Gallerie Alternatives: Fostering Talent & Creativity through an Accessible Art Platform

Gallerie Alternatives: Fostering Talent & Creativity through an Accessible Art Platform

Mannu Dosaj,  Founder

Mannu Dosaj


Art & culture continues to be a resilient means that binds India into one fabric, while positioning the multidimensional ethos of the country in better light and simultaneously imbibing the past, present & future. The increasing number of cultural initiatives, including city based art festivals, exhibitions in galleries and other grand events such as art biennales has created an increasing appetite for art amongst the public. This widespread recognition of art, driven by the success of an array of artists & businesses, and supported by an even broader collector base has brought fresh attention to, and laid strong foundations for the economics of the visual arts industry and its future development.

Private players, including art galleries & auction houses, have been instrumental in providing depth to the industry and supporting the entire infrastructure on which it is based. Online art marketplaces are making the dated process of art discovery and buying much easier & quicker, with a plethora of players embracing a digital-first approach to sell art. Gurgaon based Gallerie Alternatives is one such art gallery that embraces art integrated with technology to provide the best of artwork to its customers.

In an exclusive interview with CEO Insights, Mannu Dosaj, Founder, Gallerie Alternatives, walks us through her art gallery, along with insights on the various art forms & the artists. Following are the snippets!

How did you come up with the idea of Gallerie Alternatives? What is the gap that you are trying to fill in?
Gallerie Alternatives, the first art gallery of its kind, was established on 15th January 1999 with an objective to bring art to a larger section of the society. The availability of artworks at an affordable rate not only helps in catering to a larger population, but
also to develop understanding & appreciation of art among individuals, who earlier admired it only from a distance. We are passionate towards exhibiting senior well-known artists, along with nurturing & promoting fresh talents by providing them with an accessible platform to showcase their creativity, innovation and experimentation. It is this temperament & perception that has helped us evolve.

We are passionate towards exhibiting senior well known artists, along with nurturing & promoting fresh talents by providing them with an accessible platform to showcase their creativity, innovation and experimentation

Tell us about your perception of art. How do you perceive it, and how do you help others understand art?
Everyone knows that art is not the truth. Art is a lie which makes us realize the truth. There are many facets of art that either appeal to or repel the audience. The first step towards understanding it is to come to terms with one's feelings. Looking at artworks as fragments helps us gain insight into the reasons it was created for. Simplifying the artwork, identifying its purpose, style and iconography, a rendezvous with its history and gut feeling these factors shape an individual’s perception towards a particular artwork. Knowledge of symbolism and ideogram further helps people appreciate artworks that may not make any sense to simple people. For instance a cross can represent suffering the sun can express heat and life a river is often a symbol of change and the color red gives the feeling of anger or passion.

Can you walk us through your art gallery?Also, enlighten us about some of the artists & their artworks that have influenced you.
The artist has always been the focal point of all our endeavours in fact the film & book club by Prof. Manmohan Chowdhury ran for 10 years on our premises and was instrumental in introducing art to many school children. Our gallery
show cases paintings, drawings, sculptures and installations. It has bestowed upon me the opportunity to work & interact with artists like Ranjit Singh, who is a farmer’s son and the first in his family to have formal education, to the rare gems of Indian art world S H Raza, M F Husain, Krishen Khanna, Manu Parekh, Paresh Maity, and many more. Interactions with them have been instrumental in helping me evolve at both personal & professional level by giving me a deeper insight into understanding & appreciation of art and its finer nuances, and identifying the provenance of the artworks with accuracy.

Some of my favorite artists are Trupti Patel, an accomplished ceramist whose works have been featured in collections, including Victoria & Albert museum London; Thota Vaikuntam, who highlights the rural South Indian folks A. Ramachandran , who is capable of creating magic with his pen on paper works Ramesh Gorjala, who paints divinity at its best and Deepak Madhukar Sonar, who brings Ladakh alive through his beautiful canvases.

What do you think gives Gallerie Alter-natives an advantage over its competitors? What are your salient features?
Transparency, authenticity, dependability and fair pricing are our USPs. Most of our artworks are sourced directly from the artists to ensure their authenticity,which effectively reduces the cost to the customer. Each of our sold artworks bears a certificate of authenticity (by our gallery)and we take life long responsibility for them, which includes touch-up and even restoration in case of damage. Intrinsically, it gives me immense pleasure & satisfaction for having made a significant change in the lives of numerous artists by providing them with a dependable platform where they could bring their creativity and showcase their talent to larger audiences.

Mannu Dosaj, Founder
A passionate entrepreneur & an avid traveler, it was Mannu's love for fine arts and her desire to spread this love that consequently led to the establishment of the art gallery we now know as Gallerie Alternatives.

Headquarter: Gurugram (Haryana)

Offerings: Paintings, Drawings, Sculptures & Installations

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