BizzHub Workspaces: Driving Productivity with Innovative yet Cost-Effective Facilities & Creative Ambience

BizzHub Workspaces: Driving Productivity with Innovative yet Cost-Effective Facilities & Creative Ambience

Ravindra Konanur, Managing Director

Ravindra Konanur

Managing Director

Innovation is the hallmark of today’s world, and also no one owns any innovation for too long. Nowadays, enterprises are well aware of the various offerings of the different service providers, and they don’t mind going with smaller co-working service providers if they offer better facilities at the right price. BizzHub Workspaces is one such innovator that constantly incorporates new elements on par with the latest trend in every new property it gets into. This Bangalore-based company was established by Ravindra Konanur(Managing Director) with the vision to provide quality workspaces preferably in Grade-A properties for Startups, SMEs and Corporates.

During his 18 years long career on the IT side of the industry, Ravindralearnt everything from dynamic pricing, contract management & settlements, Treasury and Risk management, to trade management. Personally, most of his past investments have been in both residential and commercial real estate, located in India and Singapore. As a result, he has a bird’s eye view of the function of goods, services and money in trade and business, which he leverages to steer BizzHub to newer territories. Ravindra, in an exclusive conversation with CEO Insights, delineates his entrepreneurial journey, BizzHub’s unique facilities, and future roadmap.

Kindly throw some light on your company’s comprehensive workspaces that are focused on creating pleasant, productivity driving workspaces.
We identify strategically located buildings which every one would like to walk in to work. We take pride in providing top class basic facilities at the core of our service offering and top it up with vibrant and creative
environment. Going beyond the table & chair with Wi-Fi, we offer breakout areas with themes that attract the current day crowd with different type of seating, as it gets monotonous to sit in one’s desk. These breakout seating help employees to attain a different experience,thus improving the productivity. We not only have two seater discussion pods to have private discussions without clogging the meeting rooms, but also provide phone booths for a quick private call, shower pods for the fitness savvy individuals, and sleeping pods for an energizing nap.

For Managed and Dedicated offices, we understand our clients’ needs and incorporate them into our customized fit out offerings

Kindly tell us about the challenges you have encountered during your entrepreneurial journey?
In a company, the structure & sizes of various teams could change periodically. Hence, our workspaces are designed to accommodate varying client requirements in terms of size, structure, look and feel. This permits us to deliver new requirements quickly. When we designed our first centre in Bangalore, we tried to make it a self contained premise by providing all the basic amenities within the facility for the price point in consideration. We felt it was important to have creative breakout areas along with comfortable work areas, which provide an additional work area with free flow of beverages, food and a smoking zone. The requirement of uninterrupted and stable high speed connectivity was an area that we struggled with initially a situation we soon got over by leveraging technology.

Tell us about your team and the customer support that they provide in order to ensure a hassle free experience for the customers.
While we continue to expand our focus more on BizzHub’s future vision in terms of our offerings, technology, market expansion and funding, my involvement in the
different departments of the organization is at different levels based on the organization’s needs at that point in time. Our Operations Lead, who is aware of our broader objectives, knows when to escalate and our well laid-out processes take care of the rest. Like wise, our valuable Business Development generates the most relevant leads for BizzHub’s growth. We are well on our way to replicate this with the Projects team soon.

Our team of office space experts has a combined experience of over 40 years in Commercial Real Estate and Hospitality segments. Our creative designers are well experienced in office interiors and have worked with the most premium real estate and coworking companies in India. For Managed and Dedicated offices, we understand our clients’ needs and incorporate them into our customized fit-out offerings. We have community and facility managers always on hand and onsite to ensure there is least disruption of services and issues are attended at the earliest.

Kindly throw some light on the roadmap you have set for BizzHub Workspaces.
Our immediate target is to have 100,000 sq. ft. of shared office space under management by the end of 2019 and treble the growth in 2020. We would be expanding within Bangalore and other Indian cities, as and when our centres get full and the funds flow-in. We have laid-out a vision to ensure that our clients relish a seamless experience right from onboarding, their stay at BizzHub, and to shifting them to newer/bigger facilities as they expand. We think we are in the right direction, as we continue to hire competent professionals, handling all aspects of BizzHub.

Key Management:

Ravindra Konanur, Managing Director
During the 18 long years of his IT career, Ravindra has handled many teams small & big, with a mix of various nationalities and cultures, as he travelled around the world forwork and lived predominantly in Singapore and Australia. Every project he has taken-up has been on mission mode, where he has given his best to make it a success.


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