Bassam Kadhiyar: Leading The Company Based On The Ethos Of Creativity, To Inspire & To Be Inspired | CEOInsights Vendor
Bassam Kadhiyar:  Leading The Company Based On The Ethos Of Creativity, To Inspire & To Be Inspired

Bassam Kadhiyar: Leading The Company Based On The Ethos Of Creativity, To Inspire & To Be Inspired

 Bassam Kadhiyar,  CEO

Bassam Kadhiyar


Plan, Organize, Create and Repeat! The loop continues until perfection is attained. We book a room based on what we see. Pictures and reviews mostly our guide. But do you know the painstaking effort and the number of brainstorming sessions it takes to create the ‘ideal’ room? Every minute detail presented in your luxurious stay has been planned, organized and created by the collaborative effort of a team of experts. Dubai-based, ATUS is one of the leading team of experts creating artistic, luxurious spaces in hospitality and luxury residence industry.

ATUS is an aesthete, purpose driven company offering expressive and bespoke product lines for the luxury residential, marine and hospitality industry. Headquartered in the UAE with design and production studios in Dubai and Riyadh, they are a connoisseur of styling spaces with bespoke design languages.

With production facilities and supplier network spread across the globe, ATUS create remarkable interiors using a wide spectrum of materials that are transformed into bespoke products with sophisticated crisp by their skilled in-house craftsmen.

In their journey to be outstanding, ATUS joins hands with acclaimed design houses, and many international brands to undertake worldclass luxury projects.

Their work revolves around the idea of shared inspirations with designers to create unique custom-made interiors. By working intimately with the designers, the owners and the operational teams, they strive to deliver solutions that are hand-picked for every project’s individual need. The diverse collection of materials, heritage craftsmanship and varied manufacturing techniques allow them to attain an equilibrium of design, budget, durability and functionality.
In an exclusive interview with CEO Insight, Bassam Kadhiyar, CEO of ATUS, spills the beans on what it takes to be pioneers in the bespoke interior industry.

The day we are born is also the day we start dying so make sure you make the most of every day

Take us through your educational and professional background that led to ATUS.
I moved to Dubai in 2007 after my graduation from India. Had the opportunity to work for international corporates like Lutron and Leviton Manufacturing USA in the field of lighting control. Since childhood, I never liked routine and a passionate believer that certainty is a flimsy fantasy and always enjoyed new and different things in life. My interest in sustainability helped me attain LEED AP BD+C accreditation title from the United States Green Building Council. I was curious to learn the science behind food and nutrition which helped me earn the FINEM title (Fellowship In Nutritional and Environmental Medicine) along with 60 medical doctors where I was the only non-medical professional in the group. My love for cooking led me complete the professional pizza making course at the ICCA, Dubai to become a qualified Professional Pizza Chef (Certified by Association of Pizzeria Italia). Now, pursuing my Doctorate program from SSBM, Geneva Switzerland. Life is not about living to build a neat and impressing resume, I believe. So I used to wear many hats through-out my career, but it truly personifies as my life’s work which I sincerely enjoyed. I was always been interested in the ‘creative’ side of things, so, I started to work toward building one. Thus, was born ATUS.

Define ATUS as an organization and its current position in the industrely?
ATUS is truly distinctive in offering creative and unique interior products. The trust built on our brand truth and our strong team with sheer artistry makes us what we are. We envision us to inspire the design community around the world and make ourselves a global choice through our bespoke approach in every project we do. Our USP is that ‘we don’t find customers for our products rather we find products for our customers'.
We pride ourselves as preferred partner of the most luxurious Hotels, Resorts, Luxury private Yachts and some Royal homes with a portfolio that includes a string of high profile projects in the Middle East, Africa, Central Asia and Europe.

What has been your success mantra that constantly helps you arrive at positive outcomes?
The words from my late Father, "If you have weight on your shoulders, you will eventually find a way to place it”. My father, Abdul Majeed Kadhiyar was my biggest motivator and inspiration to look at challenges as what that help us grow. His last words to me before dying was 'Celebrate life and not just survive' and I realize the big difference between living a life and just surviving. That keeps me moving.

Based on your strong professional experience, what advice would you give to the upcoming leaders in the same industry?
The day we are born is also the day we start dying so make sure you make the most of everyday and live a life to impress yourself and not anyone else. Those experiences of going after goals that’s beyond your comfort zones, having relationships that will challenge you, and living a heart centric life that outlive you are some important aspects in the path of success, I believe.

Bassam Kadhiyar, CEO, ATUS
Bassam has built his career in a variety of roles and industries. He enjoys wearing many hats and believes that diversity adds more harmony to life. Currently as the CEO of ATUS, he is responsible for overall operations and management of the company.

Hobbies:Reading non-fiction Books, Music
Favorite Cuisine:Loves trying different cuisines but nothing favorite than what my mom cooks
Family:Wife Dr.Shriya (Pediatrician at Saudi German Hospital, Dubai). Son- Izin Bassam and Daughter- Sidra Bassam

Awards & Recognition:
FINEM, LEED AP, Pizza Chef Certification from Italian Pizza Association, Currently pursuing Doctorate in Business Management from SSBM University Geneva, Switzerland

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