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Abhishek Banerjee:  A Client-Centric Business Leader Who Prioritizes Constant Innovation

Abhishek Banerjee: A Client-Centric Business Leader Who Prioritizes Constant Innovation

  Abhishek Banerjee,    Director

Abhishek Banerjee


The asset management industry is a booming market segment and by 2025, global assets under management is expected to rise to $145.4 trillion. The growth potential of this segment has not only attracted more players to the asset management vertical, but it has also accelerated the growth of fintech firms. Indus Valley Partners (IVP) is an innovative fintech solutions firm and through its services, it helps asset managers to push the boundaries of what is possible with financial technology by creating transformative new platforms, delivering software to reduce operational risk, improving data quality or digitizing workflows.IVP is a very agile organization having more than 700 employees across the globe and more than $4 trillion is managed using IVP technology.

IVP combines unparalleled financial expertise with one of the industry’s most extensive solution portfolios to help asset managers of all kinds optimize efficiency, accuracy, and profitability for virtually any investment strategy. The firm’s solutions are organized into different segments such as Data Management Solutions, like IVP Data Warehouse, IVP Decision Science, IVP EDM and IVP Security and Reference Masters Functional Solutions, like IVP Reconciliation, IVP ESG, IVP Treasury Management Industry Solutions, like IVP for Credit and IVP for Private Funds, as well as IVP Managed Services and IVP Consulting Services.

The company strives to see itself as a thinking partner with a mission to ‘move finance forward’. Of course, it’s the people behind the technology that make the dream reality. And IVP has created an environment to ensure each member of the team is empowered to unleash their true potential by investing in professionals’ growth, knowledge
and success. One of these IVP trailblazers is Abhishek Banerjee who holds the office of Director at IVP, and under his guidance the company has been able to constantly improve the effectiveness of its products and also, increase its market share.

Over the last couple of years, investment in digital transformation is also increasing, and we anticipate this trend to continue in the coming years

In an exclusive interview with CEO Insights, Abhishek gives more insights into his professional journey and how he has been able to achieve sustained success in the industry.

Could you give a brief account of your professional background and experiences?
I did my B.Tech in Electronics and Communications, after which I started my professional journey with Infosys. After a year, I decided to do MBA to not only find more interesting challenges but also to expand my horizons. Post completion of my MBA, I joined IVP as a Business Analyst. Throughout my professional career, I have predominantly worked on the product management side across different product segments. I started as a Business Analyst at IVP, and over the years, I have held various positions in the company including Senior Business Analyst, Associate Director, and as of now, I am the Director, Product Strategy for our Data Management Solutions.

I Could you tell us about the unique experiences IIM Rohtak offers and what did you learn from the campus beyond academics?
We were able to learn and train under great professors who gave us immense insights into what is required in the industry. Aside from that, major emphasis was given to peer learning at the institute, and learning with different people who have diverse academic backgrounds helped me to expand my horizons even more.

Resource fulness is also some thing that you learn at the campus and
very quickly it helps you realize that things are not given to you on a platter, you have to work for what you want to achieve. As this is also the case in the corporate world, learning how to be resourceful helped me to be better prepared for the industry.

What are the major factors you take into consideration while suggesting solutions to the clients?
Coming up with solutions is a step-by-step process which starts by fully understanding the problems faced by the clients. This is a crucial step as identifying the actual problem will allow you to offer the best solution. The next step is to identify and evaluate options to come up with the most viable solution. We also have to look at its short and long term impact. After that, the implementation time line should also be analyzed so that it is reasonable. As we are operating in a niche and fast moving segment, keeping ourselves updated with the latest technology is also crucial. That being said we only adopt technologies which suits our operations the best and help us improve the quality of our offerings.

Going forward, what are the changes in market behavior that you anticipate and what are the opportunities that you foresee?
In the asset management space, we do see immense potential for growth in alternative investment allocation. This is driving growth in plethora of investment firms and apart from this, we are also seeing increase in the diversity as well the complexity in investments. The regulatory focus has increased over the years and the interest on ESG (environmental, social, and governance) investing is on the rise. Over the last couple of years, investment in digital transformation is also increasing, and we anticipate this trend to continue in the coming years.

Abhishek Banerjee, Director, Indus Valley Partners
Abhishek is a hands-on leader and is passionate about the work he does. He remains committed to constantly innovate and come up with products that can have a positive impact on the asset management industry as a whole. He is also an inspired learner who is open to learn new things constantly which has helped him to consistently improve himself.

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