Apkamart: Genuine & Superb Artifacts Made Affordable & Accessible

Apkamart: Genuine & Superb Artifacts Made Affordable & Accessible

Anshul Bansal, Founder & CEO,Sakshi Dutt Bansal, Co-Founder & Co-Owner

Anshul Bansal, Founder & CEO

Sakshi Dutt Bansal, Co-Founder & Co-Owner

With market revenue of $660 billion, the home decor market continues to grow at a CAGR of 4.2 percent globally. Thanks to globalization, an extensive & multifarious range of decorative items, designs and ideas are easily available to modern customers who view home decor as an effective way of portraying the lifestyle that they believe in. Handicrafts are one such category of home decors that has largely been unregulated. With no standardization or a regulating body & monopoly of middlemen, the prices for such articles has always been sky high; thus creating an impression that handicrafts are only for the rich.

In an effort to change this mindset & give a personal touch to this unexplored domain, Anshul Bansal and Sakshi Dutt Bansal came about with the idea of APKAMART, a one-stop-source bridging the big gap between price & quality by delivering high grade handicrafts at best possible prices. Having worked in financial sector after completing their MBA, both Anshul & Sakshi have gained an extensive experience in delivering value to customers through systems & processes aimed at enhancing user experience. This expertise has empowered them to generate mechanisms reassuring satisfaction of both the artisans & the customers.

In an exclusive coverage by CEO Insights magazine, Sakshi (Co-Founder & Co-Owner), APKAMART unveils the success story of her firm along with insights on its inception.

Tell us the story behind your company’s name ‘APKAMART’. Also, enlighten us about the procurement & pricing processes followed in your firm
The term ‘APKAMART’ is a
combination of two words ‘Apka’ which means ‘Your’ in Hindi & ‘Mart’ which means market. So, the term as a whole means ‘your market’. Thus, reflecting our commitment to continuously meet customer expectations by dispensing new & interesting articles. Like a market, we offer a wide range of products to shoppers via amalgamation of all our handicrafts across the country. We have our own manufacturing units & warehouses where products are created as per the design & order. The price range of these products depends on a multitude of factors including the cost of raw materials & labour. We personally keep low profit margins in order to make these products accessible to the common people & sufficiently remunerate the artisans who form the backbone of our business.

We personally keep low profit margins in order to make these products accessible to the common people & sufficiently remunerate the artisans who form the backbone of our business

With a plethora of players in home decors segment boasting of their extensive & elegant products, what provides your products an advantage over theirs? What is your USP?
Top notch quality, fair pricing & excellent customer service forms our USP. We have strict guidelines to prevent cost-cutting & outsourcing; and this gives us tremendous control over quality. The absence of generic vendors & sellers confirms the presence of only genuine products on our website. We maintain our own inventory; orders are picked from our warehouses after multiple quality checks before dispatch. This ensures that only the highest quality products reach the customers. Customer care is provided by our own staff members who are trained to answer all kinds of customer queries. Customers can reach us directly on our listed numbers and we ensure that we get back to them with the right solutions.

Being an online portal you must be dealing with a lot of transactions on a daily basis. Tell us how secure &
user friendly your website is. Are you coming up with any innovation to enhance your existing services?
Ours is a secure website with SSL certification & an A+ rating in SEO tests. We provide three popular & powerful payment gateways to our customers for undergoing safe & secure transactions, namely – CCAvenue, PayU and PayPal. As concerned to the user friendliness, our online portal is fast, has a good look & feel, easy navigation and checkout. Moreover, it is responsive to mobiles – the platform responsible for maximum conversions. And yes, we have innovative plans, but they are still in discussion phase.

Employees are the powerhouse of any firm. Brief us about your workforce. Also, tell us about your companies’ recent revenue growth & the future roadmap.
Our corporate structure is bifurcated into two teams, namely – packaging team and office staffs. The packaging team consists of intelligent & hard-working boys who are either matriculated or intermediates. Able to read, write & comprehend, these smart folks carry out the entire packaging & dispatch process. On the other hand, our office staff is an all lady team from different streams & qualifications working towards a common goal. Comprising of undergraduates, graduates, and post-graduates including MBAs, this team efficiently handles tasks ranging from warehouse management to listing of products, and advertisement. We consider ourselves fortunate at having achieved triple digit growths since inception. We would like to continue this remarkable growth & one day establish APKAMART as one of the greatest companies in our domain.

Anshul Bansal, Founder & CEO Sakshi Dutt Bansal, Co-Founder & Co-Owner
The husband & wife duo, Sakshi & Anshul are an alumnus of IBS Hyderabad. Serving in the financial sector post their MBA, they realized the value of customers & that serving them diligently is the path to success. Discovering a wide gap between clients & services in handicrafts sector, they decided to bridge it. APKAMART is the outcome of this endeavour.

Headquarter: Udaipur
Warehouses: Bangalore, Jaipur & Mumbai
Offerings: Home Decors & Handicrafts

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