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Army Institute Of Management & Technology: Transforming Students Into Great Business Leaders & Responsible Citizens

Army Institute Of Management & Technology: Transforming Students Into Great Business Leaders & Responsible Citizens

 Dr. J.K. Sahu,   Director

Dr. J.K. Sahu


Every good management institute produces successful people who reach the top in their respective fields. But very few institutions produce leaders who achieve supremacy and lead by example. Such extraordinary leaders do not come from colleges that focus solely on book-based knowledge; rather, they come from institutions that foster confidence, while instilling discipline, the spirit of service, teamwork, integrity, and ethics.

With a rich heritage rooted in military ethos, the Army Institute of Management & Technology (AIMT) provides top-tier education that builds not just great business leaders but also responsible citizens. While the institute provides various management subjects, its business analytics speciali-zation is worth mentioning as it holistically approaches the subject by balancing technology, data-driven strategies, and ethical practices. In an interview with CEO Insights Dr. J.K. Sahu, Air Commodore (Retd), Director, shares more about the college.

Could you tell us about the Army Institute of Management and Technology in brief?

AIMT, set up by the Army Welfare Education Society in 2004, is apparently for wards of serving and retired army personnel. Our focus is on providing affordable quality education. Aligned with the latest industry standards, our MBA and BBA programs are affiliated with Guru Gobind Singh IP University. We have proudly achieved a category A rating, ISO certification, and NAAC accreditation, reflecting our commitment to academic excellence. Our faculty predominantly consists of Ph.D. holders, and we emphasize their research activities. Situated in Greater Noida, near the NCR industrial hub our students benefit from direct industry interactions and industrial tours. Our green campus offers a pleasant learning environment, with 500 students accommodated in residential facilities. Being directly under the supervision of the Army establishment, the college works on its mission, i.e., ‘To transform students into dynamic leaders who
are adequately empowered to effect change in managerial and administrative practices to enhance the performance of Organisation.’

What tools and facilities does AIMT provide to create a thriving learning environment for students? How do you maintain an impressive placement record?

AIMT ensures a conducive learning atmo-sphere through state-of-the-art IT-equipped class rooms, a comprehensive library, digital resources, computer labs, and online learning rooms for MOOCs. We also promote research, facilitate extra curricular activities, and encourage sports and cultural engagement. We ensure every student is well-equipped for the modern workplace by providing training in advanced technologies like Excel, Power BI, and data analytics. Our trading lab helps students learn about financial markets through virtual trading, preparing them for real-world scenarios. Additionally, we provide industry internship opportunities, mentorship programs, and career counseling services. These initiatives collectively foster a well-rounded education, preparing students for successful careers.

AIMT fosters holistic education, promotes research, & encourages extracurricular acti-vities

AIMT's 100 percent placement record is a result of a comprehensive approach to student development. We have established strong industry connections that lead to regular visits by recruiters. Our students are well-prepared for the job market through internships, live projects, and industry mentorship programs. We also offer extensive career counseling services to help students make informed career choices and prepare for interviews. Our placement cell works closely with recruiters to understand their require-ments and ensures that our students are well-aligned with their expectations. This holistic approach ensures that our students have promising futures in the professional world.

How does AIMT nurture industry-ready skills in its students?

Our institute prepares students for the professional world by focusing on industry-relevant skills. Our approach includes a thorough gap analysis to understand each student's strengths and areas for improvement. Based on this analysis, we tailor additional certi-fication programs and online
courses to help students fill these skill gaps. Our curriculum is designed to incorporate the latest industry trends, and we encourage students to undertake intern-ships and live projects to gain practical experience. We have also signed a number of MoUs with professional bodies like IIBF, FPSB, IBM’s Edunet Foundation, and more, to provide various certification programmes to the students while under going regular BBA and MBA courses. We also facilitate mentorship programs where students can interact with industry professionals, enhancing their understanding of the corporate world.

What guidelines or methodologies does AIMT follow to lead and develop its faculty?

We are committed to maintaining high standards of faculty quality. We have rigorous selection criteria that include evaluating subject matter expertise, teaching abilities, and a passion for teaching and learning. After recruitment, we provide continuous support through various programs. These include peer-to-peer monitoring, student feedback mechanisms, and continuous learning opportunities like workshops and faculty development programs. We also emphasize career growth, encouraging faculty members to pursue higher education and research opportunities. This multi-pronged approach ensures that our faculty remains engaged, motivated, and up-to-date with the latest developments in their fields.

What are the plans for the next five years?

We are looking to introduce new programs like BCA and MCA. Also, aim to expand our international collaborations to enhance our global outlook. Furthermore, we are keen on establishing ourselves as a research hub, encouraging faculty and students to pursue innovative research projects. We are also focused on providing extensive skill development and entrepre-neurship programs to our students, ensuring that they are well-equipped for the challenges of the modern world. Overall, our goal is to continue providing top-quality education and opportunities for our students' success.

Dr.J.K. Sahu, Director, Army Institute of Management & Technology

With 33 years in the IAF, Dr. Sahu brings diverse expertise and also excels in teaching(HR, Stats), research (atmospheric sciences, management), and administration. He has led academic missions, authored publications, and served in UN peace keeping.

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