Mansi Lal Sawant Image Consulting Services: A Master in the Art & Science of Business Image

Mansi Lal Sawant Image Consulting Services: A Master in the Art & Science of Business Image

Mansi Lal Sawant,  CEOToday’s corporates are mature enough to understand that their employees are their brand ambassadors. Members of the public form impressions about the organization with the image their employees cast. Conscious organisations invest into the BI (Business Image) their employees are projecting. They understand fully well that the BI of employees is building the brand value of the organization, and ultimately developing trust in the minds of the potential employees, vendors, investors, collaborators, service providers, customers and the likes. Mansi Lal Sawant Image Consulting Services (MLSICS) excels in creating such an authentic, attractive and affordable BI that increases employees’ confidence, credibility, and team work, enabling them to succeed in their roles. The company was incepted by Mansi Lal Sawant(CEO) with the vision to empower every individual to develop the secret formula for success that most don’t even know exists.

After earning her post graduation degree in HR, Mansi rose through the ranks in the corporate world during her decade long career in HR to become the head of Performance Management vertical, where she played an instrumental role in handling the KRAs for 500+ employees. This, along with her Image Consultancy certification (ICBI), enabled her to develop effective training models with well defined processes and deliver 240+ workshops over the past six years. In the following excerpts of an exclusive conversation with CEO Insights, Mansi shares the secret recipe of her successful programs.

What inspired you to pursue Image Consultancy?
Having been in the HR field, I noticed how success eludes some people even after they pour their blood and sweat for an organization, due to the lack of the ‘it’ factor. This thrusted me to drill-down into the area of image development during the sabbatical for my second pregnancy. The research revealed that the simple formula of ECG Etiquette, Communication & Grooming, could create a tremendous impact on the growth and success of people in their professional pursuit.

Consequently I designed an Image development program that revolves
around the parameters of ECG, where Etiquette includes Dining Etiquette, Business Etiquette & Customer Service Etiquette, Social Graces and International Travell Communication includes Presentation Skills & Public Speaking, Business Communication, Body Language and Social Media and Grooming includes Business Formal & Business Casual Dressing, Business Colors, Accessories & Footwear and Selfcare. Before commencing the process we understand the clients’ goals and design a highly customized training program that suffices those needs by adjusting the proportion of these 12 ECG elements.

For those at the CXO level, we provide Personal Consultation service, where we identify areas of improvement, areas that have to be brought to view and critical equations that prevent individuals from grabbing the next CXO position

Kindly tell us about the different services MLSICS offers under the Image Consultancy portfolio.
We deliver our BI offering in the format of Workshops (corporate workshops & open workshops) and Personal Consultation. Organisations understand the importance of a well turned-out BI. For organisations, we conduct workshops on elements of ECG. Not all organisations need these elements in the same propotion. For every organization, we understand the need before defining the fitting elements. Some of our clients have been P&G Health, SBI General Insurance, Apar Industries and the like, especially for positions in the CXO levels where there tend to be multiple high qualified contenders. For those at the CXO level, we also provide Personal Consultation service, where we identify areas of improvement, areas that have to be brought to view and critical equations that prevent individuals from grabbing the next CXO position. To cite, we’ve worked with individuals targeting the position of CHRO, Director - Sales, CEO, and the like.

We also help our entrepreneur friends through open workshops and Personal Consultings. Especially for entrepreneurs, we have a workshop titled 6 BI Secrets to Pull Customers. Here, we highlight the six most important BI secrets that help entreprenuers magnetize customers. We also provide Personal consulting to them that helps them earn their
customer’s trust maximize sales, and generate more revenue.

Especially for students, we have our campus to corporate programs that train. It takes the HR Professional just one glance to know if the student fits their organization or not. We help students empower that one glance.

How do you ensure the quality & authenticity of your services?
We conduct workshops with an aim to make an impact in the participants’ lives; we ensure that the participants & the people around them feel the difference, and both the individuals and their organization benefit from their transformation. Furthermore, MLS-ICS strongly believes that it is imperative to stay in touch with the participants throughout the program on a daily basis to help them upgrade. Hence, we build the program ‘with’ them and always remain in contact with them to ease the integration process, which very few image consultants do. If some one’s uncomfortable with an implementation, we understand their concern and recommend a different strategy to achieve the transformation. Moreover, we diagnose the participants through a detailed questionnaire before and after the program to keep track of their progress.

They say people listen with their eyes. BI being a matter of the heart, we leverage technology for visual effects while teaching these nuances. Rather than confusing the participants with jargons, we deliver the simple programs with demonstrations and practicality, which significantly increases the retention rate.

Throw some light on the future roadmap set for your firm. Also, how are you preparing yourself to reach your goals?
Having established a strong base in Mumbai, we are planning to establish our presence in other cities in the next three years. We continually enhance our customer image management skills by constantly upgrading ourselves through books, networking and technical data (suggest a technical word for 'gathering' here).

Key Management:
Mansi Lal Sawant, CEO
A former HR professional with Image Consultation certification (ICBI), Mansi helps her clients to achieve career goals by enhancing their Self-Packaging Skills through mutually trusting, respecting, focusing and rewarding processes of ECG Etiquette, Communication & Grooming.

Location: Mumbai

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