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Auroras Business School: Driving Innovation & Entrepreneurship In Management Education

Auroras Business School: Driving Innovation & Entrepreneurship In Management Education

Dr.Raghu N. Prabhakar,   Director

Dr.Raghu N. Prabhakar


In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, the importance of inculcating humane values alongside management education cannot be overstated. Beyond technical skills, tomorrow's leaders must possess empathy, integrity, and social responsibility to navigate complex ethical dilemmas and drive positive change. Through the inte-gration of humane values into management education, institutions like Auroras Business School cultivate versatile professionals who not only thrive in their careers but also make substantial contributions to society, addressing its evolving needs with compassion and integrity.

Auroras Business School stands as a perfect example of academic excellence and innovation in Telangana. At Auroras Business School, the pursuit of excellence is not just a goal; it is a way of life. With a rich tapestry of academic programs, cutting-edge research initiatives, and a vibrant campus culture, the school stands as a testament to the power of education to shape minds and transform lives. Dr. Raghu N. Prabhakar currently serves as the Director of Auroras Business School. Below is an excerpt of Dr. Raghu N. Prabhakar’s exclusive interaction with CEO Insights magazine.

Tell us about the journey of Auroras Business School and its position in the education sector.

Auroras Business School embarked on its memorable journey in 2005 under the esteemed umbrella of Aurora Educational Society, renowned for its educational excellence in the previously disadvantaged educational environment of Telangana. Emerging as a catalyst for change, our institution was founded with a noble vision to democratize higher education across the region.

Situated in the center of the city, our academy stands as a testament to our strong commitment to fostering the next generation of global business leaders, equipped not only with astute business acumen but also instilled with a profound sense of social and environmental responsibility.

Our alumni's accomplishments speak volumes, as they adorn
managerial roles in esteemed organi-zations, drive entrepreneurial endeavours, pursue academic excellence on inter-national shores, and contribute positively to society. Our journey is not merely about academic milestones but about shaping futures and igniting aspirations that resonate far beyond the confines of our campus.

Our journey is not merely about academic milestones but about shaping futures & igniting aspirations that resonate far beyond the confines of our campus

Briefly tell us about the most effective methodology used in the organization to ensure better learning experiences for the students.

At our institution, the educational approach revolves around student-centricity. We structure learning into small groups of six, prioritizing interactive and experiential components. In our methodology, traditional lectures constitute 50 percent, while the remaining 50 percent is dedicated to interactive sessions, including case discussions, group seminars, and assignments. Experiential learning occurs in quarterly cycles, fostering deep understanding through reflection reports and real-world projects. Continuous evaluation ensures both student and faculty development, with feedback mechanisms from various stakeholders. Additionally, our partnerships with over 20 organizations, including professional bodies and industry giants, enrich learning opportunities. We offer diverse specializations and international study tours, empowering students with a global perspective and ensuring holistic development.

Tell us about the teaching faculty and the workforce of the organization responsible for its success.

Our faculty structure embodies a dual approach: industry experts and internal educators. Industry faculty bring practical insights, while our internal faculty enriches with theoretical advancements and the latest research. Collaboration between the two ensures comprehensive learning experiences. Additionally, our support workforce, including lab technicians, librarians, and administrative personnel, form the backbone of our operations. We prioritize outsourcing for specialized training like Cambridge English and campus recruitment preparation, leveraging reputable partners. Furthermore, our commitment to
scholarly contributions is evident through the Auroras Journal of Management, facili-tating faculty publications and fostering continuous development through workshops, seminars, and academic affiliations. Our faculty's involvement in university boards ensures alignment with evolving educational paradigms, rein-forcing our dedication to innovation and excellence.

Describe the infrastructure of the organization that fosters a stimulating and encouraging learning environment for the students.

Our institution boasts a robust infra-structure, with technologically-equipped classrooms and a comprehensive library. Additional facilities include an auditorium, indoor gyms, yoga rooms, and restrooms. We prioritize student engagement through seminar hubs, tutorial rooms, and a boardroom. Continuous updates to resources, such as our extensive library collection, ensure access to the latest information. Our inclusive student body, drawn nationally and inter-nationally, enriches the learning experience. Student clubs, representation, and a vibrant campus culture further enhance student engagement, ensuring a holistic educational journey.

What is the role Auroras Business School has envisioned to take soon? What is the level of impact it strives to bring to the education sector?

Auroras Business School is poised to further its role as a pillar of profes-sional education, instilling in students not only essential business skills but also a profound sense of human values. Our mission extends beyond academic excellence to encompass holistic development, nurturing the spiritual, social, and charitable dimensions of our students. Through our steadfast commitment, we have garnered recognition both locally and nationally, with accolades from prestigious publications and industry leaders. Our alumni, professionally competent and socially sensitive, serve as ambassadors of our values, driving positive change in their respective fields. With a dedicated alumni network and ongoing engagement initiatives, we ensure continued impact, inspiring future generations of leaders.

Dr. Raghu N. Prabhakar Director Auroras Business School

Dr. Raghu N. Prabhakar, Director at Auroras Business School, is a seasoned academician with a Ph.D. in Management Studies. With a strong research background and extensive teaching experience, Dr. Prabhakar is dedicated to shaping the future of business education and fostering academic excellence.

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