Bridge Track & Tower: At the Pinnacle of Railway Infrastructure Industry Since 1985

Bridge Track & Tower: At the Pinnacle of Railway Infrastructure Industry Since 1985

Rajesh Kumar Shah, CEO“Build bridges and not walls” ~ this clichéd yet powerful phrase has been the biggest stimulus behind the successful construction of a wide spectrum of bridges in India. From a very long time, our country has been bestowing us with a horde of engineering marvels to behold and utilize for lifetime be it in terms of bridges, railway bridges, railway tunnels,cable stay bridges, under water tunnels, viaducts and what not! Ever heard about the ongoing project of Chenab Bridge world’s highest rail bridge by Indian Railways to connect Kashmir to rest of India by 2021? Or about the ongoing New Pamban Bridge – India’s first vertical lift bridge over the sea or Bridge No. 164 in the Himalayan Ranges world’s tallest girder railway bridge? Indeed, India is incredible! Thanks to the swarm of companies poised perfectly in the railway construction & infrastructure industry with their phenomenal expertise and track records; India is all geared-up to unveil even more stunning engineering marvels in the upcoming years.

One such pioneer in this industry is BRIDGE TRACK & TOWER Pvt. Ltd. that outclasses amidst the crowd as a one-stop solution provider for all railway and engineering requirements. The name BRIDGE TRACK & TOWER itself portrays the fact that the company is greatly engaged in manufacturing, supply & launching of railway bridges, tracks and towers across different states of India. Accomplishing this kind of excellence is no mean feat! With a rich legacy of 35 years in the railway construction and infrastructure space, this Rs.250 million worth company has achieved an unbeatable position with respect to construction of projects in fields such as rail track component, steel engineering components and structural engineering. Besides it delivers technical excellence on par with the highest standards across these fields, right from the point of design implementation to supply.

Phenomenal Portfolio
Approved by RDSO, BSNL, UP State Bridge Corporation Ltd, and almost all Indian infrastructure companies, BRIDGE TRACK & TOWER offers one of the widest and most comprehensive products & services in the marketplace to its clients by leveraging its long standing financial and logistic fortes. This roster includes a whopping 1200+ products Railway Line Construction, Fabricated Curved Switch, Track Fittings & Fastenings, Heavy Structural Fabrication, Glued Insulated Rail Joints Steel Sleepers, Steel Bridge Girders, Steel Bridge Railings Baily Bridges, Telecom Towers Transmission Line Towers, OHE Mast, Galvanizing and many more.

What greatly distinguishes the company from its competitors in the market is its expertise in designing the built environment for the

We stay extremely committed to our works and complete them as per promised timelines and expectations of our clients, while never compromising on adhering to the highest quality standards

future generation through the fabrication of lucrative bridges and other structures. To accomplish this, it holds strong and deep rooted associations with Indian Railways, National Highways in India and infrastructure behemoths like L&T, Tata, GMR Group, ITD Cementation India and many others. Rajesh Kumar Shah, CEO, BRIDGE TRACK & TOWER adds, “We stay extremely committed to our works and complete them as per promised time lines and expectations of our clients while never compromising on adhering to the highest quality standards. Being certified as an ISO 9001:2000 company further proves our strong conformance to quality”.

Kamlesh Kumar Jain, CEO

BRIDGE TRACK & TOWER PVT LTD is producing 5 kms track fittings and fastening in one day and planning to double the existing capacity in next five years.

Building Trustworthy Relationships
BRIDGE TRACK & TOWER is not just about building projects for its clients, but trustworthy relationships with them. Hence, every single project is executed based on certain preset standardizations and specifications right from the point of procuring raw materials till supplying the project to the client. Raw materials for each project are procured from well-renowned companies like SAIL, Tata, Jindal Steel & Power Ltd, JSW Steel, ESSAR, RINL, and others. With regards to manufacturing, the company has dedicated manufacturing divisions for Fastening, Point & Crossing and Fabrication & Galvanizing at Raipur to serve clients from any nook & corner of the country. Across these divisions, a breadth of highly sophisticated CNC machines is being deployed for drilling, cutting, plasma cutting, welding and others. The company is also planning to adopt robotic system for fabrication in the near future.

To keep-up the quality standards, these plants along with the machineries are regularly upgraded and maintained by the company. Even the testing equipment for railway fittings & fastenings fabricated products, transmission & telecom towers galvanizing, and others, at its inhouse testing facility are duly calibrated by approved labs. Further, each product is continually enhanced in tune with clients’ technical needs thereby guaranteeing them satisfactory
performance. No wonder BRIDGE TRACK & TOWER has bagged a lot of fame in the industry for offering best-in-class infrastructure services to its clients with no deployment of any construction cargo.

Not just fame the company is also being ceaselessly bestowed with repeated business from all of its clients. All thanks to its team of ace engineers who are capable of developing any structure be it bridges, railways, roads, rail track components, fittings or any other. They also portray profound skillsets in domains like Civil Engineering, Track Engineering, Production Engineering and Project Management. The team further comprises of a Fabrication Head and Quality Head along with many supervisors to maintain the process quality par excellence. Most experts in this brilliant team hold work experiences of 30-40 years and have made great strides in tandem with the company’s growth for a long period of time. On the other hand, the company also conducts rigorous training sessions internally as well as externally for the team to hone their skillsets. In the next two years, it aspires to double its current 500 member team.

Vaibhav Jain, Managing Director

Projects worth Laurels!
The company emerged high as BRIDGE TRACK & TOWER with a larger scale of operations in the railway infrastructure space. The company takes pride in building 27 span and 30.5 Open Web Girder Bridge for RVNL’s Kota Bina Doubling project, eight bridges for L&T OPGC, Bow String Girder for CGRDCL, Box Girders for JNPT Mumbai and many others, along with confirmed orders for the construction of up to 10,000-ton bridges in the next two years. Spearheaded by Rajesh, along with two other Directors Kamlesh Kumar Jain and Vaibhav Jain, the company witnessed a remarkable turnover of around Rs.120 crore during last year while aiming to cross Rs.500 crore in the next three to four years. It is also well geared-up to construct bridges in every state and almost all rivers across India. Rajesh concludes, “We, at BRIDGE TRACK & TOWER envision fabrication & installation of around 100 span bridges in the next three years, and further aim to make bridges for all pilgrims in all states of India”.

Key Management:
•Rajesh Kumar Shah, CEO
•Vaibhav Jain, Managing Director
•Kamlesh Kumar Jain, Director

Quick Facts:
•Inception Year:1985
•Manufacturing Facilities:Raipur
•Products & Services:Fabrication, supply, erection & launching of Open Web, Bow String, Composite & Box Girders including Railway Line Construction, Fabricated Curved Switch Track Fittings & Fastenings, Heavy Structural Fabrication, Glued Insulated Rail Joints Steel Sleepers, Baily Bridges Telecom Towers, Transmission Line Towers, OHE Mast, and Galvanizing.

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