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Farhana Iffath: Empowering Growth Mindset To Entrench Mindful Future Leaders

Farhana Iffath: Empowering Growth Mindset To Entrench Mindful Future Leaders

Farhana Iffath,Mindest & Parenting Coach

Farhana Iffath

Mindest & Parenting Coach

Beyond intelligence, fixed and growth mindset intuitively impacts one’s personality. People with fixed mindset are quite skeptical about any change, staying adamant about the mindset instilled in them since childhood, they avoid challenges, while it’s quite interesting to see people with growth mindset accepting their shortcomings and wanting to get better. The times are changing, and so if only all of us will shift our mindset from just being to becoming better and creating better, the society will get overhauled for growth and better future generation.

Drawing out people (generally parents, children and teenagers) of compunction, and coaching & mentoring them to take control of their lives, Farhana Iffath (Founder & Director), a mindset and parenting coach is diligently contributing to this purpose through her company Farhana Iffath. To know more, delve deep into the excerpts of the conversation of CEO Insights with Farhana where she sheds lights on her core strengths and offerings, and also the way she is poising herself as a change catalyst of future, establishing a robust bond between parents and child for lifetime.

Tell us about your educational and professional background. What was the cause that triggered you to establish ‘Farhana Iffath’?
I am an IT professional with a background of B.Sc. in Mathematics and M.A. in English Literature. My both degrees have 10 years of difference betwixt them. It’s not been long since I have been into this revering field of IT. Basically, I am a very outspoken person with a clear mindset today, but as a child, I was a shy, soft and a confused kid. As I grew up in a joint family with many kids around, I wasn’t any special though.

My mother was a working woman, and living in a joint & conservative family, balancing between her work and life, it was quite difficult for her to focus on my education or communication skills. I was never pressurized to study because my parents believed that one learns intuitively at the right time. My dad always taught me to dream big and learn from everything around me, while my mom taught me how to lead by example, inspire with actions and walk the talk.

Fortunately, the right moment for me to learn came when I was in my 10th standard. There were two teachers who really changed my life and created a mindset in me that how important is to be educated
and know the basics of subjects. It was not their compulsion, but their right coaching at the right time that taught me the importance of certain things in life, and that scalability is the cardinal point for success. I developed interpersonal skills, learning skills and approachable skills, and it was then I realized that I could definitely become a coach myself to impact the lives of students. Their great guidance along with the subconscious teachings of my parents made me what I am today – a Mindset coach to help students, and Parenting coach to help parents to help their children. Today, I find happiness in being able to bring change in people’s lives through establishing Fi Farhana Iffath where my theme of work is ‘FindYourHappiness’.

Happiness should begin at home, so that children shouldn’t go astray finding happiness in the outside (dangerous) world

How did you transmute throughout the journey? Delineate some of the major challenges that you came across along your journey?
Besides being an IT professional, I also run a play school (IPH, Ranipet), hence already having to navigate along two jobs, being the mother of two, having responsibilities for the family, it was quite challenging for me to dive into this sphere of coaching. But since this was the calling I felt from inside, I didn’t give up. Everyone around me, be it office, home, or others, they couldn’t accept the fact that I was going to step into a new industry altogether; might be they were worried about my work-life balance that involved time and also the cost incurred in coaching certifications.

However, life coaching did teach me how to balance my whole life including all areas of life like health, wealth, fun and recreation, career, family, relationship, friends, my dreams and goals in a nutshell. Today, I am performing six dynamic roles – of a mother, founder of Fi Farhana Iffath (Life Transformation Coaching – Mindset and Parenting), founder of IPH – the PlaySchool, Ranipet, an author of the book ‘Working Mothers, You are just W.O.W (Woman of Wonders)’, Soft Skills & Personality Development Trainer and an IT professional. Albeit, it’s been a venerable journey of two years so far, being a Mindset & Parenting Coach, and much more is to come.

Walk us through your brand Fi Farhana Iffath’s programs.
Fi Farhana Iffath is a one-woman led company set out on a mission to transform millions of lives, who want happiness from inside and out with a growth mindset; open for collaboration with like-minded professionals. My coaching programs are segmented under three heads – Multiple Intelligence Discovery, Mindful Parenting 1-1, and Student (School/College) Empowerment. These all courses
have time limits of two hours, six hours and 10 hours, respectively.

Here, I coach parents as well as children right from their birth to the time children develop their cognitive skills and turn into teenage individuals. The coaching modules involve one-to-one coaching as well as group coaching (max. five participants), but it’s absolutely up to the individual’s comfort. It’s a 10-week coaching session which covers the individual’s personality, past experiences, presently how they have turned, helping them in breaking & reformation of the old mindset (close to free).

Targeting the emotional, mental and physical front, I help them establish balance for the subsistence of a happy lifestyle. I want all children to enjoy the wonderful learning period of their life while ensuring that they have their best childhood days with their parents. Happiness should begin at home, so that children shouldn’t go astray finding happiness in the outside (dangerous) world.

Are you coming up with any new programme or any new innovation for your services?
Every person is born with their own inborn talent, and all these intelligence can be well explored based on the neurolinguistic programming theory. Some are visual learners while some are auditory and kinesthetic learners. Everyone has a different bent of grasping things. Currently, in COVID situation I have been doing coaching through WhatsApp groups and Zoom, where the response has been fulfilling.

I am coming up with exclusive programs for parents of teenagers and college students. Alongside, also help post graduate students to find out what they can be, what they are capable of, and thus what they should choose to lead their career and go about in their life, especially to those who are yet to choose their career.

What is the future script of the company?
Currently I am doing online coaching programs, however, it’s only for very limited number of students or parents at a time. So in a longer run I would definitely like to enable my online portal for this (maybe a mobile app), where everything comes as a package. I am in the process of designing programs which is going to be very user-friendly.

Happy to collaborate with schools and colleges to help students, teachers and parents to be part of making the world a better place by coaching, mentoring and training students to become sensible, responsible, happy, peaceful and better human beings of the future.

Farhana Iffath, Founder, Director and Mindset & Parenting Coach
Farhana, an IT professional, entrepreneur, author, a Soft Skills & Personality Development Trainer and skilled Mindset and Parenting Coach is impacting millions of lives proposing growth mindset within children and parents.

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