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Ajay Pratap Singh: A Leader Driven With Vision To Empower Growth & Culture

Ajay Pratap Singh: A Leader Driven With Vision To Empower Growth & Culture

  Ajay Pratap Singh,   CEO

Ajay Pratap Singh


Sports media platforms play a vital role in today's world, captivating a vast global audience with their entertainment, updates, and live sports coverage. They engage sports enthusiasts worldwide, from news articles to videos and social media interactions. Sportskeeda, a multi-sport media platform, connects fans with their favourite athletes, offering live match updates and more. Beyond entertainment, these platforms are crucial for athlete and team branding, fostering community discussions, and sharing essential sports information. With their global reach and influence, they significantly impact the sports landscape and society. Under the leadership of CEO Ajay Pratap Singh, Sportskeeda has seen remarkable innovations and invaluable contributions.

During a candid interview with our team, Ajay shared his profound understanding of the industry's workings and offered numerous other valuable insights.

Can you provide a concise summary of your career path?
After graduating from IBS Hyderabad in 2012, I worked with four companies, some of which were large organizations, while others offered a fast-paced environment. I have always thrived in dynamic settings, where passion precedes rigid processes. The past 11 years have been filled with opportunities and challenges, and I have been able to find joy in every assignment I have taken up. Currently, I am driving the vision for Absolute Sports the parent company of Sportskeeda as the Director and CEO.

Tell us about your academic journey at ICFAI Business School. Apart from academics, what valuable experiences did you gain on the campus?
My time at ICFAI Business School was undeniably enriching, providing me with a wealth of valuable insights beyond conventional academic learning. The campus in Hyderabad provided an excellent environment for experiential learning, with faculty members acting as facilitators and encouraging peer interactions. I found it particularly valuable to
develop effective time management skills, which allowed me to prioritize tasks and make the most of my time. Engaging in discussions with my peers was truly rewarding, as it offered a wide range of perspectives and insights that enriched my overall experience.

Define Sportskeeda as an organization and its position in the market.
At Sportskeeda, we're immensely proud of our extraordinary growth, with nearly 95 million monthly active users. Being number 2 in India and consistently ranking top 10 in the US and UK underscores our global appeal to sports and pop culture enthusiasts. Sportskeeda and Pro Football Network have become the preferred choice for Combat Sports and NFL, ranking at number 1 and number 3 in the US respectively and we are confident of replicating this success in more sports soon.

Passion & enjoying what you do are the keys to success in any journey

Our commitment to top-notch entertainment has driven exceptional results, with remarkable user engagement and robust financial performance, featuring a healthy EBITDA margin and high growth rate.

But we're not resting on our laurels. We're preparing for accelerated growth, extending excitement to all sports and culture enthusiasts. The future is filled with endless possibilities, and we're driven to explore new avenues and elevate the experience for our cherished audience.

How do you promote a learning culture in your team? What industry best practices do you use to keep Sportskeeda stable and progressive in the market?
At the very core of our company's growth philosophy, there lies a profound commitment to simplicity. Amidst the ever-changing landscape, we shun complexity and instead, immerse ourselves in harnessing our unique strengths, showcased by our cutting-edge platform and streamlined processes. Above all, our unwavering focus revolves around forging meaningful connections with our audience, cherishing their perspectives and aspirations.

We firmly believe in the power of experimentation, daring to venture into uncharted territories. Throughout this transformative journey, our gaze remains fixed on concrete outcomes, seamlessly blending simplicity and efficacy to drive us closer to the realization of our visionary goals.
Explain your leadership style and the principles or methods you employ to guide your team effectively.
Our remarkable growth is attributed to our commitment to building an empowered team. We are a 100 percent remote organization and we trust our employees to give it their best, no matter whether they work from home or office. We seek exceptional candidates who make impactful contributions. As a leader, I firmly believe in empowering our employees. Once onboard, we grant autonomy, treating them as CEOs of their domains.

Our assembled team of leaders drives company growth. Micromanagement is absent; we foster an autonomous environment where decisions propel progress. Our collective commitment to fostering a dynamic and autonomous work atmosphere has been instrumental in fueling our growth trajectory and setting the stage for even greater achievements ahead.

What are your future plans and goals for the upcoming years? Where do you envision yourself heading in the future?
With 95 million monthly users today, we've grown over 6x in just the last 4 years. Our growth strategy involves organic expansion and strategic acquisitions. By leveraging our in-house processes, we aim to dominate the media industry. We'll diversify content formats to become one of the top-five sports platforms globally.

Our vision involves a multifaceted expansion across diverse content formats, aiming to bridge the gap and ascend among the top five sports media platforms in the world, in the coming years. The pieces are falling into place, and we remain steadfast in our confidence to reach and surpass our ambitious targets, perpetuating our current momentum. We'll seize every prospect to propel Sportskeeda to new heights.

Ajay Pratap Singh, CEO, Sportskeeda
Ajay is a dynamic, result-oriented leader with a decade of experience in scaling up businesses successfully. He excelled at Tally Solutions, SUPERPROFS, and Dainik Bhaskar, managing Sales, Marketing, Operations, and HR. Now, leading the Absolute Sports team, he aims to make it the premier sports media platform. With a B.Tech in IT and an MBA in Marketing from IBS Hyderabad, Ajay possesses a well-rounded skill set. Beyond work, he cherishes family life with a happy marriage and a 7-year-old son, striking a harmonious balance in Bengaluru.

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