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Aditya Kuchibhotla: A Self-Inspired Consulting & Coaching Specialist

Aditya Kuchibhotla: A Self-Inspired Consulting & Coaching Specialist

Aditya Kuchibhotla,Founder

Aditya Kuchibhotla


Everything in this world is either an opportunity to grow with, or an obstacle to keep you from growing. It’s we who have to choose from, what we want to pursue. Yet, we sometimes we fail to recognize the one thing that we were looking out for was right in front of us the whole time. In such instances, an expert may assist us realize it. Familiar with such percepts, Aditya Kuchibhotla, an executive life, finance & career coach-cum-author, and Founder of Aditya Kuchibhotla firm is one such leader who has set out on a mission to enable people discover the missing and thereby empowering them to live a life of content happily all along. A finance professional for 20 years, he was always inclined towards understanding the human behaviour and provide solutions to their issues and suffering.

Aditya contributes in coaching, and leads in Executive Coaching, Career Coaching, Life Coaching, Emotional Intelligence (workshops and coaching), and Communication & Presentation skills (workshop & coaching). He brings in about positive change in people’s life and tells CEO Insights exclusive on those.

You went from finance professional to being an executive life, finance & career coach-cum-author. What was the inspiration behind such transformation and how did you transmute throughout the journey?
I am Chartered Accountant by qualification. Over the last 20 years of my corporate experience, performing senior roles of a Finance Controller, CFO and more, I was also involved in mentoring and advicing my teammates in overcoming their challenges - both personally and professionally. Their good and improved performance was the acknowledgement of my successful mentoring. Despite work, also our relationship grew stronger and they kept seeking my advice often. Experiencing immense satisfaction
doing this deed, I eventually realized that I am good at people skills. Hence, intrigued by the thought, I perceived my calling for coaching individuals and Aditya Kuchibhotla is a true manifestation of my social endeavour.

Being a coach, I engaged with different people from every life sphere, helping them accomplishing their aspirations. The progress till now proved fulfilling and enriching, making the journey enjoyable.

What were some of the major challenges that you encountered in the process?
Initially, there seemed to exist some challenges as per market per se, for Indian market not being coaxed up (some being unaware, having misconceptions, finding it useless & cheap) with the consulting and coaching concept. Thus, helping such people understand the what, how and why of coaching, I also spent time enlightening them about the value coaching brings along being an intangible aspects of each one’s life.

Additionally, in this COVID situation also I faced certain backfires caused by revoking of in-process deals. It did set me on back foot for a while, but eventually figured out things and shifting the business online I successfully managed to convert this challenge into opportunity.

Where is Aditya Kuchibhotla positioned in the industry? Please explain the various coaching services you offer, methodologies you leverage and the various clientele your company caters to. Also, how do measure the standard of your services?
Each coaching companies are unique in their own way and from that standpoint, Aditya Kuchibhotla is also different. Unlike others, I come from a finance & operations leadership background, and thereby bring along all the diverse cultural & people experiences (globally) into my coaching methodology. I prefer using Emotional Intelligence (EI) as a tool for individual assessment as it allows me to get to the client’s thought process and carve a customized solution based on the challenges being confronted by them, particularly. I also own a personalized powerful 2 stage coaching model that I follow to bring about the change that is needed within, right from Day 1. However, there’s also a mix of some predefined templates, psychometric test, including EI in my coaching.
Further, as an executive life & career coach, I facilitate corporate and self-employed professionals to help them take their life to the next level and live a purposeful life. My focus is purely targeted on long term aspect, hence knowing and understanding each one’s purpose, I determine my path by basically charting out the details. Client feedback basically plays an important role in helping me gauge the quality of my sessions. Thus, post each session I try to receive their feedback as to how effective or objective it was, concerning their issues. Whether it be positive/ negative, I try to fix it in the initial stage itself.

The industry you are in needs the trainers to keep themselves constantly updated. How do you go about this?
I am very active on social media platforms like Linkedin, and I spend mostly 2-4 hours of each day, reading articles and updates from few industry leaders in my space. Also, keeping in touch with the expert industry insiders, I try to stay abreast with new emerging industry trends. Last, but not the least maintaining a regular talking terms with my friends or peers in the industry, I get to know about their individual approaches too. Aligning these altogether, I manage to broaden my perspectives and thus, get along on the path to progress.

What is the future script of the company? Are you coming up with any new programme or any new innovations for your services?
I have a long list of plans actually. On a national level (directly), I want to have positively impacted 5000 individuals at the least, by 2025 through my one-on-one coaching or workshops. In addition, I also want to touch at least 10 million people indirectly by then through my articles on social media, my books or the speeches I give to organizations or seminars, either way. In terms, of innovations, I am coming up with a new cost effective programme based on inner transformation and it will be launched in two months.

Aditya Kuchibhotla, Founder
A EQ-i2.0 certified executive, life, finance and career coach, with 2O years of financial experience, Aditya is passionately engaged in enabling corporate employees and self-employeed professionals overcome their life challenges and design their own path to success.

Office: Bangalore

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