• Gitanjali Maini,   Founder & Director

    Gitanjali Maini, Founder & Director

  • Possibly the only country with an artistic repertoire as diverse as its culture, language and food, India is home to an exceptional cache of artists. While the talent pool is varied and vast, there are but few organisations that work towards nurturing them, and even fewer who make it their mission to showcase their talents to the world. While India as a country is flush with art galleries, most of them stick to the brass tacks and concentrating on selling art. Few take into account the dynamics of creating a nurturing ecosystem for the organic and progressive development of the artists and the community. In keeping with this ideology, gallery g, a Bangalore-based art gallery, has been providing a platform for existing as well as upcoming artists from across the country through its array of services in the industry.

  • gallery g: Nurturing An Artistic Ecosystem

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Top 10 Art Galleries - 2020

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  • Top 10 Art Galleries - 2020

    Art is visually striking and no two paintings or artifacts are alike. In the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries, where the analysis of aesthetic qualities was indeed central in art history, has now radically transformed through leaps and bounds on the back of exclusion, both financial and cultural, irrespective of the evolving consumer interest, and artists & artisans artwork. Art has become more important as people’s interest has grown deeper in interior design and decor and in art for art’s sake. In the modern times, with globalization, investing in originals, contemporary Indian art work and other evolving trending artworks have become a vogue by wealthy or expensive buyers, but the effective illustration of artifacts can never be felt more intense than in art galleries. Everything about the elite end of the art market is enormously attractive, and almost 90 percent of the artworks are sold by galleries who promote ancient, contemporary and the newbies artwork, online (virtual) & offline (physical) both with the help of IoT and proper marketplace. Attracting attention towards this growing industry, CEO Insights has come up with a detailed listing of ‘Top 10 Art Galleries - 2020’ which portrays the companies offering exemplary art works of renowned, young and evolving artists in the industry. An expert panel encompassing the industry leaders along with CEO Insights Editorial Board has come up with this listing of front runners in the online art space. The organizations listed here have distinguished themselves through successful ideation and implementation of practical as well newly curated artistic ideas that complement the market requirements as well as cater to the end consumers’ fascination. This listing will not only assist our readers in familiarizing themselves with tasteful and well-suited art galleries, but also help them to understand the nuances of the industry.

Top 10 Art Galleries - 2020

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
APKAMART Anshul Bansal, Founder & CEO,Sakshi Dutt Bansal, Co-Founder & Co-Owner APKAMART Bridging the gap between artisans & consumers through its customer-centric online portal furnishing excellent yet affordable artifacts with safe & secure transactions
Art Spice Gallery Babita Gupta, Founder Art Spice Gallery A platform for artists & a comprehensive marketplace for aesthetes, with both online & offline modes for browsing & buying authentic artworks
Art2Day Sanjeev Pawar, Founder Art2Day A platform bringing Artist, By Artist & Art Lovers together, and offering art pieces procured from mainstream and regional art centres braking the monoploy of big names and brands
Crimson Art Gallery Silloo Daruwalla, Founder Crimson Art Gallery Showcasing the works of Indian artists from across the country on its platform, offering a wide and comprehensive range of Modern and Contemporary art, online
DAG Anand, MD & CEO DAG One of the best known art work repository acting as a platform for India’s modern masters, committedly taking Indian Art to new audiences, presenting significant, historical world class exhibitions
Fidelitus Gallery Achuth Gowda,Founder Fidelitus Gallery A contemporary new generation art gallery enlightening and enriching society through the various medium of cost-friendly and impactful arts, displaying and selling offline
Gallerie Alternatives Mannu Dosaj, Founder Gallerie Alternatives A dependable platform for fresh artists to showcase their talent & creativity to large audiences
gallery g Gitanjali Maini, Founder & Director gallery g Bringing Art, Artists & Art Lovers Together, promoting Art while valuing its quality of work and customer satisfaction
Mahua Art Gallery Meenu Jaipuria, Founder Mahua Art Gallery Having become one of the foremost Indian galleries presents a curated collection of affordable, contemporary Indian Art by India’s finest emerging and established artists, both online & offline
 Tao Art Gallery Kalpana Shah, Director & Founder Tao Art Gallery Emphasizing on the powerful & innovative presentation of artistic ability, building a thought provoking experience for all its viewers and inviting dialogue on culture, aesthetics and the tradition of visual arts on a global scale