Beyond Red Ocean Consulting: Impacting Organisations by Transforming People

Beyond Red Ocean Consulting: Impacting Organisations by Transforming People

Moloy Chakravorty,Founder & Director

Moloy Chakravorty

Founder & Director

Moloy Chakravorty’s story is itself a transformational story – he was never one of the toppers in school, but was always conscientious of his work. After having failed to fulfil his father’s dream of becoming a doctor, he started his career in sales and marketing. Family challenges hit him very early during his professional career – his father became unwell and passed away while Moloy was in his early 30s. The entire family responsibility fell on his shoulders.

In hindsight, Moloy believed that the next 10 years were the most critical for him. His career was in the upswing and he had to make a few critical decisions which included changing his organisation and relocating. Today, he feels that if he had a mentor at that stage of life, probably his decision making would have been different. It was at this time that he completed his MBA and was immediately invited to start teaching in Management Institutions. His ability to connect with people was always very high, and his students of all ages started confiding in him. The common thread in all these relationships was the dissatisfaction and dissonance that most of his students had with the career. This is what Moloy calls the ‘why am I doing, what I am doing’ phenomenon.

The significance of a mentor in a mentee’s life is something that is missing with most individuals – decisions are made due to peer pressure or family pressure, which in most cases doesn’t take any cognisance to the strengths, weaknesses and competencies of an individual. Most individuals have not been trained to analyse themselves and set-up the right mindset for success. For most of us, life is a treadmill in which we keep on walking, but don’t reach anywhere.

People’s mindset is made-up from thoughts, the way of thinking, attitudes and beliefs which translate into the kind of behavior that an individual shows. The type of mindset we adopt in life can easily determine how much Success, Happiness, and Wealth we achieve in life. A coach not only helps people identify their directions, but also takes responsibility for giving a flight to their dreams.

Moloy was able to identify his passions and purpose around 2006-07, but it was only in 2015, i.e 25 years since he started his professional career that he was able to give a structure to his purpose when he set-up Beyond Red Ocean Consulting. In the initial days, it was all about guiding, coaching and mentoring professionals through Life Coaching, Executive Coaching, and more specially, Personal Branding. He took a conscious decision to stay away from Image management and focus on ‘Master the Brand Called I’ – which would
identity the Internal ‘I’ through use of various assessments including psychometric assessments and then link this Internal ‘I’ to the External ‘I’. This was a process was aligning a person’s innate competencies to what he wanted to do in life.

In an exclusive interview with CEO Insights, Moloy walk us through his firm and how he is able to help individuals & companies to recover/strengthen from their losses.

As an ActionCoach certified Business coach, we not only work on improving the revenue, profits and systems, but also focus on how we can release the time of the business owner

Acquaint us with your methodology. Also, tell us about some of your brand consultancy services incorporated with this methodology.
As an organisation, our core objective is Transforming Individuals – whether it is business owners or professionals. Let’s look at Business Owners first – In most cases, people give-up their well-paying professional careers and start a business. The business initially starts with a dream and passion; but over time, I have seen many business owners getting suffocated in their own businesses. The primary reason is that they are all able to set the systems, process and team in place which can move the business into an auto-pilot mode. Even after putting-in multiple years, the business owner continues to work in the business rather than on the business, which takes the business nowhere. It is very similar to the treadmill phenomeonon. As an ActionCoach certified Business coach, we not only work on improving the revenue, profits and systems, but also focus on how we can release the time of the business owner.

In life coaching, it is all about designing the person’s life. Everyone wants to be successful in life, but very few people know that becoming successful is not so important – what is more important is the type of person someone has to become to become successful. Our work is changing attitudes and beliefs. Through our Life Coaching programs, we give purpose to a person, which in turn gives an individual a huge amount of confidence. This in turn transforms people in Strong Persona Brands.

Kindly throw some light on your professional background that has been helping you in moulding strategies in accordance with the individuals’ situation.
I consider myself fortunate for having the opportunity to work with several global organizations and Indian conglomerates for more than 25 years. Having worked for them across diverse geographies like India, Middle East, Africa, and UK has not only broadened my spectrum, but provided me with valuable experience in a multitude of sectors in different geographies, which has allowed me to hone my skills, which today help me in both business as well as Life Coaching.

In India alone, I have worked across
the country – I started my career from Kolkata and used to travel extensively to West Bengal, North East India, Bihar and Orissa. Subsequently, I have headed the operations in Western India operating from Mumbai and South India operating from Bangalore. I am probably one of the few lucky professionals who at a relatively young age, had the opportunity of setting-up sales and distribution in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

The stint in Middle East and West Africa gave me the flavour of how businesses are conducted in those geographies, and the understanding that I developed about people from different countries is proving to be an invaluable experience today. Apart from Beyond Red Ocean Consulting, I am also a partner in two additional businesses – one in the area of Executive Search, where we hire mid and senior professionals for wide spectrum of companies, and a startup which has developed innovative products in the area of infection control.

What are the differential factors of your firm?
Beyond Red Ocean is a People Transforming Organisation, everything that we do is Person-focussed. While our primary business is Business Coaching, Life Coaching and Personal Branding, we are regularly approached for other coaching/mentoring requirements like Executive, Career, and financial Coaching. All the projects that we take-on are customised to the individual requirements by taking a holistic view of the situation that individual is in. We have the advantage that I can conduct various assessments including psychometric and DMIT analysis, which allows me to fit the jigsaw puzzle.

Tell us about the road ahead for Beyond Red Ocean Consulting.
We are a five year old company and have been able to establish a fair reputation for ourselves both in Business and Life & Executive Coaching. We have conducted more than 12 public programs on ‘Master the Brand Called I’. Individuals who have attended the program are today reaping the benefits.

Even though the lockdown is on, we continue to conduct free webinars for business owners on Survive – Revive – Thrive Strategies. We are conducting fee webinars for professionals on Mindset for Success. Our goal is to transform as many people as I can.

We have already started conducting our programs in Kolkata. We wanted to have an office in Kolkata in 2020, but probably will have to relook at that plan. In the next two years, one of the majot areas will be to build a great team of coaches who can propagate Beyond Red Ocean Consulting philosophy to a larger audience. In next 5 years – I hope to hand over the reins of the business to young & dynamic individuals, so that I can only do what I love doing – Transforming People.

Moloy Chakravorty, Founder & Director
A business growth expert, life coach & faculty with multiple management institutes in India and overseas

• Business Coaching
• Life Coaching
• Personal Branding
Headquarters: Mumbai

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