as an industry leader?
For me as an industry leader, the most satisfying moment was when our products were certified by the highest regulatory government authorities such as BIS, DRDE, and SITRA, and then when we received our first order from one of the major multi specialty hospitals in my hometown. Furthermore, it was a huge pleasure for our group to be officially acknowledged by Punjab's health minister.

As an individual, when I was allowed to operate this business after ten years of experience in Pharma Marketing, I set a goal to achieve many more milestones.

What market behavior changes do you predict in the future and what possibilities do you see?
Everything that has a beginning has a conclusion. This market will eventually decline when there will be no more COVID patients. That will be a watershed moment for all of humanity. Beyond this, I see a lot of potential in other medical technological platforms.

Aasif Choudhry, CEO Adflo Medtech Mohali
Aasif has a postgraduate degree in Pharma Marketing and is a Registered Pharmacist with the Pharmacy Council of India. He is an expert in the pharmaco kinetics and pharmaco dynamics of medicines. Aasif also has knowledge in therapeutic areas such as gastro enterology, cardiology, core gynecology, ophthalmology, dermatology, and endocrinology.

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