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Allen Machado: Strategically Developing Profitable Business Models In Hospitality

Allen Machado: Strategically Developing Profitable Business Models In Hospitality

 Allen Machado,   CEO

Allen Machado


The business environment in the hospitality industry has grown to be very unpredictable and increasingly complex, hence the ability to create something that is both innovative and applicable is what keeps some leaders at the top. CEO Insights’ exclusive team rendezvous with one such dynamic business leader, Allen Machado, CEO, Niraamaya Wellness Retreats and Business Group who, with his creative & innovative abilities has been staying ahead of the curve while capitalizing on the opportunities that are ripe for the present context and planning for the likely future to make luxury hotel operations even more successful and profitable.

Hospitality isn’t something that is rigid but is a business that should constantly evolve and adapt every single day to create unforgettable and beautiful moments for guests as well as build profitability for the brand – Allen Machado

Allen is a passionate and renowned hotelier known for his skills in crafting successful businesses in the sphere of luxury hospitality. With a decorated career of 25 years in the hospitality industry, he has been part of various verticals of the trade ranging from highend luxury business hotels to ultra luxurious resort brands like The Oberoi Group of Hotels, the Inter continental Hotels Group, The One & Only Hotels and Resorts and more. Such unrivalled experience has given him the ability to deliver at the highest levels and secure multiple awards in the industry.

Having taken over the reins as CEO of Niraamaya Wellness Retreats and Private Residences business, Allen is instrumental in overseeing and strategically planning the operations of a portfolio spread across Kerala, Nagaland, Karnataka, Goa, and Seychelles. Leveraging his vast industry knowledge and collaborative approach to leadership, he aspires to take the company through higher growth, transforming it into a global wellness and luxury destination with a world wide footprint.

Let’s hear it from him.

Define Niraamaya Wellness Retreats as an organization and its position in the market.
Niraamaya Wellness Retreats is today recognized as the world's finest luxury wellness hotel chain. We are a Premium Aspirational Indian wellness brand for the global market that is known for its high-end therapies and spa offerings. We have Retreats and Private Residences in some of the most beautiful and serene locations in the country and will be soon expanding all across the globe. We offer our guests unforgettable stays with the commitment of a relaxed and rejuvenated body, mind, and soul through fresh air, good food, and personalized services. We are the
pioneers in various forms of Ayurveda & Wellness remedies offering our guests a unique and eclectic experience that combines the best of both.

I Aspire To Constantly Rejig Our Market Strategies, Introduce Innovative Concepts And Look For Ways To Incorporate More Sustainable Practices

As the CEO, what are your visions for Niraamaya Wellness Retreats
Niraamaya Wellness Retreats has a very holistic approach to exclusive optimal health and well being. We are a highend wellness chain offering luxurious hospitality combined with various forms of mindfulness, yoga, and meditation which are carried out by our panel of expert practitioners. Since Niraamaya as a brand is so well known across the world for wellness, my vision is to take this opportunity to grow the brand across more national and international geographies. I also want Niraamaya to touch and positively impact the lives of people across the globe. We have already successfully introduced our first international property in Seychelles. I now have plans to take our brand to Southeast Asia and I am currently in talks with several companies in the European wellness industry to add to our portfolio.

"I want to elevate the brand in a way that when people think about their wellness journey, the first name that comes to their mind should be Niraamaya"

Apart from that, my other vision for Niraamaya is to position the organization as a one stop shop for wellness at a global level and I want to elevate the brand in a way that when people think about their wellness journey, the first name that comes to their mind should be Niraamaya. I want them to live and experience the Niraamaya Life.

How is the team built and what motivates them the most to ensure client satisfaction?
Our team is a group of highly skilled and dedicated professionals who are passionate about providing the best possible service to our guests. We have an extremely strong culture of collaboration and teamwork which allows us to continuously improve our guest experience. All our team members, right from General Managers, Senior Vertical Heads to the Board of Directors, have a very illustrious background in luxury hospitality. We believe organizational leaders must have the capability to speak the ethos of the brand keeping this in mind we have built our team of professionals, this sets us apart very distinctly from any other wellness businesses in the country today.

Since the hospitality sector was one of the worst hit during this pandemic, very few professionals are willing to retain themselves in this industry or even take up hospitality as a career. This undoubtedly has been the second major issue that we are dealing with today. Retention of talent and employing quality team members is a challenge that is being faced not just by us but by hotel brands
across the world. However, we have been resilient, strong, and patient with our ways to tackle the situation. I believe in the coming years, as the industry stabilizes we will see a resurgence of people opting for this career stream.

Going forward, what are the opportunities you see your self grasping to fulfill your main goal?
I want to take Niraamaya Retreats to greater heights than where it is positioned now. As a brand, we want to continue to expand our reach in terms of the number of properties to the range of our wellness offerings by introducing new products and services. To do so, we are currently looking at new locations and grabbing opportunities to transform the brand into a global wellness and luxury powerhouse. Digitization of our brand is something I am very gung-ho about and is definitely the way forward in these technologically advanced times. As the CEO, I aspire to constantly rejig our market strategies, introduce innovative concepts, and look for ways to incorporate more sustainable practices in our operations to minimize our impact on the environment.

Moreover, I want to make sure that I use my experience and expertise to guide and advise as many professionals as possible and help them achieve their dreams or goals of becoming successful business leaders or hoteliers.

On that note, what would be your advice to budding industry leaders in the hospitality industry?
The hospitality industry is constantly evolving so staying ahead of the curve is the only key to success. Hence, budding industry leaders must always be willing to innovate and adapt to changing trends, at the same time be strongly focused on the guest experience. Along the way, it is very important to build a strong and dedicated team that is committed toward a common goal. It is also imperative to listen to guest feedback and incorporate it into decision-making because guests are the only people that matter when it comes to the hospitality industry.

Allen Machado,CEO, Niraamaya Retreats
Completed his hotel management from the Hotel Administration and Food Technology Institute Mumbai, a degree in Revenue Management from Singapore, and 25 years of an illustrious experience in the hospitality industry, Allen is currently positioned as the CEO of Niraamaya Wellness Retreats and Business Group where he is leveraging his exceptional industry knowledge and leadership skills to grow the brand across national & international destinations.

Awards & Recognition:
•The Most Admired Executive of the Year at the Fourth Golden Star Awards
•IHG Award for the Highest SystemDelivery in the region in the year 2012
•Awarded the IHG Dedicated Long Service Award for exceptional service toward the hotel and group

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