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Anmol Mahajan: Leading The Game Of Sports Equipment Industry & Shaping Metco Sports' Success

Anmol Mahajan: Leading The Game Of Sports Equipment Industry & Shaping Metco Sports' Success

 Anmol Mahajan,  Managing Director

Anmol Mahajan

Managing Director

The sports equipment industry plays a vital role in fulfilling the needs of athletes, sports enthusiasts, and fitness-conscious individuals worldwide. With a focus on innovation, quality, and performance, sports equipment manufacturers continuously strive to cater to the diverse requirements of various sports and activities.

Among the esteemed players in the sports equipment business, Metco Sports stands out as a prominent and renowned name. Founded in 1952 under the visionary leadership of its founder Late Tilak Raj Mahajan, the company has been an instrumental force in shaping the sports equipment landscape in India. With a legacy spanning more than half a century, Metco Sports has consistently delivered top-quality products and maintained its position as an innovative leader in Sports and Fitness equipment production.

Leading the way as the Managing Director of Metco Sports is Anmol Mahajan, a visionary leader and a torchbearer of his grandfather's legacy - the company's founder. An alumnus of ICFAI Business School, after completing his studies Anmol's professional journey began with joining the family business under the guidance of his dad Arvind Mahajan (Chairman - Metco Group). His passion for sports and his dedication to excellence have been instrumental in shaping the company's growth and success.

Give a brief account about your professional journey.
After graduating from Delhi University, I joined my family business at Metco Sports, where I was responsible for production in the table tennis table segment. Afterward, I pursued an MBA at ICFAI Business School and later worked with Google - AdWords Team in India for about a year. Following that, I pursued a course in International Business at King's College London. After completing my studies, I returned to India and have been working in my family business since 2017.

Tell us about your learning at ICFAI Business School.
At ICFAI Business School, I had a great academic experience, and one big takeaway was the importance of communication. Joining a top-notch business school allowed me to learn
from excellent professors with backgrounds from prestigious institutions like IIM and IITs. Apart from the strong curriculum, the emphasis on communication skills and expressing oneself in the business world was crucial, especially for someone pursuing a marketing career. This emphasis enabled me to explore and develop aspects of myself that were previously unexplored, contributing to my personal and professional growth. Additionally, I took the initiative to introduce sports activities during my time at ICFAI Business School, starting from our batch.

As a leading company in the Indian sports & fitness industry, we aim to grow & make our mark in the global market

Define Metco Sports as an organization and its position in the market.
Metco Sports is a multi-generational company founded in 1952 by my grandfather. It started as a manufacturer of sports nets and later expanded into producing sports poles and table tennis tables etc. Currently, it is amongst the top table tennis table manufacturers in India and shares a top competitive position with a competitor in the sports poles and goalpost market. Metco Sports holds a top place in sports nets in India. Additionally, the company imports various sports flooring materials and offers a wide range of sports and fitness equipment, including badminton, basketball, and lawn tennis courts, football fields, pool tables and billiard tables, soccer tables, indoor gym equipment, outdoor gym equipment, and playground equipment, and more. The company caters to government clients, including central and state governments, local political leaders, schools, and colleges, as well as over 3000 dealers pan India. It also serves top hotels and private institutions in India. Metco Sports operates under two brands, Metco and KITAKI. We have been awarded with the top 500 MSMEs in India.

Metco Sports has been recognized for its excellence as an MSME. It received the 'Top 5000 MSMEs' award in 2019 and later achieved a higher rank in the 'Top 500 MSMEs' list in 2020, showcasing its continuous growth and success in the industry. Additionally, we are proud to be ranked among the top 10 brands in our industry, reflecting our strong performance and leadership position.

As the Managing Director, what factors drive your effective growth strategies? Share your leadership approach and guiding methodologies for leading your team.
As the Managing Director, I consider several factors when developing effective corporate growth strategies. Firstly, we analyze and learn from past mistakes to improve our operations. Secondly, we focus on upgrading production techniques and technology to increase efficiency and reduce time consumption. Thirdly, we prioritize employee motivation, both through monetary incentives and by fostering a sense of growth and belonging within the company. Our long-serving employees, who have been with us for many years, play a crucial role in taking the company forward as they understand the company's ethics and vision. Additionally, we are expanding and have developed product catalogs to showcase our offerings, making it easier for clients to choose the products they need. Regular training sessions for our workforce and sales team also contribute to our overall growth strategy.

My leadership approach is simple and clear. I don't believe in using a push approach for sales. Instead, I focus on hiring the right people with good ethics. If the team is well-trained and motivated, they will perform effectively. I take inspiration from Ratan Tata in this regard. As a result, we have employees who have been with us for over a decade, which demonstrates the success of this approach.

What is your future roadmap? Anticipate the market's future outlook and advice for budding industry leaders.
Our future roadmap involves expanding beyond the Indian market. Currently, we have a strong presence in India with around 3000 dealers pan India. Within the next two to three years, we plan to enter international markets and go global. Our goal is to establish our presence in over 100 countries worldwide within the next 10 years. As a leading company in the Indian sports industry, we aim to grow and make our mark in the global market.

Regarding the future outlook of the market, my anticipation is that it will remain competitive and dynamic. To budding industry leaders, my advice would be to focus on two key elements hard work and consistency. Hard work, along with consistent efforts, is the key to success. It's essential to understand market needs, preferences, and price segments. For aspiring entrepreneurs, I recommend dedicating five to seven years of hard work and consistency to lay a strong foundation before expecting significant results.

Anmol Mahajan, Managing Director, Metco Sports
Anmol Mahajan is spearheading the company's growth in the sports equipment industry with innovative strategies and a vision for global expansion.

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