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Bawa Mohit Singh: Bringing Diversity In Experience To Empower Growth In Businesses

Bawa Mohit Singh: Bringing Diversity In Experience To Empower Growth In Businesses

Bawa Mohit Singh,   Head - Marketing & Corporate Communications

Bawa Mohit Singh

Head - Marketing & Corporate Communications

A versatile business leader with expertise in the field of sales & marketing, business development, operations, and social impact initiatives, Bawa Mohit Singh, Head of Marketing & Corporate Communications, SAFETREE (A2V Insurance Brokers) has over 20 years of extensive experience across the travel, hospitality, advertising, and entertainment industry.

He began his career in London with one of the largest retail store brands in the UK. He later became an integral part of the founding team of DADA Music, a company promoting electronic music. He forayed into the world of advertising by joining Saatchi & Saatchi, one of the finest advertising agencies in the world, which equipped him with the subtle yet critical nuances of creative design and content creation. His first stint in the travel industry was an opportunity to set up Anahata Retreat, a beach side resort in North Goa, one that he embraced with great fervor and passion. This led him to join one of the oldest travel companies in the world, Cox & Kings.

When in 2021, he was given to explore a marketing role at SAFETREE, Mohit instinctively saw this as a challenge and immediately grabbed the opportunity to spearhead the depth of responsibility that comes with financial instruments. Since then, he is leading the operations with renewed vigor and childlike enthusiasm to learn and explore some thing new every day. Let us hear it from Mohit.

What is your leadership approach?
I believe one must be curious, sincere, focused, passionate, and willing to put in hours of hard
work. My approach has always been that of leading from the front and taking responsibility for my actions without fearing to make mistakes, instead, I learn from my mistakes.

Define Safetree as an organization and its position in the market.
In a short span of time, SAFETREE has been recognized in the Indian insurance industry as a player focused on product innovation and driving business performance with a highly experienced and agile team. We continue to develop technology solutions that help improve business insurance processes for our clients. As technology continues to play a pivotal role in the insurance ecosystem, one needs to constantly innovate and bring in best practices to enhance the service offerings.

We are strategic business partners to our clients & continue to build a culture of collaboration transparency & entrepreneurship & ensure that we stand as one unified team

As the Head of Marketing & Corporate Communications, what are the latest strategic plans you have adopted to expand/optimize operations and engage customers in the market?
As a young and dynamic organization, we have taken certain strategic decisions early on in our growth trajectory to focus on profitability rather than scale. In today’s ever changing business environment, due to a host of reasons, organizations are having to realign their business objectives to ensure that they continue to survive. After much deliberation between the Senior Management and Board of Directors, a joint action plan has been put into place for the next three years to ensure that we are profitable in terms of both lines of business and our client base. Our goal is to increase our client base by 50 percent by the end of the financial year 2023-24. It is a tough task, but that is the very reason that we are in the market to take on challenges by taking bold decisions.
How do you help increase the company’s brand awareness regarding its offerings?
As we are in the early stages of our business operations, we have experimented with many approaches to raise the company’s brand awareness in the market. However, we have consciously taken the organic marketing route since we are in the B2B segment. We publish relevant content on our social media platforms and other communication channels which includes a monthly newsletter that goes out to our corporate database, surveys conducted that give us meaningful customer insights, webinars that bring different voices from the industry on matters that need conversations and round table discussions with our clients. We endeavor to do more with little. We continuously communicate with our corporate clients with content that is relevant to their industry.

What is the future roadmap you have envisioned for the company?
Our vision of SAFETREE is to be recognized in the market for developing new innovative insurance products and ensuring that our products have a pull effect rather than push products. We focus on our core values of integrity, commitment, confidentiality, and accountability. We are strategic business partners to our clients and continue to build a culture of collaboration, transparency, and entrepreneurship and ensure that we stand as one unified team. We aim to build on the trust and faith that our clients have bestowed upon us, and we will continue to grow as an organization that believes in fairness and always securing the interests of our clients.

Bawa Mohit Singh, Head of Marketing & Corporate Communications, Safetree (A2V Insurance Brokers)
An alumni of The Doon School, Dehra Dun, an MBA in Business leadership from the School of Inspired Leadership, and a degree holder in Digital Marketing & Analysis from ISB, Mohit has diverse industry experience which he leverages to head the Marketing & Corporate Communications team at SAFETREE and never misses a chance to follow his passions - playing cricket, reading, and traveling whenever the opportunity arises.

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