• Samira Chandra Gupta,   Founder & Chief Consultant

    Samira Chandra Gupta, Founder & Chief Consultant

  • The aura a person exudes through one’s appearance, grooming and etiquette is powerful enough to burst open new doors for him/her whether it’s a business meeting or social event. Undeniably, the image one projects plays a crucial role in sparking the like ability & trust factor, and thus determines how others interact with him/her. However, people are unaware of their flaws until someone points -out to them that they would look much smarter and approachable if they had worn a certain colour, projected the right body language, or finetuned their speaking tonality, pitch and volume.

  • Auraa Image Management & Consulting: Realize your Dreams through a Holistic Inside-Out Transformation

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Top 10 Image Consultants - 2020

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  • Top 10 Image Consultants - 2020

    Someone once wisely quoted ~ “In the first five seconds, your image influences the people you meet”. Being said so, a right image can create wonders not only in a person’s professional life, but also personal and social lives. In fact, it is the first impression that matters most, be it in a business meeting, social gathering or first date. Clearly, people have realized the significance of possessing a right image and are endeavouring to choose the right image consultant who can help them acquire a new job, create a good impression, or simply look good and feel good about themselves. Especially over the recent years, the image consulting industry in India has transformed drastically from just makeover of people to improving their body language, wardrobe, hair, makeup, etiquette, interview skills, personal branding, communication skills and many other aspects. In tandem with the influx in new image consultants and markets, the demand for quality and experienced image consultants has also risen to a greater level. The need of the hour is an image consultant who can provide holistic development of a person through the best might of seminars, workshops, one-to-one consultations, professional shopping, etiquette trainings and many other elements. While most companies strive to achieve the best of this aspect, they often struggle with a lot of challenges like lack of business experience and ken in current fashion trends, garnering the right clientele, recruiting the right professionals for each element in grooming, and many others. Yet, the future seems prosperous for most of them! Today, a career in image consulting industry is a boon for people due to its unending benefits like fast-paced growth, interesting work, personal work satisfaction, relationships with fantastic people, independence & flexibility in work, huge prospects for expansion, large financial gains, and a lot more. All you need to have are good communication skills, sense of style and creativity, coupled with a strong passion to make a difference in other’s lives! Exploring the various nuances of the image consulting industry of India, CEO Insights has unveiled an informative listing – ‘Top 10 Image Consultants – 2020’, which encompasses best-in-class image consultants offering end-to-end, customized services to enhance the lives of people. An expert panel comprising of industry experts, CEOs, VCs and others, along with CEO Insights Editorial Board have come-up with the names of front-runners in the industry. The listing also sheds light on the emerging trends and advancements in the image consulting space of India.

Top 10 Image Consultants - 2020

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
Auraa Image Management & Consulting Samira Chandra Gupta, Founder & Chief Consultant Auraa Image Management & Consulting A premium firm empowering clients (individuals & corporate executives) to realize their dreams by drilling-down to a deeper level, breaking people’s decades-long behaviour pattern and build strong personal brands
Elite Image Consulting Aakanksha Sinha, Founder Elite Image Consulting Offering an array of image management programs to bring in positive change in the lives of the clients
Espléndido Soft Skills & Image Consultants Praful Gajare & Gowri Yogananda, Founders & Managing Partners Espléndido Soft Skills & Image Consultants Building close connections with clients, the company is proactively fine-tuning the soft skills of their talent pools (existing & emerging) and thus creating ‘A Splendid India
Identity-The Image Management Studio Trupti Nachane, Founder Identity-The Image Management Studio Offering Personal Branding services through a bunch of personalized and carefully curated programs
Image Gurukul Suunil Kini, Managing Director & Principal Trainer Image Gurukul Making clients, individuals & corporates Image-ready through a range of bespoke and holistic Image Consulting solutions
Mansi Lal Sawant Image Consulting Services Mansi Lal Sawant, CEO Mansi Lal Sawant Image Consulting Services A Business Image specialist who excels in creating an authentic, attractive & affordable Business Image that increases one’s credibility, displays potential and develops relationships, thus building trust
NYOU Image Consulting Sonal Gadhvi & Bbhuvaneshwarii, Co-Founders & Directors NYOU Image Consulting An unconventional image consultancy that targets each element of personal and company image transformation through a holistic approach using image management, NLP techniques and soft skills facilitation techniques
Ravija Srivastava Image Consultants Ravija Srivastava, Owner & Image Consultant Ravija Srivastava Image Consultants A provider of instant image consultancy & training solutions for individuals and groups, which enables talented people to accentuate their strengths and take-on challenges with confidence
The Better Zone Mukta Bahrani, Founder & Director The Better Zone The one-stop-shop for image management, wardrobe management, style guide, makeup, lifestyle development, personal branding, communication skills, corporate training and much more
The Image Launchpad Shubha Joshi, Founder & Chief Consultant The Image Launchpad Offering image consultancy to people both on personal & organizations fronts through workshops and personalized solutions, thereby taking their lives to incredible heights