Auraa Image Management & Consulting: Realize your Dreams through a Holistic Inside-Out Transformation

Auraa Image Management & Consulting: Realize your Dreams through a Holistic Inside-Out Transformation

Samira Chandra Gupta,  Founder & Chief Consultant

Samira Chandra Gupta

Founder & Chief Consultant

The aura a person exudes through one’s appearance, grooming and etiquette is powerful enough to burst open new doors for him/her whether it’s a business meeting or social event. Undeniably, the image one projects plays a crucial role in sparking the like ability & trust factor, and thus determines how others interact with him/her. However, people are unaware of their flaws until someone points out to them that they would look much smarter and approachable if they had worn a certain colour, projected the right body language, or fine tuned their speaking tonality, pitch and volume.

"We design our consulting & coaching programs as holistic solutions that incorporate various elements that help you transform from the inside as well as outside"

Coming to the rescue, Image consultants utilize proven scientific methodologies to assure long-lasting results, unlike typical personal development coaches who lack the required expertise to bring such transformation or stylists who merely have knowledge regarding fashion trends. An exemplary image consultant is a certified & experienced professional who studies the client’s personality, lifestyle and aspirations in order to help them reinvent themselves all the while making them feel comfortable in their own skins, by honing & toning their appearance, behaviour and communication skills accordingly. Auraa Image Management & Consulting(AIMC) is one such extra ordinary firm that empowers its clients (individuals & corporate executives) to realize their dreams by drilling-down to a deeper level, which helps it to break people’s decades-long behaviour pattern and build strong personal brands.

Established by Samira Chandra Gupta (Founder & Chief Consultant) in 2013 when image consultancy was at its infancy in India, this Gurugram-based firm has made tremendous contributions towards thrusting the industry into limelight by churning-out countless success stories. However, her monumental success wasn’t by chance, but was structured and tailored carefully. Ever since she forayed into the image consultancy world, Samira has been investing hefty monies in upgrading herself to become a better trainer, consultant and coach by learning various courses from the best around the globe, thereby ensuring that AIMC’s clients attain more value from the program than they pay for.

A 360o Solution
What singles out AIMC amongst other exter nally focused image consultancy firms in the country is the unique programs Samira has concocted by amalgamating the NLP & Life Coaching techniques with the whole image consulting gamut to provide a unique and complete solution. “Providing you with power dressing attire, teaching you the proper posture, and coaching you on the right speaking tonality would only help you to look powerful from the outside, but it doesn’t necessarily assure that you would feel powerful inside. Hence, we design our consulting & coaching programs as holistic solutions that incorporate various elements that help you transform from the inside as well as outside, ” explains Samira. Providing an A-Z solution, AIMC helps clients to work on all the aspects of Appearance, Behaviour and Communication at various levels (formal, semi formal,functional, marriage, vacation and casual). This helps them to become more mindful of the do’s & don’ts and enables them to act appropriately depending on the event.

Although AIMC has built its forte in the corporate world especially with executives in the mid & top level, the firm’s clients defy categorization. Whether it’s a student striving to crack the interview, a woman/man attempting to get better marriage prospects, a to-be bride/groom wishing to learn proper etiquette & social skills to blend-in with the groom/ bride’s family status or a housewife trying to grab her husband’s attention or get back to her profession after a sabbatical, AIMC caters to everyone who aspires to become the sharpest version of themselves.

The firm’s Executive Presence Coaching service has transformed
many C-suite & senior level executives who felt that they lacked influencing skills, public speaking skills,powerful appearance and body language or they felt stuck due to lack of emotional intelligence & empathy, despite earning the position after decades of toil. AIMC assists them to reinvent themselves as a like able, charismatic and inspirational leader. “People have to like you to believe in you they have to believe in you to trust you and finally, they have to trust you to buy from you. It's a simple Like Believe Trust-Buy concept. Like ability happens when our clients learn how to present themselves attractively, authentically and appropriately. Belief & Trust happen when they discover who they are and what their true potential is through various coaching sessions, assessment tools, self-awareness, self-regulation, self-management and they learn to project a trustworthy & authentic image. Once the Like Believe Trust factors are achieved, our clients find it very easy to move forward in life and climb the ladder of success, as they become smart, sharp and always attract positive attention,” explains Samira.

We design our consulting & coaching programs as holistic solutions that incorporate various elements that help you transform from the inside as well as outside

AIMC vests immense emphasis on clearly understanding the client’s personal style, current role and future goal, which allows the company to manage their appearance (appropriate clothing, grooming, accessorizing & more) with unique yet comfortable components that reflect their personal style. Besides assisting its clients with personal shopping to build their wardrobe, the company also creates a look book for them to alleviate the confusion of what should be worn on any given day from their existing wardrobe.

Besides being a visiting faculty in many universities, including O.P. Jindal Global University, G.L. Bajaj Institute of Technology & Management, GLA University, Amity University and DLF Foundation, Samira also gets invited to deliver lectures in numerous institutions. Enabling students to become corporate-ready, she teaches them the entire gamut of corporate etiquette from how to dress, groom, behave, speak and more, before, during and after the interview byhelping them create a professional presence. “I sleep and wake-up to multiple positive feedbacks, and that makes our job extremely fulfilling and worthwhile,” adds Samira.

Surfing through a Sea of Opportunities & Challenges
Many people, despite being technically strong and dedicated to work, lose the opportunity to climb-up the corporate ladder due to the impressions they create with their lack of knowledge regarding proper clothing, grooming, behaviour and etiquette. Having held various senior executive roles, Samira had witnessed many conversations in boardrooms about such people over the years. Being an Indian Air Force kid, she was brought-up in an environment where discipline and etiquette were taught to her since childhood, and hence it was natural to her. Hence, she felt that she could make a positive difference in these people’s lives by training them about the importance of projecting the right professional image and facilitating them to become a complete professional who has more than just technical skills.

Although image consulting is a 40-year-old industry and is widely accepted, used & in demand in most parts of the world, it was nascent in India a decade ago. Embarking on an entrepreneurial journey towards such an unheard-of industry is a minefield that only a handful of entrepreneurs would dare to dabble in, and even fewer can successfully make through. Considering that Samira was at the peak of her career as the Director of an American MNC, spearheading their sales & marketing PAN India, 99.9 percent of people were pulling her back. They couldn’t understand her determination to leave a lucrative job to dive into something which was ‘not even an industry’and ‘to teach make up’. Never theless, her unwavering self faith and determination to create a difference propelled her to establish AIMC which is now an established, respected and sought after Image Consulting firm.

From being a senior executive with steady income who was directing people to perform non-core tasks for her Samira meta morphosed into
an entrepreneur who had to be a one person army. Taking-up the challenge with immense dedication, she administered everything from a peon’s job to that of a CEOs from contacting potential clients, preparing presentations & proposals, performing negotiations and making invoice to following-up on payments. Lack of competition proved to be worse than hyper competition, since it meant there was neither any awareness nor any demand for image consulting services.

“People were(some still are) under the misapprehension that image consulting was just another fancy term for personality development, when in reality, personality development is just the tip of the humungous iceberg of image consultancy. Some even thought it was to do with photos (the ‘image’),” Samira recalls with a chortle. Even after she explained the unique benefits only image consultancy can offer, the clients still wondered if it’s worth the money. Taking risk and working hard being her calling cards even before venturing into entrepreneurship, she proved her program’s power by offering free demos for many clients initially. Rolling with the punches, Samira picked-up every stone that came her way and worked unceasingly to fortify AIMC’s foundation.

One of her mentors’ words if you want the business to succeed you must beat a thousand days, became a gospel for her. For her, quitting this business before spending three years in it meant that she has given-up and run away; she knew that is not who she was. Today, well after 2000 days, she stands tall as one of the most successful image consultants in the entire country with prestigious national honours like Business Excellence Awards to speak for her, not to mention her clientele basket brimming with numerous senior executives from legendary MNCs, entrepreneurs, celebrities, members of parliament, senior lawyers and doctors, among others. “I’m happy to say that those clients for whom I did free work initially are still in touch with me and now for paid work, of course,” quips Samira.

Broadening Territories
The fact that Samira has trained more than 200 people all over India, who are today recognized as successful image consultants, positions her at the higher end of the spectrum as the senior most Image Consultant in the country. The company that currently has offices in Gurugram & Pune and caters to clients PAN India envisions the commencement of its own offices countrywide in the juncture. Samira wishes to extend her services to tier-II cities via webinar (until opening her own office in those areas), where people have no awareness or access to these services, but are in dire need of them. Given Samira’s passion to create a bigger positive impact and AIMC’s growing popularity, it is safe to say that AIMC will place India on the global map for image consultancy services.

Key Management:
Samira Chandra Gupta, Founder & Chief Consultant
Samira is an alumna of the prestigious IIM Kozhikode, who has earned a laundry list of certifications to her credit including Image Consulting Partner (ICBI- Curriculum by Conselle Institute of Image Management – US, 2013), Wine Etiquette Trainer(WSET– London), Executive Coaching, Team Coaching & Global Leadership Assessment 360 from Marshall Goldsmith, NLP Coaching, Advanced Life Coaching(ECNLP Australia), Relationship Coaching, Hypnotherapy Coaching and International Fire Walking Instructor Training (Ireland).

She uses these elements & relevant tools in her programs to bring about a 360-degree transformation to her clients’ lives. Having garnered nearly a quarter century of experience in the corporate world, Samira’s approach has always been professional, thorough and result oriented.

Locations:Gurugram & Pune

Offerings:Image & Impression Management, Image & Appearance Makeover, Personal Style Analysis & Recommendations, Etiquette (General, Business, Travel, Dining, Wine, e-Mail, Meeting, Mobile & Social), International Etiquette/Cross Cultural Sensitisation, Body Language, Wardrobe Management, Personal Shopping, Look Book Creation, How to be Marriage Ready, Personality Development & Grooming, Soft Skills, Behavioural Skills (Personal Assessment & Customised Training utilizing NLP Tools), Self Confidence & Motivation, Executive Presence, Business Grooming, Corporate & Power Dressing, Emotional Intelligence, Leadership Skills, Self-Awareness & Management,Work Life Balance and Interpersonal Communication, among others.

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